In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their digital marketing strategies. We had the opportunity to speak with Jesse Clemmens, a co-founder of HiTide to explore this important topic in depth.

HiTide emerges as a game-changer, offering unique solutions centered around SMS marketing and zero-party data collection. Let’s dive deep into how HiTide is reshaping eCommerce marketing, its comparison with similar platforms, and insights into consumer behavior regarding SMS subscriptions.

All about the HiTide Process

The Foundation of HiTide

HiTide distinguishes itself by focusing on SMS list growth and integration with social media, particularly Instagram. Through strategic use of social direct message (DM) automations, HiTide enables brands to convert their Instagram following into a valuable, owned channel, overcoming the challenges associated with acquiring phone numbers for SMS marketing.

The Mechanism of Action

Brands can easily onboard with HiTide by connecting their SMS platforms, Instagram accounts, and Shopify stores. HiTide’s keyword-based triggers monitor Instagram posts and DMs for specific engagement cues, launching automated sequences that capture consumer data and consent for SMS subscriptions.

How HiTide Collects Zero-Party Data

HiTide’s platform is ingeniously designed to collect zero-party data directly from consumers through interactions on social media. This approach not only facilitates SMS opt-ins but also gathers preferences and other valuable information, allowing brands to tailor their marketing efforts more effectively.

HiTide vs. ManyChat: Similarities and Key Differences

Common Ground

Both HiTide and ManyChat leverage the power of automated messaging to engage with consumers. They utilize the Instagram Messenger API to run automations, making it easier for brands to interact with their audience.

Distinguishing Factors

Unlike ManyChat, HiTide focuses exclusively on SMS list growth, partnering with SMS platforms rather than offering its own texting service. This specialization in SMS growth through social media interactions sets HiTide apart, offering a unique value proposition to eCommerce brands.

Tagging as a Way to Trigger an Automation: How It Works

Tagging on Instagram can initiate automations in HiTide, allowing brands to engage users who interact with their content. This functionality is crucial for leveraging user-generated engagement, such as mentions in comments, to drive SMS list growth and enhance customer engagement.

Examples of Automations Triggered by Tagging

One illustrative case involves a brand collaborating with an influencer, where tagging not only triggers a personalized DM but also invites the user to join the brand’s SMS list. Such automations are designed to seamlessly integrate the user’s action (tagging) with a direct marketing opportunity, enhancing the brand’s reach and engagement.

The Top Reasons Consumers Unsubscribe from SMS

Consumer feedback highlights that excessive messaging and lack of relevance are the primary reasons for unsubscribing from SMS lists. Brands must strike a balance between engaging and overwhelming their audience, emphasizing the importance of targeted, valuable communications.

Email vs. SMS: The Key Differences in Retention

The contrasts between email and SMS marketing are notable, especially regarding personal engagement and content delivery. SMS provides a direct, immediate channel with higher personal stakes for consumers, necessitating more strategic and considerate messaging compared to email.

Subscriber LTV: People Who Join Organically vs. Through Giveaway Posts

Analyzing subscriber lifetime value (LTV) reveals that organic and giveaway-driven subscriptions each have unique impacts on a brand’s marketing success. While organic subscribers might exhibit higher initial engagement, giveaway-driven strategies can significantly expand a brand’s reach and provide valuable opportunities for conversion optimization.

In conclusion, HiTide’s innovative approach to SMS marketing and zero-party data collection presents a compelling case for e-commerce brands looking to deepen engagement with their audience. By understanding and applying the distinct advantages of platforms like HiTide, brands can effectively navigate the complexities of modern digital marketing, driving growth and fostering lasting consumer relationships.

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