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Effective B2B Wholesale Business Email Marketing Advice

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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In this video, I’m going to explain the best email marketing strategies for B2B Wholesale businesses. These businesses sell directly to customers and also sell to wholesalers.
It is important to have an automated email when they first sign up, which welcomes them and this is where you let them know why they should buy your products. Here are some examples of almost perfect welcome emails.
You can offer deals and exclusives in this email too, maybe a discount code for new sign ups.
If someone is visiting your site, it is important to have a pop up form before that person leaves, so you can get their email address and maybe business name too. There are so many people who land on websites and then leave, this means the loss of many potential customers.
It is very important to check who is buying and who is not, follow up emails are key! If someone is not buying, try a different email strategy, maybe by adding photos and videos to your email and dropping the price lower.

– In this video, I would like to explain email marketing strategy for wholesalers, in other words, B2B. Hi, my name is Andrew, the founder of email marketing agency called Flowium as well as this YouTube channel. Some of our clients have two types of business. They have one set of products they sell, but they sell D2C like directly to consumers, and also they have a wholesaler part of their business, so in other words, they sell their products to other retailers, so those retailers can sell direct to consumer. In some cases, a wholesaler part of business will generate more money for our clients, and in some cases it’s less. But anyway, email marketing has to be created for B2B side of the business, as well as a B2C. So on YouTube you can find a lot of content, creating email marketing strategy and all of that for B2C or in other words, direct to consumer, D2C, but there’s not much content about wholesaler. So, in this video I would like to explain the entire email marketing strategy you can use for your business. Before we continue with the video, I have a short announcement to make. We are growing and we have a few spots available for new clients, and I would like to tell you about our partner program, give $1000, get $1000. How does it work? If you know anybody in your network, who are eCommerce brand online retailers, please refer them to us and if they sign up with us, you will get $1000 and they will get $1000 discount toward their credit, or if you are an eCommerce brand and you would like to work with us, we will give you $2,000 towards your first month of the retainer. Just visit flowium.com/partner and see the details of our partner program and we have a template there, email templates, which you can send it to your friend or somebody, you know in eCommerce space. If you have a wholesale part of your business, like stick to the end, and you will find a lot of value and the entire strategy which you can implement on your own in your company. I don’t know much about your business, but typical process is, you have a dedicated website or a dedicated page on your website where people can apply to become your wholesaler. First step is application. This is typical process, everybody have it, and probably you have already in your business, but then what happens in that case? When people submit their applications, there’s two outcomes. First outcome is approved, and deny. The process is manual. You have to manually review it and approve it or deny it. However, the outcome should be automated and this is what we can automate. So if it’s deny, you have to set status deny and send email, number one, reasons. And some of the reasons, let’s say you do wholesale only to physical retailers, like you do not allow to sell them online, or maybe you do not allow them to sell on Amazon because you have exclusive rights to sell on Amazon. So this was like one of the many a reason you can have and that email can be automatic, you just put status deny and it will send this automation. If it’s approved, it should go to kind of like welcome series. Welcome. And part of that welcome series, first of all, you should let them know that you approve them. Second, you need to tell them how to log in and how does your program work in general. Email two, you can send something like reasons to work with you, to buy from you, about the products and so forth. And you can include as many emails as you want in that welcome series, the main goal for them to buy, to learn more about your product and to buy from you at least once. In addition to the welcome series, there is third action that we should have to happen in parallel to those two. Add deal to CRM. I recorded another video explaining CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, so please do not confuse. Like right now, I will be explaining email marketing part, which you can automate, but some action I will say it like add the deal do, to your CRM. You have to have a stand alone CRM system, which you will manually update and track. In this case, deal has to be created for this person who submitted the application. If you deny it’s lost deal, if you approve it should stay in your deal. First, you will send them automatic emails, so automatically will do your best to convert them. If they didn’t convert, then manually follow up via email, call them, send them direct mail or some other means of communication with your clients. So this is automation number one. It’s easy when a person fill up your form as embedded because it’s considered hot lead or warm leads at least, but let’s imagine I’m a potential candidate for your wholesale program, but I’m not sure, so I’m checking you out, I’m checking your page, your conditions, how do you work and so forth, and I’m like I’m not sure, should I submitted the form or not? There’s a lot of information to fill up. Like, I’m not sure really, if I want to work with this company, so in that case they are on your dedicated page or on your dedicated website. In that case, it’s a good idea to implement some kind of pop-up form. So we call it exit intent. So basically, they are visiting and they are not part of your database, wholesaler database, and the when they are trying to leave your website, there’s exit intent popup. Similar strategy we use for direct to consumer brands on their Shopify stores, but on D2C side we offer them like, hey, here’s 10% or 5% off. On wholesaler side it’s a little bit different, you need to come up with creative messages, but the idea here, just to capture the bare minimum information. So like, I would say like at least email, but if you want to collect a little bit