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Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign: Which is Better?

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    This comprehensive Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign comparison review will guide you through their key features, pricing, support, and general usability. 


    The Primary Distinctions Between Autopilot and ActiveCampaign

    The primary distinctions between Autopilot and ActiveCampaign are as follows: 


    • Autopilot costs $39 per month, but ActiveCampaign provides a basic plan that costs $9 per month. 
    • Autopilot favors sales and CRM above automation, whereas ActiveCampaign is more concerned with automation. 
    • Autopilot requires you to design a customer path, but ActiveCampaign enables you to compose emails on the fly. 
    • Autopilot has less than ten prebuilt email templates, but ActiveCampaign has a more extensive range. 
    • Autopilot has all premium features in all plans, whereas ActiveCampaign has feature limitations. 


    Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign: Overview


    What is Autopilot?

    Autopilot is an easy-to-use marketing automation software that employs visual interfaces to assist organizations of all sizes in setting up automated client experiences. It focuses on omnichannel marketing in particular since it provides email marketing, postcard marketing, SMS marketing, in-app messaging, Google Ads retargeting, and Facebook retargeting. 

    As a result, it seems to be an excellent combination for lead engagement across all prominent online channels. 


    What is ActiveCampaign?

    ActiveCampaign is a sophisticated and user-friendly marketing automation and sales CRM software built for small enterprises on a tight budget. ActiveCampaign also offers an enterprise plan for larger organizations. The type of capabilities we’re talking about here include Omnichannel campaign automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, on-site targeting, Facebook messaging, and, of course, customer relationship management. 

    Moreover, ActiveCampaign connects with over 700 apps and services to provide a completely holistic digital selling environment. 


    Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign: Ease of Use



    • Fortunately, Autopilot is nice enough to provide a free trial. 
    • Following that, the registration procedure is quite simple. You just input your information and cellphone number, then choose the number of contacts you want to maintain. And when you’re done, Autopilot will automatically take you to its dashboard. 
    • The navigation is also quite simple; however, you may have difficulty finding your way to the email editor. 



    • Signing up for ActiveCampaign is similar to signing up for Autopilot. That implies, providing your personal and business information should get you started. 
    • ActiveCampaign, too, provides a free trial. However, you will not be able to find a plan that is always free. 
    • The difficulty comes from the sheer number of tools available when you begin investigating your menu selections. While the main menu is easy to grasp, the problem comes when you move on to the submenu sections. ActiveCampaign will overwhelm you with options, most of which could take you some time to learn the ropes. 


    Autopilot vs ActiveCampaign: Pricing


    Autopilot Pricing

    Package Name # of Subscribers Pricing
    Silver Up to 2,000 contacts $49 per month
    Gold Up to 5,000 contacts $149 per month
    Platinum Up to 5,000 contacts $249 per month


    ActiveCampaign: Pricing 

    Package Name# of SubscribersPricing
    Lite500 contacts$9 per month
    Lite100,000 contacts$459 per month
    Plus1,000 contacts$49 per month
    Plus25,000 contacts$399 per month
    Professional2,500 contacts$129 per month
    Professional25,000 contacts$599 per month
    Enterprise2,500 contacts$229 per month
    Enterprise10,000 contacts$499 per month

    Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign: Support


    • ActiveCampaign provides a live chat feature where you can obtain answers quickly. If the problem is unique and challenging, they forward it to higher-level customer assistance, who responds by email. 
    • Autopilot solely provides email support: you send them a query and expect a response in the next couple of hours. 
    • The support team for both companies is friendly and helpful. 


    Autopilot vs. ActiveCampaign: Ultimate Verdict

    It all comes down to your specific marketing and company requirements. Experienced digital marketers, for example, would benefit significantly from ActiveCampaign’s extensive marketing automation features. 

    However, if you’re looking for a platform to fuel your lead management procedures across different digital channels, we recommend Autopilot. 


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