FAQ Flowium Services

Each of our service plans include the following:

  • A dedicated team including an Email Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Designer, Email Marketing Technician, and an Assistant
  • Proper ESP setup and configuration, including migration if needed (Klaviyo, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, etc.)
  • Customized email marketing strategy with Customer Lifecycle Flows and Advanced Flows
  • Customized campaigns (broadcasts) calendar
  • Custom creative (copy and design)
  • Customized Miro flow chart of your strategy for a visual & collaborative experience
  • Custom preference page and unsubscribe page
  • Optimization and A/B Testing
  • Advanced segmentation 
  • Opt-Ins and management
  • Weekly meetings with clear communication from your Email Marketing Specialist
  • Monthly reports that are in-depth with current KPIs as well as goals and priorities for your account

All of them! Our team is filled with experts who have experience working with a variety of ESPs, including Klaviyo, Hubspot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, and more.

We work with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, WooCommerce, and other eCommerce stores.

We even work with custom stores and platforms. Note that custom platforms typically involve a developer to ensure our team can get the metrics needed for your strategy. We are happy to work with your current developer or use our own for an additional charge.

We have several plan options based on the number of emails you would like us to create for your strategy each month. Our most popular plans include our Gold Plan, with 25 emails per month, and our Silver Plan, with 15 emails per month. Your Account Executive will help you select the plan that best fits your needs. Emails include a combination of campaign emails and flow emails. Your Email Marketing specialist will prepare a robust strategy, which you’ll approve, that includes a breakdown of how your emails will be allocated per month.

Customer Life Cycle Flows, AKA Foundational Flows, are automations that every brand should have in place within their email marketing strategy. They cover the customer lifecycle from browsing, to purchasing, to becoming a repeat buyer. This is the first step in creating your customized strategy & covers the following flows:

Once Foundational Flows are in place, our agency will expand your email marketing strategy to include Advanced Flows that are customized based on your products and customer needs. This is part of our ongoing service for our existing clients as these additional flows enhance your email marketing strategy.

We also enhance your Foundational Flows using paths based on products purchased or buyer frequency. For example, a Cart Abandonment Flow might have 3-5 different versions. Your different buyer persona will receive personalized messages to boost conversion rates.

Technology Flows are based on applications or software your brand uses that integrates with your ESP.

For example, we provide a Loyalty Package that includes set up and strategy regarding how to promote your loyalty program. Based on this, we would add additional flows and other strategic initiatives to improve that program’s performance.

Another type of Technology Flow might focus on product review software that we would leverage to collect data and effectively segment your customers.

We’re happy to implement virtually any type of flow you can imagine (as long as you’re able to explain what you’re going for and give us an idea of the underlying strategy). Some requests might require additional resources like a developer, other software, or more.

A campaign (broadcast) is a completed email ready to send to your customers. It has been strategized, with the copy written and the design completed. Campaigns may include promotions, newsletters, brand awareness emails, educational emails, and more.

We launch your project with a kick-off call where you meet your Email Marketing Specialist. Within one week you’ll be presented with your flow strategy, your campaign strategy, and your initial templates. You can expect your first campaigns within 2 weeks of strategy approval and your first flows within 3 weeks of your strategy approval with a regular cadence afterward.

Simply let your Email Marketing Specialist know if you need more emails than what is included in your plan, and we can charge per additional email required that month. If you need more emails regularly, we encourage you to upgrade your account to ensure our team can dedicate their time, talent, and expertise to your brand’s needs.

We have auto-renewing month-to-month, 6-month, and yearly agreements with a 30-day cancellation period. To demonstrate the full value of our service and ensure a proper return, we like to establish long-term partnerships with brands. That’s why we offer a 10% discount for a 6-month agreement and a 20% discount for 12-month agreements.

One-Time Projects

Absolutely! We offer a Foundational Flow Setup plan. We’ll ensure your ESP is set up and configured correctly, create your customized strategy, provide copy, design, testing, and implementation of your flows. You can expect 7 flows with 20 emails throughout that cover your customer journey.

Yes! Our team is here to help with anything related to your email marketing channel. Simply schedule a call with our team & we’ll find the right solution for what you are looking for.

We see the largest ROI when our clients are committed to long-term solutions but we are happy to help you with short-term ones as well.

Design FAQ

Yes, we create gifs and graphics in the normal scope of work.

Flowium’s creative team will repurpose your photo assets to optimize them for our email campaigns. We do not provide color correction, cropping, or extensive photo editing of any sort outside of the needs of the email program.


Flowium leverages a mix of custom-crafted, “unique” emails and modularized, or “templated,” emails across automations and campaigns.

These highly visual “unique” emails feature varying layouts (i.e., big graphic banners, a clever CTA, creative typography, photography, etc.) and offer brand cohesiveness throughout your strategy while also being customized to the goal of the email.

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