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How to Collect Phone Numbers for SMS Marketing?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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Text messaging remains a highly personal, cost-effective, and reliable method of engaging with your customers. SMS marketing is a new huge thing and a new movement for businesses.

In this video, I will show you how you can collect your subscribers’ phone numbers for text messaging marketing using ban.do as an example. I highly recommend for you to collect phone numbers legally for SMS marketing.


Hi is this Andrew from flowium.com. And in this video I’ll show you how you can collect your subscribers’ phone numbers for text messaging marketing.
Andriy Boychuk (00:17):
Text marketing is a huge new thing, the new movement, and the conversion is much, much higher. Like conversion for sales, as well the open rate engagements, the rate these much higher. But at this moment, it’s kind of wild west what you can and cannot do there. So I highly recommend for you to collect legally their phone numbers. And I believe I just received a great email from a company called ban.co or something. Yeah, Ban.do. And I think, I just want to show you for example how they do it. So as you can see, there’s GIF image. And they’re saying, “Hey, sign up and get it 10% off.” And they are sending to their existing subscribers. So it’s not for cold market, it’s not driving ads to this. They just want to add additional channel for marketing.
Andriy Boychuk (01:21):
So they have already, they have my email. So they email me using email marketing, but also they want to collect my phone number, so they can send me text messages as well. And I never purchased from this brand, I just subscribed to receive their emails and see how they do things. And I believe it might be one of the strategies that I didn’t buy from email. They want to test that text marketing, start sending me texts. So when you click here, as you can see it’s a landing page, very simple. I just need to enter my phone number and get signed up. And I’m checking my text messages. Yes. And I received something similar. I click Yes. Yeah. This is one of the nice ways to collect your email subscribers’ phone numbers, so you can send them text messages, when you have promos, or any announcement, or maybe add them to your automations.
Andriy Boychuk (02:37):
If you have any other questions, or you want to get free consultation from us, under this video there will be a link. You can schedule a call with me, and I’m happy to discuss your email marketing strategies or text messaging strategies. Thank you.


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