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Use Klaviyo to Fix a Shopify Abandoned Cart

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    An abandoned cart flow is a message or a series of messages that are sent to a person who has an abandoned cart. Abandoned carts occur when a person added an item to the shopping cart but did not complete the purchase.

    When you have many abandoned carts and fail to contact those who did not complete their check-out, it means that you are essentially losing out on plenty of money. This is because if they had completed their purchase, you would have earned more.

    Your cart abandonment rate will never be zero, but you can reduce it by taking certain measures. One way is to use Klaviyo for your Shopify abandoned cart.

    Why Use Klaviyo to Fix Your Shopify Abandoned Cart

    There are many reasons why a person abandons their shopping cart. Maybe the customer is still browsing through more products, has got distracted while making the purchase, or is not interested in the product anymore.

    However, one of the biggest reasons for shopping cart abandonment is due to costs associated with shipping, tax, and other fees.

    Why Fix Your Abandoned Carts?

    When you use Shopify, you most probably already have a Shopify abandoned cart flow. However, if you integrate with the Klaviyo platform, you will have better customization and targeting than Shopify’s default abandoned cart flow.

    With Klaviyo, you can customize the content of the SMS or email, include multiple messages as well as branch the floor based on various factors.

    When using Klaviyo to recover Shopify abandoned carts, make sure to turn off Shopify’s default abandoned cart messages to prevent your customers from getting multiple messages about their abandoned cart.

    Abandoned cart email sequence example

    Abandoned cart recovery can save you plenty of money and it is easy when you use the Klaviyo platform.

    Another reason to recover carts is that the cost of recovering an abandoned cart is much less than what you would spend to get a new customer.

    A major advantage when it comes to abandoned carts is that you already know what the shopper is looking for and can offer more personalized products.

    Klaviyo, a Software to Create Email Flows

    Once you integrate Shopify with Klaviyo, you can easily integrate it with your account and create an abandoned cart flow.

    You may choose to build an abandoned cart flow from scratch on the Klaviyo platform. However, this will not integrate the dynamic content. On Klaviyo you will also find several practice flows.

    YouTube video

    How to Use Klaviyo to Fix a Shopify Abandoned Cart

    Listed below are the steps to fix a Shopify abandoned cart using Klaviyo.

    • First, log in to your Klaviyo account and click on “Flows” in the left-hand corner. It is recommended to use the existing pre-built flow.
    • On the Klaviyo platform, when you use the pre-built abandoned cart block, the platform will automatically pull all the information about items that someone has left in their cart.
    • Next, click on “Create Flow” and click on Abandoned Cart Reminder. Give it a name.
    • All abandoned carts will have the trigger, “When someone Started Checkout”.
    • In the trigger set up in the left-hand corner, use the flow filter to enter the required details.
    • You can set up a time limit. For instance, if you enter “wait four hours”, the person will not get an abandoned cart email if they proceed with their check-out within that time. Four hours is the default wait time, but for larger items, you can extend the wait time and for smaller and cheaper items, one to four hours is the best.
    • Remember that in the first abandoned cart email, there is no need to offer any discounts and no need to use any other tactics to win your customers back. This email should be more like a reminder because sometimes people genuinely forget to check out.
    • In the left-hand corner, click “Edit” and you will see a window where you can enter the details of your first abandoned cart. Enter the Subject line and the Preview text. Here you can use personalization and remind them exactly of the item that they forgot.
    • Once again, click on “Edit Content”.
    • You can click on “Preview Email” to check whether you are setting up your abandoned cart email correctly.
    • To add product details to the subject line, in the Preview Email section, under “Items” if you click on what is listed, you will get a code in the bar. It will look like {{event.Items.0}}
    • Copy this, click on “Cancel” and go back to your subject line. Enter the code here so that the person with the abandoned cart receives the exact product details.
    • Play around with the blocks on the left-hand side and rearrange how you want your email to be. For instance, you can add your company logo, the image of the product, add a button, and so on. The go-to-cart button is the one that allows a customer to go back to their cart and finish their check-out.
    • Keep in mind that dynamic blocks use tags that are unique for each integration, and it might be difficult to create them by yourself. Klaviyo recommends saving these blocks before you edit the default email or swap the template.
    • It is important to include information about the abandoned product throughout your email.
    • Make sure you use checkout links in the logo, the image, call to action, and other places where you feel it would be a good option.

    Using Klaviyo for your Shopify abandoned carts is a great option, as it makes the process of creating flows and recovering abandoned carts much easier.

    The more you practice creating flows and emails on Klaviyo, the better you will be able to target your customers and recover abandoned carts, thus increasing revenue for your brand.


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