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SMSBump Pricing Overview

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    SMSBump is a robust text marketing and automation software for your BigCommerce business. SMSBump is completely TCPA and GDPR compliant, with click-through rates of 35% or higher and ROI of 25x or higher. You will be able to do the following with SMSBump:

    • Set up text automation in your store to be activated by specific events.
    • Create and map marketing strategies in seconds.
    • You can schedule campaigns, and you can make last-minute modifications.
    • Expand the catalog of eye-catching pop-ups and branded keywords.


    SMSBump, a text messaging service trusted by over 20,000 retailers, is an all-in-one text marketing solution for engaging clients.

    By the way, here is a portion of fresh content ideas for your SMS marketing.

    What distinguishes SMSBump?

    Their dynamic messaging system incorporates images and GIFs (available only in the United States) to inform the customer of an empty cart, prompting them to return and complete the order. They also have a function devoted to post-purchase upsells!

    They work with all of the famous applications, including Shopify, Slack, MailChimp, WooCommerce, Zendesk, and others.

    A Few Basics of SMSBump Pricing

    SMSBump customers can select from five pricing options, each with bundles of features and benefits tailored to each brand’s marketing activities.

    They provide brands with highly personalized assistance, delivering on their individual demands and assisting them in excelling in their specific niche, based on the strategy and the exact functionality they use.

    Another significant benefit, which will aid store growth both domestically and globally, is lower country prices per text message. The higher the package you choose, the lower the price of each SMS, meaning that your high-volume campaigns will cost you the least amount of money in addition to the revenue you will receive.

    Let’s now take a brief look at the pricing and advantages of each program.

    The Free Package

    Pricing: $0/mo
    $0.0149 per SMS (US)

    This basic and free package of SMSBump Includes

    • SMS Campaigns & Automations
    • Primary Subscription Tools
    • Audience Segmentation
    • ROI & Performance Analytics
    • Yotpo Integrations
    • 24/7 Email & Chat Support


    Free Access to The Yotpo And Swell Integrations

    This will provide clients with the ability to capture user-generated content via SMS and elicit positive social evidence, all of which are required for every organisation to have a competitive advantage.

    Highly Targeted Reward Automatons

    With the assistance of highly targeted reward automatons, brands will create long-term relationships and increase CLV.

    The Growth Package

    Pricing: $19/mo
    $0.0149 per SMS (US)

    The Growth Package contains all Free Features Plus

    • SMS Flow Builder1:1 SMS Conversations
    • Keyword Subscriber Collection
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Integrate Your Tech Stack
    • Business Name


    SMS Flow Builder

    Flow Builder is able to automate sequences, maintain an open line of communication with your clients via the SMSBump Chat, and expand your subscribers with keywords.

    Advanced Analytics

    To keep track of all of these systems, you get advanced Analytics with a Growth plan, allowing you to track all essential data such as best subscription methods, most loyal clients, most popular promotions, and so on.

    The Most Popular Prime Package

    Pricing: $59/mo
    $0.0142 per SMS (US)

    The Prime Package incorporates all Growth Features Plus

    • Full Suite of Subscriber Collection Tools
    • Timezone-based Messages
    • Export Analytics & Reports
    • Branded URLs
    • Priority Email & Chat support


    What is the benefit of “Full Suite of Subscriber Collection Tools” and “Timezone-based Messages in this plan”?

    The Prime Plan provides your business with still more personalization options, such as timezone-based sending and a full suite of subscription methods, allowing you to access prospective customers wherever and wherever you choose.

    Another great addition: Export Analytics & Reports

    With the ability to export analytics, you can use the data to connect to monthly and annual forecasts, turn static figures into predictions, and, where necessary, make structural changes to increase capacity and efficiency. This helps you have a greater understanding of how your consumers engage with your products and what you can do to reach them m more precisely.

    Why is the Prime plan the most popular one?

    The Prime strategy is ideal for text marketing fans who want to dive in headfirst and get the most out of SMS rather than just dip their toe in the water.

    The Powerhouse Package

    Pricing: $199/mo
    $0.0130 per SMS (US)

    The Powerhouse Package has all Prime Features Plus

    • Conversational SMS Flows
    • Unlimited A/B testing
    • AI-Powered Predictive Segmentation
    • Customisable Analytics Dashboard
    • Shopify POS Integration
    • Dedicated Onboarding Specialist


    Conversational SMS Flows

    Flows replies can help you build a strong bond with your consumers and boost sales by offering high-touch personalization. This is of actual worth for any entrepreneur who wants their subscribers to receive only the most suitable options and have the very best, “real-like” experience with their online marketplace.

    AI-Powered Predictive Segmentation

    You will enhance your targeting and marketing by using predictive segmentation and efficient A/B testing mechanisms, meaning that you only send high-converting texts to the right users.

    The Enterprise Package (also known as “The Custom Package”)

    The Custom bundle is intended for high-volume brands requiring a highly customised SMS solution with superior dedicated services. The Pricing of this plan is also customized.

    This customized plan has all Powerhouse plan features plus

    • Custom Reporting
    • API Access
    • Advanced Compliance Solutions
    • Dedicated Short Code
    • Multi-domain
    • Enterprise Client Success Manager


    So, how does it really work?

    Overall, the app is well-rated, with the majority of ratings being 5-stars. According to the consumers, the software is “user-friendly and effective in performing the services as promised.” Some users say that they begin to see changes in their ROI after only a few promotions.

    If you want to download SMSbump, here are a few pointers.

    • First, you must ensure that you are compliant in every way, and you must set up your opt-ins.
    • Second, you’ll want to begin your SMS automation campaigns while still incorporating your current marketing tactics, which will undoubtedly take some time.


    Is SMSBump successful at customer satisfaction or driving repeat purchases?

    Yes, really. It is theoretically feasible to execute at any stage of the company’s development and yields positive results. It is, however, recommended that you use it early in the lifecycle of your shop. Its advantages for merchants and consumers are self-evident. It will propel a company’s commitment to virtually unknown heights from a clear ROI to improved retention!

    In conclusion: Value for Money

    Customers have said that the software works as intended and produces the desired performance. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with this app.

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