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Best 10 Email Marketing Agencies for eCommerce in the US in 2024

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    The current market of email marketing vendors overflows with options for businesses to choose from but not all of them have the expertise to cater to the needs of eCommerce firms. Nevertheless, the choice has to be made, and it’s better to be a good one since the success of your campaigns will depend on it. Whether you want to replace the present provider that handles email marketing for you or you’re just starting to look for a suitable partner, we’re here to help. We prepared a list of the top email marketing companies for eCommerce in the USA in 2024. Here you’ll be able to find a reliable partner that knows what you need and can provide efficient solutions.

    Top Email Marketing Agencies for eCommerce in the USA

    Let’s look into what the top 10 email marketing companies for eCommerce businesses have to offer. In this list, we included marketing firms that focus on email marketing service-wise. Their main goal is to help eCommerce firms elevate their marketing effort via email as the main funnel of connection with clientele. Read ahead to find out more about their services, specialties, and expertise.

    1. Flowium

    Years of experience: 7
    HQ Location: Staten Island, New York
    Best for: Full-service and Klaviyo email marketing for eCommerce

    Flowium is one of the best eCommerce email marketing agencies that specializes in revenue growth. Our expertise covers email marketing strategy, email copy and design, and technical support for various email marketing software like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more. The solution we provide is designed to boost your online store’s sales by 20% to 50%. To increase brand engagement and repurchase rates, we also provide SMS marketing. Whether it’s setup and maintenance for email marketing software, creative content, email design, or custom brand strategy, every member of the Flowium team is a specialist in their own line of work. You can trust our professionals to deliver substantial results in the form of increased sales and better engagement rates.

    What the company offers:

    • Email marketing strategy
    • Campaign management
    • Audit and consulting
    • Email marketing software migration
    • Email automation
    • SMS marketing

    All the service offers also come at affordable prices, so don’t miss the opportunity to secure the best deal with one of the best email marketing companies in the US.

    2. Retention Commerce

    Years of experience: 9
    HQ Location: Los Angeles, California
    Best for: Shopify eCommerce marketing automation

    Retailers on Shopify who opt for Retention Commerce for their retention marketing can benefit from the services of this top eCommerce digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. The company offers tailor-made loyalty program solutions, chatbot/messenger marketing, retargeting advertising, and email automation. With the help of these services, you can increase customer lifetime value, turn more of your visitors into repeat customers, and generate more leads. For their clients, the Retention Commerce team provides managed services on a month-to-month basis in addition to fixed-price projects. The owner, Joseph Hsieh, always produces a lot of free content on their website and provides priceless specialist advice about email marketing in various groups and forums.

    Offered services:

    • Email flow automations
    • Email template design
    • App integration
    • Email migration
    • Campaign management
    • Retargeting ads

    3. Tequila Sunrise

    Years of experience: 6
    HQ Location: Jackson, Wyoming
    Best for: DTC 360 life-cycle marketing

    Tequila Sunrise is a DTC 360 life-cycle and retention marketer. They have assisted more than 500 aspirational DTC brands, in increasing their LTV, AOV, and total revenue. After working with Tequila Sunrise as one of the best email marketing agencies for eCommerce, clients notice an average increase in email revenue of 963.76%, and after a year, the Return on Email Spend (ROES) increases by nearly 18 times. They provide solutions to help you construct a streamlined 360-degree marketing machine that covers email and SMS strategy, deliverability and optimization, popups, copywriting, design, project management, and integrations.


    • Email marketing campaign creation and management
    • Email strategy
    • Email design
    • Targeted SMS marketing

    4. Alchemy Worx

    Years of experience: 23
    HQ Location: New York, NY
    Best for: Email marketing for enterprise-level businesses

    Alchemy Worx came to be one of the top email marketing companies in the USA after its incorporation into another top-tier player on the market, SellUP. In 2020, SellUP Inc., a pioneer in data-driven, strategic CRM marketing since 2007, announced a complete rebranding as Alchemy Worx, which was acquired in 2017. Since then the company has developed a full-service solution for e-commerce and enterprise-level businesses with online sales ranging from $2 million to multi-billions. This solution includes best-in-class email marketing, sponsored social media, and SMS support, as well as strategy, design, copywriting, reporting, and intelligent automation. Overall, the vendor provides companies with increasingly sophisticated email marketing services, backed by tried-and-true techniques and protocols that ensure a greater rate of client retention.

    What they offer:

    • Campaign production
    • Campaign management
    • Email design
    • Segmentation
    • Strategy

    5. Dido Agency

    Years of experience: 7
    HQ Location: Brooklyn, New York
    Best for: Full-cycle eCommerce email & SMS marketing

    DIDO Agency provides email marketing services for eCommerce companies worldwide. Their data-driven email marketing methods and cross-industry experience enable eCommerce organizations to increase their overall online income. As one of the prominent email marketing companies in New York, they follow industry best practices and remain abreast of new developments in digital marketing. They can help you connect your brand with an online audience, through paid advertising, fresh approaches to enhance search results, or improved social media connections.

