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Email preference segments in Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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Having an email preference page (aka email preference center) is crucial in retaining your email subscribers.

A thoughtfully-built email preference page is the best way to limit unsubscribes and generate more revenue with every email you send.

But once someone indicated their preferences, what should you do with that information?

Watch this quick tutorial on how to create and manage segments for those subscribers that have modified their preferences.

– This is Andriy from Email Marketing, emNYC with daily Klaviyo tip emails. So first of all, if you don’t have email preference page set up yet, I highly recommend to do it. And by the way, I remember that I did a video about this. If you type in Klaviyo preference page. So in this video, I’ll show the, how to do it. And also I will include a link to this video under this video. So, basically I’ll explain how to create a preference page. So, I’ll show you… A preference page can be find it under hosted page. If you create a new Klaviyo account you have to, first of all, you have to pay for the subscription. Second, you have to contact support under here, a live chat and ask them to turn on hosted pages. Hosted pages, it’s a code base. So, it’s not hard to change. And I’ll show it in the video on how to do it. But basically it will look like this. So, now you have email preference and they can, one of they click unsubscribe or they click manage preference, they can check or uncheck what their interest is. So, now what do you do with this information? So, you go back and you go to lists segment, and let’s say in this account, we will create segment. Segment. And we put like to use no weekly red wines and we do somebody is not suppressed because we don’t care about people who suppressed. And we do property about somebody. And we do email, we email interest. Sorry, does not contain weekly red wine. So, in this segment we have only four members. So, what does it mean? Every week for this client we send weekly emails about red wine pick. So, why don’t we send campaigns? We will exclude the segment. Next, you will create the same segment for this, this, I mean, you will create those segments. And when you send emails, you will exclude those people. Why? Because they unchecked and they updated preference. It means they don’t have in their preference, this thing or like, red wine pick. So, you don’t want to send them those emails. So, this is how you create segment based on email preference page. If you have any additional questions, please leave them below this video. Also subscribe to our channel. This is day five, but we’re planning to release 365 videos. So, one year of content and we provide like, we release those video daily. And also we answer all of your questions. So, feel free to ask questions below this video or any other videos we have on YouTube. Thank you. Bye.

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