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We’re built to grow online retail revenue and connect clients to their customers.

We know email marketing strategy (and the technology that powers it) inside and out, and we’ll lean on that expertise to help your business reach its true potential.




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To Boost Voices And Broaden The Impact Of The World-Changing Companies

Email marketing has a growth potential that is practically unlimited. It’s the only way to reach customers directly to spark real and direct conversation with them.

Helping businesses unlock that potential (and seeing the results that follow) is extremely rewarding.
Andriy Boychuk from Flowium
Andriy Boychuk
Founder of Flowium


To Be Your Point Of Reference For eCommerce Email Marketing

Core Values

Practice Innovation

  • We’re inspired by great ideas, period. Whether they come from the world of marketing (or somewhere else entirely), we’re always incorporating new wrinkles and techniques to elevate our work.
  • We rely on a combination of outside the box thinking and some foundational, proven strategies to find new solutions and deliver industry-leading results.

Embrace Integrity

  • Honesty, integrity, and transparency are paramount in everything we do. If we recognize that an agreed-upon approach is a dead-end, we’ll halt the work before it costs you money.
  • We’re 100% honest with our clients – that trust is the foundation of everything we do at Flowium.

Go Above and Beyond

  • We go all-in for each project. If there’s something we can do to help your business, we’ll do it (or we’ll point you to someone who can).
  • We’ll go the extra mile to help every client and take pride in our team’s tireless, can-do spirit.

Play Long Game

  • We’re all about sustainable growth. Lasting success and growth doesn’t happen in a single day.
  • Our approach is focused on building the sort of rock-solid, durable success that will carry clients far into the future. Flowium, like the clients we work with, is here to stay.

Our Team

We’re an international group with team members living all over the globe. Our headquarters is in New York, and most of our team is located across North America.

We love sharing our knowledge with the world, which is why we’ve created a blog, a podcast and #1 active YouTube channel on email marketing eCommerce full of insights and strategies developed through years of hands-on experience.

We’re creative professionals who offer a 360 degree understanding of email marketing. We’re eager to share our passion with you.

Our Story

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February 2017

Flowium founded (originally known as Email Marketing NYC)

Early 2018

Reached Klaviyo Platinum Partner status

January 2018

Started Flowium YouTube channel

December 2018

Focused on eCommerce clients

September 2019

Hit 400% revenue growth

March 2020

Quadrupled our team

July 2020

Launched the marketing podcast ‘Email Einstein’

Andriy's Photo

Andriy Boychuk

Founder & CEO

Andriy and his family moved to the US in 2004. Before launching Flowium, Andriy spent 9 years working in corporate America, advancing from a junior position to Senior Project Manager at the Clarient Group. He focused on designing integrated, smart building design solutions.

In 2017, he created Flowium to help businesses realize the full potential of email marketing. Since then, he’s pioneered strategies to translate a strong customer retention ground game into stable revenue growth.

He’s an avid reader devoted to his two beautiful daughters and loving wife.

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