    Provided services:

    • Audit
    • Email marketing
    • SMS marketing
    • Cold emails
    • Lead generation database
    • Content writing

    6. Inbox Army, LLC

    Years of experience: 8
    HQ Location: Grapevine, Texas
    Best for: Full-service email marketing

    One of the largest email marketing companies for eCommerce, Inbox Army, provides clear packages to suit all of your email marketing requirements. It was started in 2016 by a pioneer in the field and has a skilled staff with a wealth of email-related experience. It has served more than 5000 clients globally and follows well-established protocols in about 25 different industries and verticals. The absence of long-term contracts and hidden fees benefits clients by guaranteeing openness and adaptability. Renowned for its outstanding customer care, Inbox Army distinguishes itself by offering top-notch email marketing services without requiring clients to spend time or money on ESPs.

    What the company performs:

    • Full-service campaign management
    • Email template production
    • Email marketing strategy
    • Email marketing audits
    • Automation & custom Integrations

    7. Fuel Made

    Years of experience: 24
    HQ Location: Colbert, Washington
    Best for: Shopify email marketing for eCommerce

    Fuel Made is an expert in providing a number of services to assist online shops in growing their online presence. These services include full-service Klaviyo email marketing, custom Shopify design and development, and growth optimization consulting that includes CRO methods. As one of the most experienced eCommerce email marketing agencies in the USA, the company has a senior-level professional team that is committed to helping clients achieve their goals will provide them with unwavering support. Fuel Made prioritizes precision and efficiency from the beginning and continuously produces high-quality results thanks to well-developed processes and systems.

    They offer services:

    • Shopify design and development
    • Klaviyo email/SMS
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • CRO audits

    8. MH Digital

    Years of experience: 7
    HQ Location: Denver, Colorado
    Best for: End-to-end email & SMS marketing

    Delivering measurable results is MH Digital’s top priority as one of the premium email marketing agencies in the USA. Their strategy is centered on maintaining customer relationships and brand integrity while stabilizing client income. MH Digital provides unique integrations to maximize platform functionality, with a focus on Klaviyo and Braze. In-depth reporting for email, push, and SMS channels, segmentation, responsive design, content preparation, and campaign optimization are all included in their extensive services. To improve overall performance, their specialists also manage deliverability, third-party setups, list management, and platform integration capabilities.

    What the firm provides:

    • Email development
    • Email & SMS strategy
    • Audit and System setup
    • Campaign management
    • Automation & Flows
    • Segmentation

    9. No Limit Email

    Years of experience: 4
    HQ Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Best for: Email & SMS marketing for DTC firms

    No Limit Email is an expert in creating targeted emails for owners of eCommerce stores to promote business growth and increase conversion rates. Even though the company’s HQ is located in Australia, it also has branch offices in Colorado and Texas, as well as a considerable client base. The firm’s experts place a high value on developing enduring relationships with their customers to turn apprehensive buyers into devoted supporters. Utilizing their proficiency in email marketing strategy, design, and copywriting, they customize their offerings to facilitate the prosperity of their clients. As one of the top-notch eCommerce email marketing firms, they have delivered highly converting emails to maximize outcomes. No Limit Email aims to improve overall revenue by more than 20% using a combination of automatic and human campaigns based on customer behavior.

    Offered services:

    • Campaign management and strategy
    • Automated flows
    • SMS marketing
    • Testing and optimization

    10. & BAM

    Years of experience: 6
    HQ Location: Charlottetown, PE, Canada
    Best for: Email marketing outsourcing

    & BAM is another example of a popular vendor based outside of the US that has a large clientele inside of the country. It is one of the top email marketing outsourcing companies based in Canada which was launched in 2018. The company, whose team members are spread across 11 locations in 4 countries and 3 continents, has refined its full-service email and SMS marketing techniques to prioritize customized relationships with customers. &BAM is well-known for its Klaviyo skill and expertise in a range of email platforms. They also manage technical difficulties with ease, guaranteeing that their client’s email marketing initiatives are executed smoothly. Customer feedback is highly esteemed throughout, underscoring the organization’s dedication to significant interactions and personalized brand-customer relationships.

    What the organization offers:

    • Campaign creation and management
    • Automated flows
    • Integrations
    • Klaviyo expertise

    More eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies for the US

    We also present you with an extended list of firms that offer all-encompassing digital marketing services. It is crucial to note that this does not imply that they perform a poorer or better job.


    Years of experience: 20
    HQ Location: San Diego, CA
    Best for: Performance marketing

    Elite SEM and its newly incorporated firms, CPC Strategy, Email Aptitude, and OrionCKB, are now united by the moniker Tinuiti. With post-click solutions that help clients retain and reactivate customers as they continue their digital journey, Tinuiti is a performance- and data-driven leader in digital marketing. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies for eCommerce, It assists clients in identifying, acquiring, and engaging customers across the digital media ecosystem. The team leverages proficiency in search, social media, mobile apps, Amazon & marketplaces, email marketing, and more. Each of their solutions is based on the greatest data and analytics available, masterfully executed creatively, and driven by strategists of the highest caliber.


