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Why Do You Need an Automated Email Workflow?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Discover the reasons why you need an automated email workflow, and how to make your email marketing campaign more effective by implementing your email workflow in the correct situations.

    What Is an Automated Email Workflow?

    An email workflow is a series of automated messages that are sent to a client or a customer based on their browsing behaviour, contact information, or product preferences.

    These emails are designed to accomplish goals such as:

    • Encouraging a customer to complete a purchase
    • Return for a further purchase
    • Consider making additional purchases
    • Reconsider an unsuccessful transaction.

    Converting leads into paying customers is a challenge faced by all marketers. And reaching out to every lead individually can be a taxing job.

    But it is also important that when you do reach out to potential clients or customers, they feel you are speaking directly to them rather than just sending a generic automated email.

    For this reason, your email workflow needs to be highly evolved and tailored to not only successfully reach your customers, but to make your job as user-friendly as possible.

    The Importance of an Email Automation Flow

    Emails are, in fact, a great way to build relationships with your clients.

    In the “olden days” (actually,  not so long ago), business owners knew their clients by name and understood their specific needs.

    They had information leaflets and flyers about their products that customers could take home and read.

    They could telephone their customers to check on their satisfaction with a product and if they needed something more.

    Their clients were almost a part of their family.

    That has all changed. These days, clients are completely separate from the online “shop-keeper.”

    So in order to create and nurture clients, and to ensure that their particular company’s brand is spread out across as wide a section of the market as possible, businesses have had to implement new ways of connecting with their family of customers.

    But the process of collecting and analyzing each customer’s data, and responding to them in a personalized way, can be extremely time-consuming and unwieldy.

    That is where email workflow comes in.

    An example of a good automated email workflow.

    Why Automate Your Email Workflow?

    An efficient, automated email workflow system, and accompanying email management software, can mean that you don’t have to spend all your time reaching out to potential customers in person.

    But as well as freeing up your time for more important things (those lattes don’t drink themselves, you know!) an automated email workflow system will deliver some concrete benefits to your business.

    For example:

    • Planning. An email workflow system will help you to plan your approach. The old saying “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail” is particularly true in business. An automated email workflow will enable you to set out specific goals for approaching individual customers and the content that you will send them.
    • Timeframes. An efficient email automation flow will provide you with tools to space out your emails. No one likes being bombarded with messages wanting them to buy something or take action on something. Automated email workflow systems allow you to send your emails out at appropriate intervals. This will enable you to create an easy rapport with your customers without being too overt or, heaven forbid, annoying.
    • Personalisation. Research has shown that up to 50% of subscribers are likely to open an email if it is addressed personally to them. Email automation gives you the tools to approach individual customers by name and lets you address their specific needs or concerns.
    • Segmentation. By dividing your client base into “segments” according to their needs, demographics, and priorities, you can focus your email approach down to each specific set of target groups. An email workflow system can use the data you have about your customers to create and populate these segments.
    • Metrics. Gathering information about the effectiveness (or not) of your email strategy is one of the key benefits of an email workflow system. The metrics generated by these automation tools will let you analyze your email program and make changes, where appropriate, in order to maximize its effectiveness.

    When Do You Need an Automated Email Workflow?

    If you want to build a loyal relationship with your customers, implementing an automated email workflow will help you to nurture and grow these relationships.

    Employing an email workflow tool will take the headaches out of creating the emails you need in order to keep your customers engaged.

    Situations Where Automated Email Workflow is Useful

    Every one of your customers is different. And each situation requires an approach that is tailored specifically for them.

    This is why it is important that your email automation flow matches up with your customers’ needs. For example:

    • Welcoming new clients. Thanking them for their custom and encouraging them to consider additional products or services.
    • Purchase anniversaries. Reminding your existing customers of a purchase they have made in the past and asking them to consider an upgrade, additional purchase or more of the same.
    • Re-engaging with abandoned shopping carts or checkouts. Finding out, in a subtle and respectful way, why a customer did not complete their purchase and then encouraging them to do so.
    • Upcoming specials or events. Informing customers about purchase options coming their way soon. This could include offers tailored specifically for them.
    • Long term planning. Pre-loading your emails to be sent out at the correct time and in ways that don’t overwhelm or alienate your customers.

    A good example of email for your automated email workflow.

    What Does Email Workflow Bring to Your Company?

    An effective and efficient email automation flow will bring numerous benefits to your company or organization.

    Depending on your line of business, these could include:

    Driving traffic to your website

    These days, your website is your shop and your office.

    By carefully designing and monitoring your email strategy you can encourage customers to return to your establishment, and also attract new customers to your virtual door.

    Increasing your sales and revenue

    Getting your customers to part with more of their hard-earned cash is the whole raison d’etre of being in business.

    So if you can give them a helping hand to guide them through their entire purchase journey, they will spend more and go away happy.

    Your email workflow strategy will help you recognize places where customers may back away from a purchase, and offer gentle motivation to keep them going forward until they complete their purchase.

    Encouraging repeat business

    Everyone loves repeat business.

    So if you can get your existing customers to “rinse and repeat” by sending them appropriate emails, everybody wins.

    Delivering metrics such as conversion rates and statistics

    Knowledge is power, so the more understanding you have about your customer base, the easier it will be to sell to them in ways that they appreciate.

    Free up your time

    Best of all, and perhaps most importantly, an email automation flow will save you time and enable you to focus more of your attention on successfully operating your business, big or small.

    Talk Email Workflow Strategies With a Specialist

    Experts in the field of automated email workflow can help you decide which email workflow tool or email workflow system is right for your specific requirements.

    They can design an email workflow template or provide email workflow management software that will make your life much easier.

    It will also enhance your market research and send the correct messages to your customers in order to guide them through their particular customer journey.

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