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Is It Possible to Filter Flows by Shipping Method or Courier? | Aftership

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I am going to be showing you how to create a flow for the shipping method and courier, then I will show how to filter these flows for the desired reason. For each flow, you can add the name of the courier, for example UPS or FedEx.
    This will help you keep on top of orders, knowing exactly who they have been shipped with, so when the customer asks, you can let them know. If people want to know what is happening when their package is on route to them, you can use AfterShip which allows you and the customer to easily track the location of the product.

    – Is it possible to filter email automation flows by using courier name or shipping method? [upbeat music] Hi, this is Andriy, the founder of Flowium, email marketing agency as this YouTube channel. And recently we received this question. Is it possible to filter a flow based shipping method? And the quick answer, it is, but in the past, depends on a few factors. What kind of logistics system do you use and what kind of information you are sending from your e-commerce store, e-commerce platform to Klayiyo? I will do quick demo of how to do it using after ship. After ship its a, I don’t know how they define themselves. It’s a notification system about status of your package. So when you ship, when it’s in the route, if it’s on the hold or something, when it’s delivered and so forth, I have other videos on that topic, but today I’ll show you how to filter flow by shipping method. So let’s do start the flow, create the flow. Let’s create the flow, and now, since we use after ship, there’s out for delivery, let’s say, lets us do test, create the flow and trigger split. Okay. Trigger split, and here we do CourierName. Let’s say it’s a, you want to send one email to FedEx? So this is FedEx. So, so this one, let’s rename it, so FedEx. Okay, so this is email for FedEx. So if it’s no pass, you do the same thing, a conditional split, a trigger split, which is this one, and you do the same thing. CourierName let’s say UPS. So, just duplicate it. And you do you, oops, UPS and so forth. So in this case, the question, original question. If it’s by shipping method, can you do by method? Basically, if you, let’s say handle like courier delivery, so it’s not FedEx, it will be the option courier delivery in terms of method. So, it’s gonna be under ShipmentType. This store does not do carry delivery, but I know that I work on other flower shop companies and they did deliveries and it was available. And I believe not under ShipmentType, but it was under CourierName. So yes, you can do it. It depends what system you use, so you can use after ship, there’s another one, maloma, and I believe there are few others, but they are not as popular. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

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