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How to Change Revenue Attribution Time Window in Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, Andriy will be explaining to you how to change the revenue attribution time window in Klaviyo. By default, this is set to five days. But I strongly recommend you to change from 5 days to 1 day. In this way, your revenue attribution from email will be more accurate.

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    How to Change Revenue Attribution Time Window in Klaviyo

    How do you change the attribution time window for revenue in Klaviyo? By default, they have a five-day revenue attribution for emails and one-day revenue attribution for SMS. Five days sounds like a lot, and actually, it is a lot. And especially, if you’re working with an email marketing agency or freelancer and want to figure out their effectiveness. I strongly recommend reducing it from five days to one day. This will give you a better understanding of their performance.

    Five days, it’s a lot, unless you don’t do any form of marketing, and you just rely on emails. It might be fine, but five days, it’s just a lot. So, I’ll show you how to change it.

    So, this is my account. You click and go to Account, and go to Settings. And under settings, you do Email, and you scroll down and here you see Email Conversion Window. And by default, as I told you before, it’s five days for this account, SMS not enabled, but you will see it’s one day. So I strongly, strongly recommend this from five days to one day. And click Update, and it would be updated. I’ll just switch back on this account, and that’s it.

    What does five, or one, or three, or whatever mean? So, let’s say five days. You send an email on Monday, and let’s say they purchased on Friday. So whatever they purchased, that revenue, let’s say they purchased something for $100; that $100 will be attributed to emails. So a client will say, “Hey, your email made you $100,” but is it realistic? Maybe they saw you on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, and maybe a YouTube video convinced them to buy. So I don’t think that attribution is correct. So I strongly recommend changing it to one day. It will not be perfect, but it will be 80% accurate.

    My advice is when you grow, when you have a big team, when you have like a lot of revenue, define it a lot of revenue. So you define it yourself. But to use one traditional system, maybe Google Analytics, Google.io, or something else.

    It doesn’t matter what Klaviyo says, what the loyalty program says, what Facebook says; in the one system, you define that attribution, and you track everything accordingly. Because right now, if you don’t your attribution, loyalty program attribution, or Facebook attribution, you will probably equal 300% and 300% is not real. It should equal 100%.

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