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How to Craft an Email Drip Campaign for eCommerce

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    An email drip campaign is a marketing tool that has been popular for years. They are also known as automated email campaigns since it involves an email schedule that is cohesive.

    While sending marketing emails, you have to bear in mind that the emails sent to older and established customers have to be different from the ones sent to newer customers.

    The best way to do so is by using a drip campaign based on certain triggers. Let’s take a look at what is an email drip campaign and how you can frame the best sequences!

    What is an Email Drip Campaign?

    The main objective of this marketing campaign is to segment customers or subscribers according to:

    • Types
    • Interests
    • Behaviors
    • Or even by objective.

    For instance, driving a purchase, converting an abandoned cart, rewarding customers who are loyal, or promoting an item or event.

    The length of each drip campaign will depend on the target audience and the goal of that campaign.

    All businesses using a drip campaign, focus on the two most important advantages of it, which are:

    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Providing the customer exactly what they require at the right time.

    Types of Drip Email Sequences

    Drip email sequences or campaigns are of different types, and you can use them in different situations after personalizing your email to your customers.

    Let’s take a look at the different types of drip campaigns.

    Welcome drip email campaign

    A welcome email sequence is one of the best ways to let your subscribers know about your business. Try to be as specific as possible and provide links and landing pages so that they are redirected to your website.

    Remember to make a good first impression so that your customer gets interested and will want to return.

    Remember that the welcome email of the drip campaign is the first attempt to reach a customer.

    Do not put too much information in the email and make it simple and easy to read. You could even entice the subscriber with an exclusive offer.

    A welcome email drip campaign

    Retargeting campaign

    A retargeting email campaign is a great way to create leads. Retargeting emails allow you to send emails to your subscribers simply based on their browsing activity.

    For instance, if a customer is browsing through a few products you can re-target the ad and it will show up on a social media page that they are viewing later.

    You could also send a follow-up email asking the custom how do you like the product and offer them different similar products.

    Abandoned cart campaign

    An abandoned cart is one in which the customer fails to check out even though they have added items to their cart.

    Send abandoned cart emails to all those who abandon their carts and try to solve issues by:

    • Providing free shipping
    • Providing more information about the product
    • Or offering them alternative products in your abandoned cart email.

    Drip email sequence example

    Post-purchase drip email campaigns

    Just because someone does not make a purchase, it does not mean you need to stop communicating with them.

    If a person has made a purchase, they will most probably make another purchase from you again. So, reach out to the customer even after they make the purchase and send them a post-purchase email.

    Research shows that a post-purchase email can boost your retention rate to up to 80% and it will build brand loyalty.

    Try offering deals and discounts if they make a repeated purchase and invite them to join your loyalty program.

    Unsubscribe campaign

    Follow up with customers who do not want to engage with your brand anymore.

    You could send them an email saying something like they will be missed or ask them why we are not interested in your brand anymore.

    It is not necessary that they are not interested in your products, as maybe some people like to receive fewer emails or are active on platforms other than emails.

    Email Drip Campaign Strategy

    To ensure that your drip email campaigns are successful, you need to follow a campaign strategy. Listed below are some tips that you can keep in mind.

    Define whom you want to send your drip emails to

    Drip campaigns can become complex as you add more conditions to the automation. Ensure that a customer does not receive too many emails, as this can become quite overwhelming.

    Make sure you deliver the right message to the right segment of people. You can divide your target audience among the following:

    • Those who have just signed up
    • Those who have just made their first purchase
    • Those who have downloaded your app,
    • And those who have subscribed to your newsletter.

    Create an objective

    When it comes to marketing, you will need to be precise and rule out what your main goal is. Your objective could be one or more of the following:

    • Lead nurturing
    • Building a sales pitch
    • Cross-selling or customer up-selling
    • Or, improving your customer experience.

    Before you can launch your drip campaign, you must identify your goals, set up your triggers, decide how you are going to personalize the content, and know when you should remove subscribers from your email sequence.

    Set up different triggers

    A trigger allows your automation system to work properly and sends specific emails to your subscribers.

    When you use a drip campaign software, you can automatically send emails based on different triggers such as:

    • When a person signs up
    • When a subscriber submits a form
    • Clicks on an internal link on your email
    • Or, has an abandoned cart.

    Create your email

    After you’ve set up your different triggers, create your email and make sure that they are perfect and in keeping with the voice of your brand.

    If you do not have the time to create your own email, you can always hire a professional to do so.

    There are experts who can guide you in the right direction as they have the knowledge and experience to do so.

    Don’t forget to evaluate

    Setting up your drip campaign is easy, but you cannot forget about it after that. You must keep track of your drip campaign and see whether you are getting the results you want.

    Compare it with different campaigns, optimize it and tweak the content in your email. You could also try A/B testing to see which emails and subjects lines work better.

    An email drip campaign that is automated will save you plenty of time and effort in creating and sending out emails to each customer.

    Once you use a drip campaign that works for you, you will notice how your business grows as you gather leads and conversions!

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