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Constant Contact Pricing Review

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    Are you looking to up your marketing game? Constant Contact is effective marketing automation and email marketing solution that will assist you in becoming more adept at gaining, converting, and retaining clients through email and social ads. 

    The app comes with lots of email templates with drag-and-drop elements and various methods for uploading contacts. Furthermore, Constant Contact users have access to a user-friendly event scheduling software, social media functionality, and a range of services to help companies succeed in their promotions. 

    Constant Contact also has a mobile app that allows you to generate and deliver emails directly from your smartphone. It includes email monitoring features, allowing users to control and track the output of received emails when on the go. 


    Constant Contact Pricing: What Are the Fees and Features of Each Plan?

    Would you like to know how much Constant Contact would cost you? This price guide will assist you in selecting the best package by identifying what you really want and what you do not. 

    Constant Contact provides two types of plans: 


    1. Email, and 
    1. Email plus 


    Constant Contact Pricing Overview

    The simple Email package costs $20 a month for 500 contacts, while Email Plus costs $45 per month. Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial (no credit card required) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    Now let’s dig deeper into each package’s features: 


    The Basic Email Constant Contact Plan

    This is the basic version of Constant Contact, suitable for small companies and organizations who want to send out professional newsletters and emails, develop client relationships, and get meaningful results. 

    The Email plan includes learning resources, live chat, phone, and email support, a Constant Contact mobile app, tracking and reporting, apps and integrations, an image library, a marketing calendar, landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads, list segmentation, pop-up forms, list-building tools, and a welcome email, contact list import, WooCommerce integration, automated abandon cart email for Shopify, branded or industry templates, customizable templates, and unlimited emails. 



    • The basic plan is starting at $20/month 
    • The number of contacts determines the price. 


    The Constant Contact Email Plus plan

    This plan is intended for small companies and organizations that want to achieve even greater outcomes by automated emails and other powerful features that reach their audience. 


    Monthly prices start at $20.00 for 500 subscribers or less. For each subsequent pricing tier, the cost increases quite a bit. Features: 

    Everything in Email, plus 


    • Multiple users, 
    • subject line A/B testing, 
    • surveys and polling, 
    • event marketing, 
    • coupons, and 
    • dynamic content. 


    At this stage, the file storage capacity would also rise to 2GB, effectively double the 1 GB of the Email plan. 

    By updating, you can also gain access to Email Plus’ online donations, which is a useful option. Certainly, a great alternative when working for a charitable organization since you’ll be able to create a relevant landing page and then raise donations through WePay. 

    In addition, the Constant Contact price structure is reasonably generous to non-profits. It gives them a 30% break if they register for a year in advance. 


    Pricing for Constant Contact Add-On Services

    Constant Contact’s price structure also provides add-on options for consumers who may need technical assistance to get their campaigns up and running.  

    Having said that, the teams at Constant Contact have two types of technical services: design and marketing. 

    To start, design services involves assisting you in developing solid and appealing models for your campaigns. These ventures would set you back at least $79. 

    Marketing services, on the other hand, enable you to collaborate with seasoned marketers. You could recruit others to review your strategies and provide advice, or you could pay them to collaborate with you to create successful campaigns. 

    And if creating campaigns feels like a lot of effort, Constant Contact’s team is happy to help. That entails designing and tailoring all from the ground up. The cost of such marketing services begins at $50 a month. 


    Does Constant Contact provide any free package?

    On a rather sad note, though, it turns out that there is no free plan on the Constant Contact pricing schedule. It only has a 30-day free trial for both the Email and Email Plus plans. After the first month, any Constant Contact feature has a cost.

    There is also a money-back guarantee that extends to the first paying month, which essentially ensures you can try out the program for three months before committing entirely. 


    Which plan is better?

    There is no doubt about it: Email Plus is the best choice for small business owners who want full automation and specialized capability. 

    If you’re dealing with a team, Email Plus has ten users instead of the three used in the Email package. When it comes to e-commerce, blogs, or customer service, there are no significant gaps. One intriguing aspect is the free new consumer consultation, which comes with purchasing an Email Plus plan and walks you through the product. 


    Prices & Plans for Constant Contact: Final Thoughts

    The Email strategy is designed for small businesses or entrepreneurs that do not focus exclusively on email marketing. It is intended for those who submit a campaign here and there and do not need email automation or other advanced functionality. 

    Consider that if you have a list of more than 10,000 friends, your Constant Contact package would contain all of the Email Plus functionality. 


    Other things to consider:



    The most useful updates of the Email Plus plan are potentially automation and allowing up to 10 subscribers. This package is designed for larger businesses that need specialized Constant Contact functionality. 


    You won’t have unlimited storage.

    Another point to consider is that Constant Contact does not have a limitless capacity (for files and images). The Email package includes 1GB of storage space, while the Email Plus plan includes 2GB. Most advertisers should be fine with this. 


    Discounts Available

    Constant Contact offers discounts when you buy their services for a longer time. Nonprofits receive a 30% discount on six to twelve-month programs, while individuals receive a 15% discount. 


    Online Donations

    Another intriguing Email Plus feature is the ability to raise donations online by creating a landing page and using WePay. 


    Are you still uncertain about which plan to choose? Please leave a comment, and we will gladly assist you. 


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