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SMS Marketing Platforms — Klaviyo vs Attentive

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    SMS marketing is becoming more significant for the majority of Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) firms. Indeed, anytime I sign up for a brand’s product these days, I get more SMS messages than in the past.

    SMS text messages to current clients may have open rates in excess of 80% and conversion rates in excess of 20%. When you consider the normal 1% conversion rate of social media advertisements or the poor open rates of email marketing, it’s easy to see why SMS is increasingly seen as a critical channel for repeat orders or abandoned carts, etc.

    Klaviyo and Attentive are the two most popular SMS platforms. Most startup businesses struggle to choose between the two, therefore I wanted to provide a concise outline of how I approach SMS tech platform options.

    Klaviyo SMS Basics

    Klaviyo is a Campaign in a box (CIAB). But what exactly is a “campaign-in-a-box” (CIAB)? A CIAB is a single piece of paper that compiles marketing and sales materials to assist you—Klaviyo’s customer. This document gathers all internal resources that Klaviyo is employing at this moment to encourage SMS activation for first time users of SMS. This deck comprises

    • marketing,
    • sales, and
    • enablement resources

    You may use these resources to employ in your own SMS activation efforts. Marketing campaigns may be easily executed with the help of a competent partner.

    SMS Certification

    The SMS Certification is a free certification that teaches the advantages of investing in SMS as a service and walks through the process of implementing SMS for a customer You’ll learn best practices from Klaviyo specialists, and take a look at a chat with a partner who has achieved success with Klaviyo SMS, see a demo of Klaviyo SMS, and discover how your organization may profit from tapping the potential of this new owned marketing channel.

    SMS Help Center

    The Klaviyo SMS Help Center includes both informative “how to’s” for getting started with SMS and even whole instructional videos.

    Examples include:

    1. Obtaining SMS Consent
    2. Configuring SMS and MMS notifications
    3. Using email and SMS in tandem

    Attentive SMS Basics

    Attentive is a white-glove onboarding. One of the finest experiences on any tech platform in terms of how meticulous and thorough the Attentive staff is in ensuring that every area is addressed when you join the platform.

    • They will create unique pop-up windows and forms for you.
    • They offer an onboarding consultant to guide you through the process.
    • They provide a 30-day free trial.
    • SMS-only business. Because their only emphasis is SMS, they are more sophisticated in terms of features such as A/B testing, sign-up forms, and numerous product features.
    • They offer text-to-subscribe capability.

    Klaviyo Vs. Attentive: Pricing


    • Prices are starting from $300/Per-Month
    Pricing Model: Flat Rate
    • There is no Free Trial or Free Version of the software.


    • Prices are starting from $20/Per-Month
    Pricing Model: Per Feature
    • Klaviyo offers both a Free Trial and a Free Version of the software.

    Attentive costs $300 a month plus 0.02/SMS (we could probably negotiate a per SMS fee here) for 25 messages per second delivered. Klaviyo costs $2 a month plus $0.01 for every SMS message sent at a rate of 3 texts per second. It costs $299 a month plus $0.01 for every SMS message sent at a rate of 25 texts per second. Klaviyo is now “pay as you go,” but will most likely transition to a subscription model in the near future, where you pick your payment plan for X amount of SMS “credits” each month, similar to how their email plans are set up.

    Klaviyo Vs. Attentive: Range of users

    Attentive: Designed for users in the 201-500 range

    Attentive serve a wide range of business sizes, from small non-profits to large corporations. They’re also a wonderful tool for advertising, public relations, and digital firms looking to better their approach.

    Klaviyo: Designed for 1 to 1000+ users

    Because of its smooth interfaces with platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, Klaviyo primarily services eCommerce businesses. Klaviyo also works with B2C and B2B businesses via customized websites.

    Klaviyo Vs. Attentive: As per reviewers

    Reviewers rated Attentive to be simpler to use, set up, and administer when comparing the two options. Overall, reviewers appreciated doing business with both platforms.

    • According to the reviews, Attentive satisfies the demands of their company better than Klaviyo.
    • When it comes to the quality of continuous product support, reviewers believe that Klaviyo is the best choice.
    • Our reviewers liked the path of both Attentive and Klaviyo for product upgrades and roadmaps.

    Klaviyo Vs. Attentive: Segmentation

    With Klaviyo’s built-in customer database, you’ll have instant access to limitless, actionable data. More data equals better segmentation, which equals greater conversion.

    And, although Attentive simply allows for the customization of basic actions, Klaviyo is designed to be adaptable from the start. To reach your target audience where and when it counts, you may segment your audience based on anything relevant.

    Attentive Mobile and Klaviyo Integration

    If you use Klaviyo for email marketing, the interface with Attentive is quite limited. You can see how important it is to have your email and SMS synchronized. You don’t want to overcommunicate with your consumers by email and SMS if the two platforms aren’t interacting with one other.

    In Conclusion: Select the platform that can accomplish more.

    It’s not simply the number of channels in Klaviyo’s unified platform of SMS and email (plus free push alerts, social advertisements, and sign-up forms) that makes them a better partner for companies of all sizes.

    Klaviyo high-quality features connect you with the right consumers in the right channel with the right message. In other words, your company is expanding faster than it ever could with Klaviyo.

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