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Klaviyo Vs. Keap (Formerly Insfusionsoft): Best E-Commerce Marketing Tools Comparison

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    The pandemic accelerated e-commerce growth, converting online shopping from a luxury to a necessity for enterprises. As a result, more businesses are competing, compelling conventional brick-and-mortar retailers to either go online full-time or focus more on the internet market. Some of the challenges faced by businesses include: 


    • Customer expectations, which are already high, have been raised. 
    • More alternatives for where and how to shop are in high demand. 
    • It is more challenging to connect and attract clients who are using multiple media. 
    • Finding the best technology and tools to offer a centralized data source and integration. 
    • Uncertainty in an industry and company landscape that is continuously changing. 


    Klaviyo vs. Keap: Basic Guide

    As a result, it is crucial to know which solution is the best for your company to invest in. What is better, Klaviyo Or Infusionsoft (aka Keap)? Please go through our side-by-side comparison of Keap (previously Infusionsoft) vs. Klaviyo based on user review preference data.  

    Keap has a rating of 4.1/5 stars based on 1,156 reviews. Klaviyo, on the other hand, has 506 reviews and a rating of 4.6/5 stars. The comparison will help you see the pros and cons of each software, using real-time data from verified user evaluations to assist you in making the best decision between these two alternatives and determining which one is ideal for your company’s needs. 

    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.



    What is Keap or Infusionsoft?

    Keap is an upgrade to all-in-one sales and marketing software built for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and more influential organizations. Our platform consolidates your client information and everyday tasks into one location, giving you more time to focus on expanding your business and providing excellent service. 


    What is Klaviyo?

    Klaviyo is a growth marketing system that provides you with more tailored experiences using owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app alerts, and online. 

    Keap (previously Infusionsoft) is under the “Marketing Automation” area of the tech stack, whereas Klaviyo falls under “Email Marketing.” 


    Keap provides the following features: 


    • CRM 
    • automation of marketing 
    • e-commerce capabilities 


    Klaviyo, on the other hand, offers the following essential features: 


    • Rapid integrations 
    • Opportunities for segmentation 
    • SMS 
    • Keep track of how people use the internet. 


    Klaviyo Vs. Keap: Best For


    Keap:  1-1000+users 

    Using Keap, you can make better use of your working hours. Keap was created with long-term growth in mind for enterprises. 


    Klaviyo:  1 to 1000+ users 

    Because of its easy connections with Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, Klaviyo primarily services e-commerce stores. Klaviyo also interacts with B2C and B2B businesses through customized websites. 


    Klaviyo vs. Keap: E-commerce Marketing Automation

    Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop builder allows you to construct and map out the perfect customer experience from beginning to end. To be sure, you may use A/B testing to improve your automated emails further. Practice with different types of content, subject lines, and timing. Create rules that will allow you to branch email flows depending on real-time data. Other capabilities include: 


    • real-time performance analytics, 
    • tailored automated email sequences based on data, and 
    • Prebuilt and bespoke automated email flows for abandoned carts, automatic win-backs, new subscriber welcomes, and browse abandonment. 


    Keap also provides several automation capabilities to help you with your marketing, sales, and data entry chores. Simple templates that gather new leads, assign tasks, and send emails to allow for simple automation. A sophisticated automation builder will enable you to design unique rules that automate operations such as email sequences depending on time triggers or client actions. Send SMS and emails to new leads or as a lead moves from one step to the next. 


    Klaviyo vs. Keap: Email Marketing

    Klaviyo makes it easy to produce customized campaign emails like newsletters, sale announcements, and promotions. 


    • A setup wizard inserts your company’s colors and logo into emails that you may compose, save, and reuse. 
    • Create emails using a drag-and-drop editor and then further modify them with HTML. 
    • Utilize segmentation techniques to arrange groups of consumers for particular interactions and offer tailored product suggestions to them. 
    • And, to ensure that you only send the necessary amount of emails, the Smart Sending function restricts the number of emails you may send someone in a certain period. 


    Keap offers email marketing automation that simplifies any complex procedure. With a simple yet effective email, you can nurture new leads or welcome clients to new products. 


    • Create new emails fast by selecting from a collection of preloaded email templates that cover a wide range of possibilities. 
    • To enhance conversion, segment your contact list by industry, interactions, and other factors. 
    • The program also generates a number of reports that track the performance of your email marketing efforts. 


    Klaviyo vs. Keap: CRM Analytics

    Your data isn’t hidden behind complex queries or sluggish reports when you use Klaviyo. Whatever you’re working on, your information is constantly in front of you, so you always know what you’ve done and what has to be done. 

    What’s more? You can use Custom Analytics to analyze the performance of your emails, identify opportunities, and bring real value to your business. 

    Using Keap’s analytics dashboard, you can visualize traffic, data, or insights. With sales data and statistics, you may gain important insights that can help you make wise business decisions. The marketing reporting software from Keap sifts through your millions of data points. 


    • Conversions based on sales stage, lead source, and other factors 
    • Form completion, email open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics 
    • Marketing and campaign effectiveness 
    • Find trends for payments, revenues, and transactions over a while 
    • Visualize your growth by having your sales reports directly in your app 


    Ready to decide on Klaviyo vs. Keap?

    At long last, it is essential to remember that, while both Klaviyo and Keap have an impressive set of capabilities, you may tailor each solution to your own organization size. When evaluating features, you may wish to consider the firm type they are intended towards. Specific capabilities may scale up successfully for large companies. Still, it is typically more prudent to avoid paying for specialized features that you may never use if you operate a small or mid-sized business. 

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