more information, maybe email, their store name or first name, so it’s up to you. When they submit, they like submit the lead, fill up this form, thus we need to send a series of emails, exit flow. So this is exit intent email automation, and we should send at least like three emails. So first of all, it’s gonna be something generic. Generic look like hey, would you like to work with us? Would you like to carry our products in your store? And sort of like generic emails. Then in email two, you can send them and tell them about the benefit to working with you. And in the third email, like ask them like, hey, do you have any questions about our program? Why did it spark interest to learn about our program? After those three emails, again, you can put more emails in this flow, but after third email, if they do not respond or do not engage with them, again, add deal to CRM, it’s very important. So, somebody expressed the minimum, maybe they’re like cold lead, expressed some kind of interest, they took like mini action, they left email, so there’s bare minimum but there is some kind of interest, so it’s your responsibility now is to follow up with this person. So first, we’ll follow up with those three emails, automatic emails, but if the person’s still does not engage or do not buy from you, it’s your responsibility to start following up with that person manually via email, find them on LinkedIn, follow up, call them, send them email, whatever you have to do, but outreach. And, as the ground code on set, follow up until they buy from you or they die. But if they die, even after they die, follow up one more time just to confirm they died. It might be a bad joke, but it’s true. You have to follow up, follow up, follow up to be able to convert them. Okay, so we covered already two automations so let’s talk about the third one. Let’s say you approved them already as a wholesaler and they still didn’t buy from you or maybe they purchase already from you, but the goal is for them to come back and buy from you again and again and again and again, same thing as in a D2C part of your business, direct to consumer, same thing in wholesaler, you need to come up with abandoned cart flow, abandoned cart automation, abandoned cart sequence. Doesn’t matter which software you use, it’s very important to be able to do that. Check out started. And so, we trigger in and checkout started and let’s say, if they didn’t finish the purchase, we want to follow up. And I think two emails are enough to send them. So first, you will send them like, hey, this is what you forgot in your cart, do you have any questions blah, blah, blah? So basically that will just remind them that, hey, you didn’t finish your purchase. And second, email automation. The second email might be something like, hey, this is the reason that you should buy from us, this is a reason why you should work with us. And if that person’s still do not buy, again, add to CRM. Add that deal into CRM and add value of the cart. Let’s say, they left in their cart products on the value of 500 or 1000 or 1500, you want to add that value and this is probably the hottest lead so far. If that deal added to your CRM, you should like pick up a phone and call them. Maybe payment didn’t culture, maybe your checkout page didn’t work something, but that person were interested to buy those products on that amount from you and something stopped. Maybe they didn’t want to pay for shipping or something. So right now, it’s your responsibility, your job to pick up the phone and call them. And the last automation is went back. Same thing as direct to consumer, same thing B2B side. Let’s say somebody placed an order once with you, but they didn’t buy again from you. Like, so what is your cycle? How often people are buying from you. So, went back. Let’s say, if your product is seasonal and they are buying like every quarter, so do follow up in what, three months? Or what, its like 180 days? Or you can do it every two months. I don’t know about your business, but you know your business better so, what is the life cycle? How often people reorder from you. If they place say their first order, then 180 dates pass and they didn’t purchase again, you want to follow up automatically with some kind of messages. So, email automation. It’s enough to send only two emails. First of all, you need to find out like, hey, what’s going on? You purchased from us in the past, do you need any help? Do want to restock, what’s in your products? And so forth. And again, the same thing, like for any automation, the same action apply. If they do not buy, if they do not take action you want them to take, you add them, add to CRM, it’s very important. Automation part’s just to make your life easier, like let’s hope they will buy from automatic email, and it would be nice if everybody will buy from automatic emails, but it might be very low percentage. Maybe between 10 to 30% will convert from automatic emails, but maybe in the smaller, I don’t know the exact statistic, but the important thing, they will engage with those email. Based on those emails they will check certain parts of your website and when you or your sales person calling them or emailing them, they are able to track that person behavior on the website. So, it’s easier for a sales person to talk to that person. Oh, I saw you were interested in XYZ product, and then you were interested on another product, can I help you? Can I answer any of your questions? What are the concerns, you don’t want to buy from us? Or what can we do better to do business together? If you have wholesale side of your business, I strongly recommend you to implement what I showed you today, or at least some basic parts like abandoned cart, exit intent, like try to do at least bare minimum and build on it, but take some action. And also, if you don’t have CRM, get some CRM because it’s very important. And please do not confuse CRM, email marketing tool, like Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign trip, those are not CRMs, those are just email marketing tools. CRM are Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, what others? Like HubSpot, those are CRM tools, things that you have to do manually, track manually, there are some automations, but it’s another topic. So highly, highly recommend for you to start doing email marketing for your wholesale side of the business and add CRM to your business. If you have any additional questions, please leave them below under this video. If you have any additional personal information, visit our website and contact us and ask them. We are here to help you, to help your retail store to grow. And if you’re a first time on this channel, please subscribe and like our video. Thank you, see you next Thursday, bye.


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