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3 MUST-HAVE Email Automations for eCommerce

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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In this digital era, email automation is the most effective tool to increase customer retention. For a successful eCommerce business, displaying your products to the right customer at the right time is crucial to maximizing the conversion. Presently, Email marketing and automation are a mainstream necessity for all eCommerce online retailers.

Email Automation ensures that your well-crafted message reaches the targeted audience at the most suitable time. Thus, this email marketing keeps your eCommerce brand top of mind.

This blog will quickly walk you through the three must-have email automation tactics for your thriving eCommerce business.

Welcome Email Series

The first impression lasts forever. So, make the most out of it through your Welcome Email. You certainly want to get started on the right foot with new subscribers. They are more curious to know Who You Are. Thus, your prelaunch series must contain generic content, e.g., mission, vision, product, incentives, etc.

These email series usually triggered by an event like

  • Newsletter subscription
  • In response to queries
  • Filling in Contact Us form

The bottom line is that automated welcome email sets the stage for a returning client. So, get creative and build your eCommerce store reputation with subscribers. Get to know more about how to write pre-purchase emails in this detailed guide. 

Abandoned Cart

Shopping cart abandonment is the most common practice among store visitors. As per one research, 81.4% of buyers abandon their carts. They usually add products into the cart and leaves the checkout process without buying them. The abandoned cart email is an integral part of email marketing and email automation. These are absolutely straightforward. The primary purpose is to remind the shopper that they have left an item in the shopping cart. In order to start the abandoned cart email, you must set up the Abandoned Cart Flow in Klaviyo. This guide will help you in the following regards:

  • Abandoned cart optimization
  • What emails to include
  • Where to save them
  • What should be the sequence
  • What to include in the email

Browser Abandonment

Browser Abandonment emails are trickier than the aforementioned email series. These automated emails follow a soft approach instead of a hard sales pitch. The browser abandonment emails are sent to visitors who view a product on the eCommerce store but never add it to the cart or places an order. These emails usually track visitor’s behavior on your website or store. The presence of subscribers on the store and viewing the products indicate their level of interest.

However, the main reason for abandonment is not clear. It usually revolves around the cost or size of the item, shipping charges, stuff destruction, or a combination of them all. You can get to know How to Build Browser Abandonment Flow in Klaviyo through this detailed guide.

These are some of the crucial email automation that should be part of your email marketing. Follow these easy email automation tricks to drive massive eCommerce revenue growth to your business in the least time.

If you feel like email isn’t working for you, schedule a call with our team to learn how you can maximize your email marketing efforts.


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