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ActiveCampaign Pricing

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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If you are looking for a sophisticated yet easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for your email marketing, CMR, and marketing automation, ActiveCampaign might be the best solution for you.

First of all, you can try it for free today with no cost for 14 days.

ActiveCampaign is the leader in the email marketing and marketing space for all businesses except e-commerce retailers. Why? You can read more about it here.

If you are not an e-commerce retailer, continue reading 🙂

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan Overview

There are four different pricing plans:

  • Lite – starts at $15 a month
  • Plus – starts at $70 a month
  • Professional – starts at $159 a month
  • Enterprises – starts at $279 a month

They provide a deep discount, around 20-40% off, to those who pay for the entire year instead of month to month. You can check the price difference on their website.

Remember those prices are starting prices—the price will grow according to your active email list.

What do I mean by active? You pay only for those contacts which subscribed to any of your lists. If they unsubscribe, you don’t pay for them, but they are still stored in your database.

What is the contact definition in ActiveCampaign? One contact is one email address. In other words, you are not able to have duplicate profiles in the account. This is a very great benefit.

Add-ons Pricing

ActiveCampaign also has a website chat feature called Conversations. It costs extra, and they base their price per user(license). It doesn’t matter how many email subscribers you have, you will have a flat fee for the Conversation.

ActiveCampaign Conversations cost $19 per month per user.

Which plan is right for your business?

I know ActiveCampaing tries to push their Professional plan, and they do advertise it is the most popular plan.

However, I personally doubt it.

Based on my experience, the most popular plan is Plus.

So, here is the base line.

If you do not plan to use CMR or SMS, you should stay on the Lite plan. If you need those features, you can switch to Plus plan.

All other features, based on my professional opinion, are not relevant to 90% of businesses. They are nice to have, but you would never have time to fully leverage them.

ActiveCampaign Plans Features Comparison

They have an extensive list of all their features on the website and compare each plan side by side to show what they do and do not include.

I am narrowing down their list to the really important things you need to know and consider. Also, I would exclude the features included in each plan. This way you will see only things you really need to decide on.

Main FeaturesLitePlusProfessionalEnterprise
Landing pages×
Build-in CRM×
Contact & lead scoring×
Site messages××
Predictive sending××
Web personalization××5 experiencesUnlimited experiences
Conditional context×
Custom user permissions×
Subscribe by SMS×
SMS sending×
Facebook Custom Audience integration×
Rebranding (remove our logo from forms)×
Custom SMS number (for sending SMS messages)××
eCommerce platform integration×

Other Things to Consider

Here are some additional features you should know about:

  • Free Migration
    Another nice feature about ActiveCampaign is that they will do full data migration for you. If you are not aware, it is very pricey in case you want to switch from one platform to another. And I personally believe switching to ActiveCampaign is very beneficial.
  • Non-for-profit Benefits
    If you want to get ActiveCampaign for a non-for-profit, they will give you a lifetime discount of 20% for the subscription.

Flowium Conclusion

The email marketing and marketing automation market is booming now, and there is new software coming up on the market every year. To the best of our knowledge, ActiveCampaign always keeps up with competitors and offers competitive features and cost-effective pricing.

As I said before, we use ActiveCampaign in our business, and we love it.

Try it for free today, and let us know what you think.

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