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Klaviyo vs. Omnisend

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    Choosing the best eCommerce marketing platform will have a significant impact on how your brand expands. Do you want to know if Klaviyo or Omniscend is right for you? 

    Customers who use both platforms have been debating which is superior, and we’ve got your answer today. Both Omnisend and Klaviyo are popular email marketing tools for e-commerce businesses. These cloud-based marketing platforms, however, are intended for a variety of audiences. 

    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.

    Omnisend is best suited to newcomers or nearly beginners, while Klaviyo is better suited to more experienced advertisers or businesses with larger marketing budgets. 

    We’ll go through a feature-by-feature analysis. What platform is best for your e-commerce email marketing strategy: Omnisend or Klaviyo?

    Let’s investigate: 


    Best for: Omnisend Overview 

    It’s intended for sales-driven e-commerce companies, and one of its standout features is the ability to see who bought products from individual addresses. Omnisend is suitable for use if automation, rather than list segmentation, is your primary concern. 


    Best for: Klaviyo Overview 

    It is a cloud-based email marketing intended for e-commerce stores and integrates smoothly with prominent e-commerce sites such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. It is also beneficial for B2B and B2C businesses to have a personalized website rather than an e-commerce portal. 

    Klaviyo can import consumer details until incorporated into your e-commerce store, allowing you to begin segmenting consumers and targeting them with personalized addresses, campaigns, and flows. 


    Access to Features

    Klaviyo offers you immediate access to all services, including the most advanced, as soon as you sign up. Furthermore, it expands with your company as it rises, so you won’t have to turn marketing channels later. 

    Omnisend provides most of the functionality with paid subscription rates. This covers essentials such as automation and specialized documentation. With Klaviyo, you can get those tools for free right away. 


    Email Marketing

    Visual email composers are available in both Omnisend and Klaviyo, enabling you to drag and drop elements through your email campaign. Both have a plethora of templates to help you get your artistic juices flowing. 

    You can add simple, customizable text, pictures, columns, buttons, and tables to Klaviyo’s email creator. Aside from that, nothing else flashy can be added. 

    It is certainly possible to generate beautiful emails with Klaviyo’s builder, but you must complete several e-commerce-related tasks manually. Creating special coupon codes, for example, is a difficult task. 

    You have a lot of customization opportunities in Omnisend’s email designer. You may begin with fewer templates than Klaviyo, but you have a lot more work within content creation. 



    Both Omnisend and Klaviyo have segmentation-based targeting to help you deliver the most important message to the right user at the right time. 

    Klaviyo allows you to create and store as many segments as you like, and you can make them as unique as you want. There is no restriction on the segmentation requirements or the amount of data you will use. Omnisend restricts the number of segments you can create depending on your subscription. 

    Klaviyo will sync the segments with Facebook Custom Audiences for retargeting advertising, but only Omnisend will sync those connections for Google retargeting ads. 


    A/B Testing

    A/B testing options are more plentiful in Klaviyo. Variables such as sender name, subject lines, discount rates, color schemes, send times, and content can be tested. Omnisend is restricted to the first two. 


    Integrations and Support

    Klaviyo has more app integrations, while Omnisend has customer service 24/7. 

    Ecommerce businesses that do have a well-developed advertising stack are going to find Klaviyo to be better equipped for syncing data. When compared to Omnisend, Klaviyo has more integrations with common e-commerce websites and other marketing methods. This enables much more precise targeting and automation, as well as increased monitoring and ROI calculation. 

    If you need assistance with all of Omnisend’s features, they provide live chat and email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Klaviyo has a more restricted period, with email service only available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET on weekends. 


    Omnisend Pricing

    Omnisend, like many other email marketing systems, has variable pricing depending on the number of contacts. 

    You can create email campaigns and submit 15,000 emails a month with the free package. For up to 500 customers, the Standard package costs $16 a month. Send 15,000 emails a month, automate emails, and get SMS marketing access. For up to 500 users, the Pro package costs $99 a month. Send 15,000 emails a month, use omnichannel ads, and get $99 in monthly SMS credits. 

    If you don’t want an email marketing campaign, you can pay for SMS marketing only, which starts at $20 a month. 


    Klaviyo Pricing

    For up to 500 contacts, the email-only rate is $20 a month. You can have infinite email sends as well as email and chat service (customer support). It costs $45 per month for 1,500 contacts and $70 per month for 3,000 contacts. There is also a free option, but you can only add 250 contacts and send 500 emails per month. 

    Once you’ve decided on an email marketing kit, you can add SMS. For instance, it will cost $3.50 to add 100 SMS messages to your 500 contacts set. 


    Why Choose Omnisend?

    Choose Omnisend if lead capture (thank you, pop-ups!) and integration are more important to you than list segmentation and generating highly-styled emails. 


    Why Choose Klaviyo?

    Consider Klaviyo if you’ve been advertising your e-commerce shop for a while and are about to expand. Or if you’re a tech-savvy novice willing to put in the effort to learn your way through a slew of features. The tool is extremely effective for listing segmentation and advanced targeting, so ensure you’re collecting many customers and lead detail. 



    When selecting something as important as an email marketing provider, it’s vital to do your research and thoroughly test all the tool has to bring your expanding online shop. 

    Test out all tools to see how well they perform. After all, not every tool would be suitable for every business. But, hopefully, this in-depth analysis has provided you with some strong starting points. 

    What are your favorite aspects of both tools? Let us know. 


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