    Years of experience: 10
    HQ Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Best for: Real-time performance marketing

    MuteSix is a data-driven, complete funnel eCommerce digital agency in Los Angeles that helps enterprise industry leaders and next-generation businesses thrive by offering smart advertising solutions and business analytics. Retail, e-commerce, luxury, nonprofit, technology, sports, publishing, financial services, and established blue chips are the B2B and B2C industries that this firm assists. The team provides a comprehensive variety of “Consult to Operate” strategy development and ground-breaking creative across all consumer touchpoints. All services are driven by an insight-led approach that produces end-to-end, seamless customer experiences that are adaptable and sensitive to the demands of the clients of MuteSix.

    Hawke Media

    Years of experience: 11
    HQ Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Best for: AI-powered performance marketing

    Hawke Media is a full-service outsourced CMO that offers strategy, execution, and leadership to help businesses of all shapes, sizes, and business models flourish. Clients of this top eCommerce marketing company increase digital revenues and marketing ROI thanks to month-to-month price structure, à la carte offering, and collaborative workflow. Hawke Media is considered a powerhouse redefining the field with collaborations in proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence. Their services include the revolutionary Hawke AI platform. Inc. named Hawke Media the fastest-growing marketing consultant in the nation.

    Roswell NYC

    Years of experience: 13
    HQ Location: New York, NY
    Best for: Shopify eCommerce marketing

    Roswell is a Shopify Plus Partner, Klaviyo Platinum Partner, and full-service eCommerce marketing company. The firm’s range of services includes growth marketing, tech solutions, and design, and they are specialists in both DTC and B2B retailers. Recognizing that headless commerce, internationalization, and localization trends are gaining force, Roswell has made significant investments in equipping the team with top-notch tools to tackle these crucial emerging areas of eCommerce. 


    Years of experience: 13
    HQ Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Best for: Growth marketing

    UN/COMMON (formerly known as Noticed) is one of the best providers of eCommerce marketing in Philadelphia. They develop into an extension of your company, a dependable and indispensable collaborator that generates the unusual and produces the successful. Services by UN/COMMON include not only creating one-off ads but also creating entire digital ecosystems with the primary goal of lucrative, sustainable growth. Targeted campaigns ensure customer-centric lifecycle strategy to establish more lasting connections. The main goal is to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers and brand supporters.


    How to choose one provider among the best eCommerce email marketing companies in 2024?

    While selecting an email marketing vendor, many businesses run into trouble since the current market offers a great variety of options. After all, if you strive to find a long-term partner, your provider of choice will have to tick all the boxes to be considered one of the best email marketing firms for eCommerce. These expert pointers can assist you in choosing and hiring the ideal team of professionals.

    1. Specify your objectives. You should know exactly what your marketing goals are before you start looking for a service provider.
    2. Research. Look for testimonials and case studies, ratings, and reviews on channels and social media that are specific to your industry.
    3. Make the budget clear. Even while being upfront and honest about costs could occasionally feel tough, doing so now will save you a lot of headaches later on.

    Verify that your values and communication styles coincide. Maintaining open lines of communication is essential since it will ensure that you are informed about the campaign’s progress and that any issues can be immediately rectified. 

    Why hire the best email marketing agencies for eCommerce?

    Quick and efficient results

    Even basic campaigns are the product of extensive planning and labor. Writing an outstanding email calls for a great deal of skill and knowledge. It goes beyond merely utilizing a template. Using assistance from a professional email marketing firm will yield faster and better results.

    Emails that a company can design for your brand include:

    • Thank you emails 
    • Abandoned cart emails
    • Follow-up emails
    • Welcome emails
    • Customer retention emails

    Expertise and experience

    Without these two qualities, it’s basically impossible to create a successful campaign. As a newbie, you can feel like you’re going around in circles. However, an experienced email marketing company that works with online commerce has seen it all. Their diverse range of skills and experience, along with their experience working with a variety of customers, can help them increase the effectiveness of your initiatives.

    Their expertise includes:

    • best segmentation strategies;
    • expert audit and optimization;
    • best campaign management practices;
    • knowledge of the latest email design trends;
    • expert use of calls to action;
    • professional copy creation, and more. 

    Saving time

    Email marketing requires time. When your in-house marketers are busy, you can lift the weight of tasks from their shoulders with the help of a professional service provider. This will allow your email marketing strategy to receive the attention it merits. Then you and your marketing team may focus on other things by having an expert firm take care of everything. If you don’t have an on-site team, it doubles the reason to hire one of the top email marketing companies in the US to seize promotional opportunities without wasting time.

    Tactical guidance and strategy

    When you spend too much time putting your strategy into practice, it’s simple to lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s hard to keep things going in the right direction when you get caught up in the details. Employing a team of specialists will help you stay committed to what matters most. Better yet, a seasoned email service provider can provide tactical and strategic guidance and suggestions to help you complete your business more successfully. 


    If you want to use email marketing efficiently for your business but lack the necessary internal resources, hiring one of the best email marketing companies for eCommerce is one of the best decisions you can make. It’s an investment that can pay off generously, especially considering the kind of outcomes that a well-executed strategy can produce. You can fully rely on Flowium to deliver the most beneficial results that will boost your sales and brand recognition online. Schedule a call to start working on attaining your goals.

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