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One Great Idea on How to Get More Sales During Holiday Season

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    I will like to tell you about one way how to capitalize on the holiday season. And I will talk specifically about gift-giving. In your store, I strongly recommend a gifting guide.

    Gift guides simplify people’s life, and if you simplify your customer life, they are more likely to buy from you and not the other brand. And the gift-givers are willing to spend more than your regular customers.

    In the recent episode of our podcast, episode 64, Alyssa told her story when she worked in the Atlanta Gap brand. They directed them to take care of the gift-givers more than the actual customers. Because if you take care of them in a good way, they will come back year over year to your store.

    I’ll show you a few examples, how different brands do it, and what they do amazing, what they should improve in my personal opinion, and how to make the gift guide better.

    By the way, the simplest way to do it is to create a gift guide email and send it to every subscriber that you have. The next step is to build a landing page with products.

    A landing page might be a little bit more difficult for you. If you want, you can use some lending page builders like Zipify or Shogun, I believe, on Shopify. But if it’s outside of your expertise, stick to the email gift guide.

    Setting up your Klaviyo account can be tricky. That’s why we created a Klaviyo Setup Checklist – so you don’t miss any important steps in the setup process.

    1. Away

    So the first guide is Away. It’s a luggage company. Actually, I’m planning to buy some of their luggage because they look so cool and I saw them in person in airports. So as you can see, birthday suitcases and they give you a few options. Why it’s helpful for people for gift guys is because you are removing the thinking process.

    If you can personalize it something like, “Hey, this is perfect for your wife”, or “This is perfect for ladies between 30 and 40”, or “This is perfect for your six years old daughter”, that kind of stuff, simplifies people life.

    Why? Because when I’m shopping for a gift for let’s say person, I don’t know. I have no clue what to buy. If you send me some information to inspire me, this is amazing. And basically, before we continue with Away brand, I want to show you an amazing example, which I found yesterday.

    So we use MOO to print out the business cards. And in this example, this is what I found yesterday. I scrolled down and they just release a new bottle and say like, “How to get gifty (in a corporate way)”. And it’s simple. It’s a water bottle, I understand. But it looks so cool and trendy and it might be the perfect gift for my corporate clients.

    And I never thought about that, but since they told me this, they have this hatter, I’m like, now it’s on my list to consider to buy to our existing customer or past customers. And just imagine how much business will bring to them if by standard under will buy it for everybody. It’s like $40, $40, $40, $40, $40, $40 until we decide to start buying something else.

    As you can see, “I do. Yes, I do. Yes”. I’m not exactly sure what they’re talking about here, but I think it’s luggage for the honeymoon as a honeymoon gift, or when you marry and give luggage to your spouse.

    And the last one is “Just because”. Small gifts that you can give to anybody. So this is just one example of how you can do personalized gift guides.

    2. The North Face

    The next one is a bone old brand, The North Face. And as you can see, you have it general categorization, but still, I personally believe is good. Gifts for her, gift him gifts, for kids, which is amazing and customer favorite.

    I’m not sure if it’s helpful, but I have two daughters. So something like gifts for kids, it would be amazing. And yeah, I like it. I would even personalize by age if possible. Oh, they do have by age.

    So this is another example of how you can do the gift guide. It’s a gift based on your budget. Maybe you want to do something like, You have a secret something in the office and you need to buy something for $25, not more than $25. That thing, it’s nice to have and to categorize by price as well.

    And when you scroll more and more, they have different options. I like this part of sustainably conscious gifts. Some of my friends are very, very big at this. And when I see it, it’s might be the perfect gift for them. Also, our athlete’s pick, if you have a friend or family who is in athletics, it might be good.

    It’s just very generic, but also a good gift. So if you don’t have gift cards, yes, we strongly recommend adding them because somebody might love your brand and they want to buy a gift card from your store and give it to their loved one.

    3. Society Six

    And here’s the email from Society Six and this is how they use gift guides inside of their emails. As you can see, they have this one for your family: mom, dad, him, her. This is perfect. I personally believe this is perfect because if I want to give a present to my mom, I will definitely click on the mom and see what they have to offer.

    Personally, and actually, based on my experience, I don’t like so many call to action on top. It defeats the purpose of the call to action. It’s probably one thing that I will change in this email. Another one they have by budget under 25, 50, 100, and stocking stuffers. I have no clue what they’re putting out there, but this is another great example.

    4. Not On The High Street

    And the last example of a gift guide in the email is from not on a high street brand and they customize their gift guides based on the audience. And this is amazing. And I didn’t see their stats, but I know for sure the conversion is much higher on this kind of email because they are sending their email to specific segments.

    And that email is a hundred percent relevant to that segment. So just to give you some comparisons, this is special for teens, and here’s a special for little ones.

    So if I receive this kind of email, especially for teens, it’s not relevant to me because my kids are not teens. And actually, I don’t have anybody, a teenager. My friend’s kids are younger. Some of them are older. But nobody like in my surrounding have teenagers. So that email I’ll just archive or delete. That’s it.

    But if I receive this one, it will spark interest because okay, special for little ones. “Moms, I’m never taking this off”. So, and they’re giving me examples. For example, what can I buy as a gift for my kids or my friend’s kids? Gift guides simplify people’s life. You should implement this. You will have high return investments if you do it.

    It’s not easy to stay consistently creative. That’s why we created a full-year campaign content idea calendar, to give us inspiration when we need it.

    And for the next year, you can just use the same framework. Maybe change the products, but you can use the same framework. The last step, if you didn’t have in the store, you should have the gift cards. I don’t think it’s very hard to implement. There is software, there are plugins, there are apps to do it for either no cost or very, very minimal cost.

    In case you have any additional questions or maybe you have an idea or you want to provide feedback about this video, please leave them under this video. Have a nice day.

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