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What Is the Best Time to Send an Email Campaign?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Marketers often emphasize the importance of video campaigns, webinars, and social media, but they skirt email. If you are planning a marketing strategy, one of your main cornerstones should be a focused and precise email campaign.

    Competition is stiff between businesses with every company trying to find new strategic ways to drive traffic, increase conversions, and expand the bottom line. One of the most effective tools for any marketing strategy is the use of a targeted email campaign.

    If you are wondering if email is worthwhile, just consider that studies have shown that email generates $42 for every $1 spent.  That works out to an impressive 4,200%  ROI which makes it one of the most effective strategic options available for marketers.

    Launching an email campaign is not difficult, and it’s relatively straightforward. Let’s examine everything you need to know to effectively market your business via email.

    When is the Best Time to Send Email Campaign?

    The biggest question is normally wondering about the best time for email campaigns.

    • Tuesdays and Thursdays are immensely popular days to send emails if you are going to send two emails per week
    • Wednesdays are an option for a single email per week.

    It seems that emails sent on Tuesdays have a high open-rate compared to other days.

    Most researchers agree that sending emails in the morning is the best option to ensure that the item is actually opened.

    Research has shown that 99% of email users check their inbox at least once a day, with some checking it up to 20 times per day.

    Out of that number, 58% check their email each morning – in fact, it is often the first thing that people do when they turn on their computer or look at their mobile device.

    Why is Timing Important in an Email Campaign?

    Many organizations and businesses overlook timing. This is especially true for those operating on a small budget or who have a small team managing their marketing. Business owners often fail to consider the importance of tailoring their marketing to specific times of the year.

    It’s true, you should market all year, but with email campaigns, some specific times pay off better depending on your type of business.

    If you are a tax business, then you want to reach your clients at the start of the year. Tax resolution businesses like to push their services around April when clients know they owe the IRS money.

    Retail businesses experience their hottest sales during the holidays, so many eCommerce companies want to start a push before Black Friday or Christmas with an email campaign.

    Toy marketing usually starts in October and will run until Christmas when everyone is considering purchasing gifts.

    The best time to send email campaigns is Christmas.

    When planning out the best time to send email campaign notifications, think about the seasonal events, changes in popular culture, and industry-specific days.

    You can use all the events to your advantage via email.

    Personalize Your Emails with Timing

    Many eCommerce sites and other businesses gather personal information from their clients such as age, gender, and race. They can then send out personalized emails offering goods and services that are tailored to meet the needs of their clients.

    Typically, most recipients appreciate personalized emails that contain specialty messages about offers that fit their needs. What if you are a new mom or dad with a small baby? If a retailer knows this information, then they can create personalized email offers to better serve the recipient.

    You can go further with this tendency and use timing to personalize your email campaigns.

    For example:

    • Use the right greetings for the time of the day, such as “good morning”, “good evening”, “good afternoon”, etc.
    • Comment on the user’s habits by sending an email right when they are in the middle of something. For example, “Hi John, how was your day at work?” at 5 p.m. if John works in an office. Or “It’s time for your self-care, Laura” at 8 p.m. if Laura goes to bed early.
    • Suggest a product exactly when your subscribers may need it. For example, you can recommend a new battery a year after your subscriber purchased a technology device from you. The probability that he will need it is high.

    Example of a good email campaign timing.

    Currently, 20% of all emails sent are personalized, according to a report by HubSpot.

    Email as the Best Marketing Tool

    If you are still on the fence about whether or not emailing is the best marketing tool compared to more traditional methods such as direct mail marketing, then consider these statistics:

    • 74% of Baby Boomers have stated that they believe that email is the most personal way to receive communications from brands.
    • 72% of Gen X also find email the most appealing way to receive information from their favorite brands about deals, sales, products, and services.
    • 64% of Gen Z also turn to email to stay up to date on online sales, deals, and offers by retailers, companies, and organizations.

    Clearly, email marketing has surged ahead of direct mailers and newsletters as the most trendy way to receive correspondences from businesses.

    How Can You Set Up the Timing of Your Email Campaign?

    You can purchase email automation software to create your own email campaign or hire digital marketing experts to manage things for you, such as an email marketing agency.

    Popular email automation software:

    You just need to go to the settings of your email campaign and choose your preferred timing.

    If you choose to trust an agency, experts will take the initiative to:

    • Analyze your target audience habits
    • Decide which time is the most promising in terms of opening-rate
    • Do A/B testing to verify the success of the chosen timing
    • Implement the best timing to your email campaigns

    Conclusion: Best Time for Email Campaigns is NOW

    If you want to spring ahead of your competition and keep your brand fresh in the minds of your clients/customers, then now is the best time for an email campaign.

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