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GetResponse Pricing Overview

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      The money is on the list, or so they say. But how much time and money should you put into growing the list if you want to see actual results?

      GetResponse is an email marketing platform that assists you in managing your contacts with important leads by carefully segmented campaigns and appealing messages. GetResponse allows you to develop immersive emails that inspire people on your mailing list and increase conversions.

      There are also opportunities for viewing and analyzing the statistics you gather along the way, which will assist you in determining which of your autoresponders is the most powerful.

      GetResponse is rapidly becoming more of an “all-in-one” marketing platform for today’s fast-paced brands as it proceeds to invest in more features and capabilities for its suite of tools. You can also use GetResponse for more than just email marketing; You can now use it to host webinars, build landing pages, and even manage customer relationships with CRM features.

      So, how much does a program solution like GetResponse cost?

      It’s what we’ve come to investigate.

      Continue reading to learn about GetResponse’s pricing choices and which kit is better tailored to your needs.


      Excellent value for money – but only if you have the right plan.

      GetResponse’s price is in the middle as opposed to other email marketing platforms. GetResponse cannot contend with sites with free basic subscriptions, such as Sendinblue and AWeber, and it may not have a free plan. However, the majority of GetResponse plans have more sophisticated functionality.


      Free trial

      Although there is no free account, you can try GetResponse for free with a 30-day trial. You can try any package – except the enterprise one – for free, and you don’t even have to enter your payment information. But keep an eye out for any limits. You can only connect 1,000 friends, landing pages can only handle 1,000 visits, and webinars can only hold 10 people.


      Available discounts

      You can pay for a GetResponse membership monthly, but the app provides significant savings if you pay in bulk for a long-term contract. Signing up for a 12-month subscription saves you 18%, and a 24-month subscription saves you 30%.


      Size of lists

      Regardless of who you want to pay, you can select between four programs tailored for growth-oriented companies, small enterprises, and communications professionals. GetResponse pricing begins with a list size of 1,000 and expands as the number of subscribers grows.

      Here’s where the math gets a little tricky: GetResponse counts any subscriber upon each list. When you connect the duplicate contacts to different lists for segmentation, each one counts as a subscriber. Since you can still put on enhancements for a premium, the prices can quickly add up. To avoid overpaying, it’s essential to consider what each package entails.


      Price Structure of Getresponse

      There are four GetResponse plans:


      Pricing: $15 per month

      You can buy webinar or multi-user connectivity add-ons for an extra monthly fee.

      The Basic plan is suitable for small companies or startups due to its sophisticated automation, landing pages, and e-commerce functionality.

      The Basic plan is GetResponse’s most economical option. With Zapier, you’ll find over 200 sensitive email models and 2,000+ software integrations useful for streamlining marketing resources.

      You can also set up a simple e-commerce shop, draw new buyers with Facebook Ads with the Basic package, and build unrestricted landing pages for lead generation.



      Pricing: $49 per month

      Using this package, growth-focused marketers and SMBs can generate leads, sell products, and expand their profits. The Plus package includes all of the Basic plan’s amenities as well as a few extras. GetResponse webinars are included, as well as the ability to host an infinite number of live events with up to 100 participants. You can also create webinar funnels, which allow you to follow up with attendees automatically through email sequences or social advertising.

      While the Basic plan does not allow you to design automations from scratch, the Plus plan includes a much more flexible automation builder. GetResponse’s mid-tier package includes sales funnels as well as the ability to rate connections as you interact with them dynamically.

      It does, however, have some significant limitations. You can only build five sales funnels and five custom automations, and the limited team size (only three users) can limit the ability to create them.



      Pricing: $99 per month

      If you are a marketing pro and wish to optimize your results with pro automation and integrations, this package is ideal for you! You will build an infinite number of leads, purchases, and webinar funnels with the Professional package. Webinars are limited to 300 visitors, but you can host both paying webinars, which enable you to accept payment from attendees, and on-demand webinars, which permit attendees to watch the webinar at any time, even after it has been recorded.

      The Professional package also includes an optional automation builder, allowing you to optimize the workflows fully. This strategy provides for a maximum of five team members.



      The MAX package is perfect for evolving your marketing with an advanced platform. The Max package includes all of the functionality of the Professional plan, plus 500-person webinars and 10-person teams.

      The critical distinction is that this package includes customized features such as dedicated support, a dedicated IP address, and deliverability, and email campaign consultancy. After all, if you’re going to invest in an enterprise-level scheme, you want a solution that’s tailored to your staff.

      Custom pricing: The exact price depends on your preferences and list size; if you’re interested in this package, contact Getresponse to arrange a demo, review your needs, and negotiate the price.


      Additional Remarks on GetResponse Pricing

      If your user count reaches the limit of your pricing package, you will be immediately upgraded to the next rate. So, if you spend $15 a month for the BASIC package and have 1001 users, you will be charged an extra $10 the next month. This takes the balance to $25– the cost of the 2500 consumer rate, which means that none of the potential connections are missed.

      You have the option to cancel your account at any time. This will, however, delete all of your saved records, so make sure to export your contact lists! GetResponse does not have refunds, even if you cancel within a day of signing up for a contract.


      Which package is the perfect fit for you?

      Even though GetResponse markets its PLUS package as the most popular. Many of you will be weighing the benefits of the BASIC and PLUS options. The most crucial difference between PLUS and the standard edition is access to GetResponse’s CRM, the ability to upgrade existing admin accounts, and the Conversion funnel function. So, if you don’t need all of these, the BASIC plan should suffice.

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