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How To Write Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Subject lines can make or break a Black Friday email marketing campaign. They’re the first thing people see when emails hit their inboxes, and those few words compel them to open or ignore the messages.
    You need people to open your emails, so they can see your special deals during Black Friday.
    Increase your open rates by learning how to write top-notch Black Friday email subject lines. Also, go over some of the best subject lines that successful brands use to get results.

    Create Personable Black Friday Email Subject Lines

    The top-performing Black Friday subject lines speak directly to the customer. This is easy to accomplish when you segment your email marketing list and then write separate subject lines for each segment.
    Once you segment your list, think about what each group is looking for on Black Friday. Then, create subject lines that will seem like they were written directly to each person in that group.
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    Be Persuasive

    Remember, you are competing with lots of other brands during Black Friday. Creating persuasive subject lines can help you beat your competition.
    In email marketing, persuasion is the art of compelling people to open messages. Tease your deal or outline your offer in the subject line, so your readers take action.
    Don’t give everything away, though. Instead, just persuade people enough to open the email.

    Split Test Your Subject Lines

    Split testing should be part of your email marketing strategy, even during Black Friday. It’s true that you don’t have long to figure out which subject line is best. However, you can still run a short split test to improve your results.
    Change a word or two in your subject line. Send two versions of the same subject line to a portion of your list. Review the results and then choose the subject line with the highest open rate.
    Send that subject line to the rest of your list. Continue this practice with each email in the sequence. This is how the best email campaigns are created!

    Put the Most Important Info at the Beginning of the Subject Line

    A large number of email recipients open messages on mobile devices. The screens are smaller, so long subject lines can be lost on recipients.
    Remedy this problem by putting the most important information at the beginning of the subject line. Use the first 20-30 characters wisely to ensure your open rates are high on mobile and desktop devices.

    Best Black Friday Email Subject Lines

    Some brands are in a league of their own when it comes to Black Friday email marketing. That starts by creating the best Black Friday email subject lines.
    Dell sent an email to customers 28 days before Black Friday with this subject line:

    You were chosen for our early Black Friday flyer!

    This subject line has an air of exclusivity that attracts customers. That makes people more likely to open the email and take action.
    Dr. Axe is also known for its killer Black Friday emails. One of its most well-received subject lines stated:

    $10, $20, $30. Which will you pick?

    This subject line shows people that there’s a special deal inside of the email. It also empowers them by making them feel they have a choice regarding how much money they’ll save.
    Ulta Beauty also understands the power of email marketing. This brand created a campaign with the subject line:

    Best. Black. Friday. Ever. Just got even better!

    You can’t help but open up the email to find out what’s inside. It piques your interest and makes you want to find out more.
    The best Black Friday email subject lines also include:

    • “Don’t stress: 25% off for Black Friday” – Madewell
    • “Be ready, the Black Friday Sale is Coming…” – Diesel
    • “3 Words: 1 Black. 2 Friday. 3 Deals. More Coupons Enclosed” – Bed Bath & Beyond
    • “Time is Running Out//Black Friday Early Access” – Ray-Ban

    While these Black Friday email subject lines convey different messages, they have one thing in common. They compel people to click to open the email.
    → Discover 8 types of Black Friday email alerts and write the perfect subject line for each!

    Black Friday Email Content

    Once people open your email, you need to wow them with content. You need to create fresh Black Friday email content for your entire email sequence. A good email template can help highlight your content.
    Your sequence should consist of a minimum of three emails, although some brands send more. No matter how many emails you send, you need to hit some key points and create the perfect Black Friday email content for your campaign.

    • First, you need to tease the sale. You can create a countdown for the big reveal to get people excited.
    • Then, you need to present your email list with the deal. Your Black Friday email content for this message doesn’t have to contain a ton of writing. Instead, you can use an image that shows off the product and the savings.
    • Finally, you need a reminder email so that people don’t forget about the sale. You’ll want to create a sense of urgency with this email so people don’t miss out on the deal. You can also include a countdown timer, ticking down to the end of the sale.

    With a little practice, you can write compelling Black Friday email subject lines that get results. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t craft amazing subject lines the first few tries. Continue practicing, and over time, you will hone your skills and create killer subject lines.

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