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I Would Not Hire Myself If I Was a Freelancer | Freelancer vs. Employee

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this article, I am going to be sharing my story when I was a freelancer and why I wouldn’t hire myself. Freelancers have to manage their time and this is not easy because of the amount of people they are managing at once, this could mean less value for your company.

    If you have an employee, it is more likely you will get good finished products because they don’t want to be sacked and they also want to get paid each month. It is important to know each time you purchase a service, that you will get a good quality delivery and you can rely on the person.

    To help you figure out the best option for your business, we show exactly where and how to find a freelancer, an employee, or a good agency.

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    Email Marketing Employee vs Freelancer vs Agency

    If I would be an  eCommerce business owner, I would not hire myself.

    Hi, this is Andriy, the founder of Flowium, email marketing agency. Recently, we wrote an article and posted on our blog post, called “Email Marketing Employee vs Freelancer vs Agency”, and we described the pros and cons of each type of help to help you with email marketing.

    If I own the eCommerce store, like you do see brand, selling physical products, and I would be looking for eCommerce email marketing help, I would not hire myself. Why? Before we continue with the video, I have a short announcement to make.

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    Back in the days, when I was a freelancer, I was email marketing freelancer. I was good, I knew what I was doing. One of the best on the market and my rate was high, and I was proud of my service, and trust me, I did amazing service, but I still would not hire myself. Explaining why. So when you are a freelancer, you might notice this already in your business when you’re hiring freelancer, or they are great to certain point.

    Freelancing is a weird thing. So we were employee or we decided to become a freelancer and we start working. So we work, we trade our time for money, or we trade our time for specific projects.

    And this is constant for all our courses or, do they have a lot of clients? And I receive a lot of money and I’m good. Then tomorrow I’m like, I didn’t have clients, I need to share some clients that like back to good, then back to bad, and like, like, up and down, up and down, up and down. And your natural reaction is to get as many as possible clients to sustain the growth, or like, have a plateau or at least growth not to fall down.

    This is natural, and the logical thing, what you’re thinking is to get more clients. And when you’re getting more clients, you’re just one person. Maybe we’ll get some kind of assistance, so there will be you and somebody helping you out, but you just only want, and back in 2019, I was managing, myself, and 24 clients. There’s 24 hours in the day, so theoretically, I have to do, it’s like one hour per client, or half an hour per client, so it’s like for 12 hours, I have to work myself nonstop, every day.

    That’s why my health start to suffer, my service start to suffer, but I have money, which is amazing thing. But as a business owner, you suffer because I dedicate you less and less time. And this thing worth was all the freelance.

    I don’t care what some freelancer are saying like, “Oh, we’ll dedicated time to you,” or like, sooner or later, they want to grow and they will get more clients and they will dedicate less time to you. And there’s also a hundred percent risk.

    If I get sick, you’re done. Like, if I get sick for five days, I mean, you will have no service for five days. So that’s why I used to hire freelancer. So now I hire either employee, so they join our team, it’s expensive, it’s extremely expensive, or, I hire agency.

    Right now, we have two agencies that work for us, sorry, we pay them to work for us. So it’s a web developer agency, as well as SEO agency. It’s not cheap, like, one agency charged us $3,000 a month, and it’s like decent chunk of money to pay every month.

    But I know, like, to hire that group of people, it will cost me probably double, it’s like, at least double, because there’s like on the one agency, our team is like three people.

    So that’s why I’m saying like, if I eCommerce brand, I would not, never hire freelancer for my brand, unless I’m just starting out, and the like, I don’t have any kind of money. So maybe freelancer is a right solution instead of you learning how to do things.

    But, if you grow in business and if you have money, like you should invest in the agency first, and then, when you have an idea what you’re looking for, you can hire people.

    Just to give you an example in our agency, if you start working with us, we have five people, five different roles, five different professionals working on your project. So we have account manager, we have a copywriter, we have a designer, we have technician and we have an assistant, so five people.

    How much money do you need for five people to work, like for us? And if you divide the retainer, number of hours, it will cost you less to work with the agency than to work with a freelancer because you need at least three freelancers to replace those five people.

    So this was just my personal opinion. This is what I do, personally, in my company. If we don’t have the resources we hire agency, we do not hire freelancer because freelancer, at the beginning, it’s cheaper, but long-term, it’s much, much, much expensive, and much, much, much riskier because that person can be gone for any reason, and you will be done. So this is my quick message to you, thank you.

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