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Smile.io integration with Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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In this video, I will show you how to connect Smile.io with your Klaviyo account and how they work together. 

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So let’s log in first to Smile.io. So when you log in to your Smile.io account, click on the Apps, on the left side, and click Add app, and we are looking for Klaviyo. So just click on that. Click Install. And now it’s asking you for an API key from Klaviyo.


smile io integration with klaviyo

So what we do next, we go to Klaviyo, click login, and log in to your account or your customer’s account.

And when you logged in to your account, you click on your username, click Accounts, and we are going to Settings and API Keys. And here we are looking for, Create an API Key, because we want to have a new one and we can type smile.io. So it’s easier for everybody to understand. We copy this key.

Then we go back to smile.io and click Connect Klaviyo. Sync customer data – so basically those are things you will see inside of Klaviyo: Smile Points, Referrals, State, VIP Tier and Name. So basically you can use that data to segment your customers and also send the personalized messages.

For example, I need the data to send statements to my customers, with their points monthly. So I can say, “hey, such and such. Your rewards balance is like 200 points”. And that 200 points will be dynamic for each person.

So, you click Sync customer data, Sync, and it might take a while.

api key - smile io integration with klaviyo

So as you can see, it’s in the progress and it takes a while. So currently there’s 200 contacts synced with Klaviyo. So how many contacts do you have it might take like a while to do.

So let’s go back to the Klaviyo site and see how you can see that information.

So now we are back to Klaviyo, let’s go to Lists and Segments and click Create segment. So click on Segment and we will name it Rewards smile.io Points 1+. I just want to create a segment of people who have at least one point.

So let’s create definition Properties about someone, Smile Point Balance, is greater than, 1. And it’s not suppressed, because I don’t want to email suppressed people. Actually, you cannot do that inside of Klaviyo. If they’re suppressed, it means you’re not able to send them marketing emails. So it might take a while.

create segment - smile io integration with klaviyo

Okay the segment was updated and we have 12 people. So let’s go to this person and on the right side at the bottom you can see (control+F,  let’s do “smile”, “smile points”), you can see all, smile point balance is 3.50, Smile Referral URL, Smile State member. So basically you can use that information to personalize your emails, or you can use that information to trigger specific flows. 

lists & segments - smile io integration with klaviyo

Please let me know if you have any questions about this integration or any questions about Smile.io working with Klaviyo or maybe you have, you want to integrate something but it’s not available online, on YouTube or on Google, and you have trouble integrating.

Please let me know in the comments below, and I will do my best to record the video, release the video, to integrate the tool you’re looking for. Thank you.

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