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Smile.io Integration with Klaviyo: How Does It Work?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Customer retention should undoubtedly be a priority for any business. But unfortunately, many brands have not realized that rewarding their customers is one of the best ways to create and foster positive, emotional relationships that them loyal to the business in the long run.

    Thankfully, with a top-ranking customer loyalty management platform like Smile.io, retaining your customers becomes a less overwhelming task.

    So, why postpone integrating your Smile.io and Klaviyo?

    According to experts, Smile.io is one of the best customer loyalty programs for eCommerce businesses today. With its intuitive and customer-friendly UI and diverse options of loyalty programs, Smile.io stands out from the competition.

    But, how do you achieve the Smile Klaviyo integration?

    Not to worry, we can help you. In a few moments, we’ll share a step-by-step guide on integrating your Klaviyo email client with your Smile.io. But first, let us explore what Smile.io is all about?

    What is the Smile.io Integration?

    Before we explore the various features you get to enjoy from your Smile.io and Klaviyo integration, let us first examine what Smile.io is all about.

    Formerly known as Sweet Tooth, Smile.io is an innovative cloud-based customer loyalty management platform that works for all types and sizes of eCommerce businesses.

    The platform offers business owners a customizable point-based program that your customers can go through and accumulate points that they can then redeem for various rewards such as:

    • Discounts
    • Free products
    • Store credits
    • Etc.

    So, if you are an eCommerce business owner, the Smile.io Klaviyo integration can help you inspire loyalty in your customers and keep them coming back.

    With an impressive offering of more than 25,000 reward programs and analytic capabilities,  Smile.io ranks as one of the top reward program providers on the eCommerce scene and is an ideal choice for brands businesses looking to increase their customer retention rates.

    Here are some of the top perks of using Smile.io integration:

    • Improves customer shopping experience
    • Aids customer engagement
    • Turns a one-time shopper into a loyal customer
    • Creates repeat shopping, thereby reducing marketing budgets
    • Promotes customer loyalty which leads to higher conversion
    • Promotes customer retention.

    How do Smile.io and Klaviyo Work Together?

    With a top-notch email client like Klaviyo already on board, adding Smile.io to your list of business resources can significantly boost your results — from customer acquisition to retention.

    But, how exactly do the Smile.io and Klaviyo integration work?

    Here are some of the functionalities you get to enjoy when you link your Smile.io and Klaviyo:

    • It syncs the information of members of your reward program with your Klaviyo account. This way, you can perform better targeting for your email communications regarding customer points and rewards.
    • It helps you segment your campaign lists depending on the information of members in your rewards program. For instance, a segment could include everyone with a certain number of points or perhaps members with a VIP status. With this information, you can send better-targeted campaigns, create email flow triggers or carry out more in-depth analysis of your customers.
    • It allows you to manage the personal information for each member in your rewards program more effectively. Furthermore, with the Smile.io and Klaviyo integration, you can switch between your email manager and Smile.io to carry out various customer list management operations without stress.
    • You can easily send reward program marketing communications. By using Smile.io in synchronization with Klaviyo, you can seamlessly send emails to your customers concerning reward programs.

    Pro Tip?  You can encourage your customers to strive for more points or redeem them when they hit a specific point balance in your email campaign.

    • You can include reward program data in your email templates. With the Smile.io and Klaviyo integration, you’d be able to create email templates that already contain information regarding your rewards program — from incentives to sign up to follow-up emails when customers take a specific action.

    Now that you know some of the ways Smile.io improves your customer retention campaigns, let us guide you through connecting your Smile and Klaviyo.

    How to Connect Smile With Your Klaviyo Account

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect Smile.io with your Klaviyo account:

    • First, log in to your account on smile.io.
    • Then, click on Apps. You’ll find the tab on the left side of your screen.

    smile io integration with klaviyo

    • Next, click on ‘Add Apps.’ This will open up a list of several third-party apps that integrate with Smile.io. Next, navigate to Klaviyo and select it.
    • The next step is to log into your Klaviyo account. Then, if you don’t already have the application, you need to install it.
    • Once you’ve successfully logged in to your Klaviyo account, navigate to your username and click on Accounts.
    • Then, go to settings. Click on it and then select API keys. This should create an authentication string of characters. Copy this API key and then return to your account on Smile.io.

    api key - smile io integration with klaviyo

    • Next, on the screen where you selected Klaviyo from the list of other applications, paste the API key you copied in the appropriate box and click on Connect.

    This allows you to sync your data on Klaviyo with your Smile.io account. Note that syncing your Klaviyo with your Smile.io may take several minutes. So, you may need to be patient.create segment - smile io integration with klaviyo

    • So, click on ‘Sync Customer Data’ and wait till it’s completed. Once it syncs successfully, you’d be able to see the following customer details:
    • VIP name and Tier
    • Smile points
    • Smile state
    • Referrals

    lists & segments - smile io integration with klaviyo

    You can then use this data to segment your customer list and begin your target reward-oriented, loyalty-inspiring emails campaigns.

    Wrapping Up

    Customer retention statistics are proof that no business can thrive without loyal customers. However, customer retention goes beyond offering an excellent user experience and prompt deliveries.

    Sometimes, you may need to go above and beyond by providing your customers rewards they didn’t pay for.

    This is where the Smile Klaviyo integration comes into the picture. By integrating your Smile.io and Klaviyo, you can create customer reward programs for customers directly in your email lists and be on your way to encouraging repeat purchases and loyal customers.

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