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The Most Common Misconceptions About Email Marketing

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Because when I meet people, and I’m part of many masterminds, as well as some business clubs. And when I talk to people, it shocks me how our industry email marketing industry, is misunderstood. I would like to talk about a few misconceptions, so you have better idea what email marketing is, and is not.

    Cold Emails

    So first of all, when I said email marketing, some business owner say, “Oh, could you help me with email marketing?” And what they have in mind, is cold emails. Cold emails, cold outreaches. Cold email works like this. You purchase somewhere a list of emails of your potential customers, or you maybe founded on internet, or scrape from internet, from Google places, and so forth.

    So basically, you have a list. And you start sending to those people, email saying, “Hey, buy my service.” They did not give you permission to send them. So, that’s why it’s kind of illegal, but this is different topic. So, you’re sending them email, asking them to buy something, or to schedule a call with you. So, that’s cold email, and it’s not email marketing. So, please do not even compare it, because it’s not.

    Email Marketing Does Not Work

    Second thing is, email marketing does not work. This is the second biggest misconception. So, I can assure you it does work. And right now, it works even much better than it used to. Why? Because all those IOS updates on Apple right now is even more important, because you own that data. You do not rely on Facebook, Instagram, or anything else to get data. You have your own data, and you do with it whatever you want. And second thing, some part of this email do not work, it’s the cheapest marketing channel. When you get the email, it costs you almost nothing to market to that person.

    Email Marketers Are Spammers

    Third misconception is, email marketers are spammers. Oh, you are spamming people, maybe in 1990 or 2000’s, or I don’t know. So way back, in that ancient times, people were spamming. But right now, it’s ESPs, like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, Hotmail, got better and better with their filters. If you are spamming people, you are sending email blast to your subscribers, very high chance they will go to spam.

    So right now, email marketing is not about one to all. It’s about personalization. So, you are sending relevant email. And the more relevant you are, more likely that person will convert. So, email marketing is not about spamming. Email marketing is about sending the relevant message, meaning the right message at the right time, to the right person.

    I Do Email Marketing For Everybody

    Another misconception. And I have another video about email marketing. Can you help me with email marketing, that when I say email marketing, people assume that I do email marketing for everybody, for all kind of business. However, it’s not true. There’s different categories of email marketing.

    So, there are some people specializing B2B, some people on high deliverability, like dating website. Their biggest focus on deliverability. There’s somebody like us. We’re specializing on D2C, direct to consumer, E-Commerce. There’s other companies specializing on other things. So, there’s a lot of subcategories in email marketing. So, do not assume that if email marketing, he can do everything. Some of the companies can. I have nothing against it. But we stay away from that. And we specialize only on the one industry, on the retail.

    It’s not easy to stay consistently creative. That’s why we created a full-year campaign content idea calendar, to give us inspiration when we need it.


    And the last part that’s misconception, it’s easy. And back in the days when I was freelancing, I always say, “Yes, it’s easy.” It was easy, because I was doing it myself, everything from A to Z, and it was easy for me. However, right now, when I have a team, we have our clients. When we got our service quality from here to there, it got complex. So, it takes time. And complex doesn’t mean worse. Complex, it means better, much better. Because we have checks and processes, quality. We have better talents, and so forth.

    Setting up your Klaviyo account can be tricky. That’s why we created a Klaviyo Setup Checklist – so you don’t miss any important steps in the setup process.

    Those are five misconception about email marketing. So next time, I hope when you hear like word “Email Marketing” you know better because you listened to this video. If you heard any other misconceptions, please leave them under this video. I would like to learn, and communicate with you. Maybe there’s something that I’m missing. Thank you.

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