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Omnisend Pricing – Which Plan is Best for Your Ecommerce Brand?

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      When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.

      Omnisend, which focuses on email marketing for eCommerce, has quickly become one of the most effective email marketing solutions for Shopify. With its low costs and innovative features like the wheel of fortune and product recommender, we were curious to learn more about Omnisend’s pricing and see what all the hype was about. So, let’s get started. 


      Omnisend Pricing Basics:

      In general, it’s difficult to find fault with Omnisend’s eCommerce marketing automation software. 


      • They provide automation through seven distinct channels. 
      • Paid bundles begin at just $16 per month. 
      • Their clients appear to enjoy it! They have excellent internet reviews as well. 


      Combine it with a substantial free trial offer that incorporates all features up to the Pro level, a forever free service tier, and monthly email send limits that outperform competitors like Klaviyo. You have to hunt hard to discover someone who has a negative opinion about Omnisend. 


      Free Trial vs Free Tier

      We should point out right away that there is a distinction between the FREE TRIAL Omnisend provides and the FREE TIER of the service: 


      1. The former is valid for 14 days and grants you access to everything up to and including the Pro level. 
      2. The latter is not time-limited, but you can only utilize a limited number of functions. 


      The free edition of Omnisend is quite effective as a basic email marketing package, and it is definitely worth your attention if you have no funds. 


      • You can send up to 15,000 SMS each month. 
      • You receive basic segmentation capabilities as well as a month’s worth of website data tracking. 
      • Using Omnisend’s straightforward drag-and-drop capabilities, you can create sign-up forms, pop-up advertisements, and landing pages. 
      • You receive a functional reporting dashboard. 
      • You may use Zapier to connect it to other tools. 


      However, you do not get the following important features: 


      • There are no automated workflow possibilities. 
      • There is no customer service. 
      • There are no channels other than email. 
      • It does not come with SMS/MMS messaging. 


      Omnisend’s Paid Pricing Plans:

      Omnisend is an all-in-one marketing automation software designed specifically for online businesses. It enables you to automate your marketing operations with the aim of growth in mind. 

      Because organizations’ demands change at each level, Omnisend has four price options: free (discussed above), standard, pro, and enterprise. Each tier has its own set of features, accessible channels (such as SMS, Facebook, and so on), support, and email credits. 



      The Standard Package is Omnisend’s entry-level paid offering to automate your emails & start SMS marketing. 

      Package price: You’ll pay $16 a month for the Standard Package at the lowest level. This drops to $13 if you pay annually. 

      No. of emails: 15,000 per month 


      The main distinctions between Standard and the Free Package are as follows:  


      • The overwhelming majority of Omnisend’s automation capabilities are available to you, including template workflows for Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, Birthday Messages, Order Confirmations, and the option to build and report on your own sequences. 
      • You can save additional segments, more email builder capabilities are available, and you may deploy gamified sign-up forms. 
      • A large range of off-the-shelf integrations are available (e.g., Facebook, Smile.io, ShipStation, etc.) 
      • You have access to email and live chat assistance. 
      • You can include SMS texts in your campaigns. 



      Pro package unlocks the true power of omnichannel marketing with free SMS and more channels. 

      Pricing: $99/month 

      No. of emails: 15,000 emails / month 


      The Difference Between the Standard and Pro Plans:

      The Pro plan includes everything that the Standard plan does, plus more. Pro has possibilities for Web push notifications at $99/month (compared to Standard’s $16/month), allowing you to re-engage your consumer. You will also receive free SMS credits (the equivalent of the price you pay each month for your plan).

      Pro also provides extra consumer targeting options, including Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences. Google Customer Match enables you to engage with consumers across Google Products by combining online and offline data (search, Gmail, and Shopping). Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to create a custom list or profile based on users that have visited your website, allowing you to target specific users. 

      The pro plan, maybe most crucially, lets you incorporate a bespoke SPF/DKIM signature, which is critical for increasing deliverability. 



      Using this plan, you may benefit from enterprise-grade customization! 


      Custom Pricing:


      • Omnisend’s website does not include a price for the Enterprise Package; instead, it just states “custom pricing.” 
      • Third-party review sites such as FinancesOnline and Omnisend partners such as Shopify, on the other hand, claim that it costs $2,000 each month. 
      • Pricing is straightforward at the Enterprise level because you receive limitless subscribers and emails (subject to fair use). 
      • You’ll have to pay for SMS texts just like everyone else, but you won’t have to pay for Facebook Messenger. 


      Unique feature:  The Enterprise plan includes Unlimited emails every month. 


      Everything in PRO, plus: 


      • Email Account Migration 
      • Customer Success Manager 
      • Deliverability Support 
      • Custom IP Address 


      Pricing for SMS and MMS

      The number of messages you can send is determined by the country to which you are transmitting. For example, in the United States, a single SMS message costs $0.15, and a single MMS message costs $0.45. (as of 2021). 

      Each store you connect has its own SMS and MMS message budget, and some plans include credits in the cost of the plan: 


        Free Standard  Pro Enterprise 
      SMS CreditsNot includedCharged at 0.15Included in cost of planIncluded in cost of plan
      MMS CreditsNot includedCharged at $0.45Included in cost of planIncluded in cost of plan



      While there are several email automation services available, Omnisend is a crucial one designed for eCommerce and growth. It’s an excellent alternative for individuals looking to build their eCommerce company because of its simple platform, extensive features, and adjustable price levels. 

      Omnisend’s paid solutions are excellent for customizing campaigns and targeting clients with items that they are interested in. If you’re not ready for a premium alternative, its free plan is quite generous, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose by checking it out. 


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