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How to check your sending reputation

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    It is very important to have a good and/or great sender reputation when you use email marketing in your business. Many of my clients ask me how they can check and improve their sending reputation. In this post, I will show you resources I use to check a website sending reputation.

    1. Talos Intelligence – on this site you can see overview of your domain reputation. The report will include if your domain is black lister, your score, your email volume and etc.
    2. Reputation Authority – on this site you simply enter your domain and it shows your reputation on color coded scale from good to bad.
    3. Barracuda Central – this is a spammer IP and Domain database. You can see if your domain is listed in their database.
    4. SendersScore.org – this is a website where you enter you domain or IP adress and it show you some basic metrics about your sender score. Also, you can create a free account and get more information about your score.

    There are some basics setups you have to do to maintain and increase your senders reputation:

    1. Set up SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
    2. Set up Sender ID
    3. Set up DKIML
    4. Set up your email marketing software with proper information
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