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Understanding the Smile.io Pricing Plans

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Retailers are increasingly implementing loyalty rewards programs to boost revenue while retaining a dedicated customer base. Effective strategies are intended to encourage buyers in a company’s target market to visit more, make repeat transactions, and beat competitors. In retail, these services often include coupons, promotional incentives, rebates, points, or freebies to regular consumers. Are you an online retailer trying to boost customer satisfaction with a stunning and diverse rewards program? If yes, Smile.io is the perfect solution for you! Smile.io, formerly known as SweetTooth Rewards, is a cloud-based, user-friendly loyalty management tool for all types of eCommerce companies. You will use it to create and deploy point-based loyalty systems in which consumers can earn points for various activities and exchange them for free items, coupons, store credit, and other benefits. Motivated enough to know the pricing plans that Smile.io offers? Let’s get started.

    Overview of Smile.io Pricing

    Smile.io has a free version that anybody can sign up for to try the app, as well as four paid levels that vary in price depending on the functionality unlocked on each plan. The paid plans, including Starter, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise, vary in price from $49 to more than $1000 a month.

    Free Plan

    Their free package assists new businesses in launching a rewards scheme. This package has the following features:

    • Points program
    • Referral program
    • Reward emails: Default only
    • Analytics: Overview Support: Knowledge-based

    Management with Loyalty Points

    • Earn points by building a consumer account, making an order, celebrating birthdays, or posting on social media
    • Save empty carts and use point reminders to entice consumers to return
    • At the checkout, customers will exchange their points for voucher codes or freebies

    System for Referrals

    • Using word-of-mouth marketing, you can generate social evidence
    • You may use personalized referral links to encourage consumers to recommend a pal
    • Using in-app analytics, you can effectively identify referral traffic and revenue

    Starter Package


    This is intended for small businesses who wish to create a professionally branded program. Features included in this package are:

    Everything included in the Free plan, plus:

    • Program branding
    • Reward emails
    • Analytics: Overview
    • Smile Apps included: 1
    • Support: Email-based

    Growth Package


    As the name indicates, the growth plan is for mid-sized firms looking to develop an engagement platform. It has the following benefits:

    Everything included in the Starter plan, plus:

    • Nudges
    • Points expiry
    • Advanced reward conditions
    • Analytics: Analytics Dashboard
    • Smile Apps included: 2
    • Support: priority email and chat

    How can Nudges help your customers?

    Nudge simplifies your work and improves your business. Nudges are bite-sized communications that keep you up to date and in the loop on new information. Your clients will also win points for reading and responding to an announcement, survey, or quiz. So, Smile makes sure they respond to all of your Nudges to reach the top of the scoreboard! 

    Pro Plan


    Even though the growth plan has all the necessary features included, if you are a scaling business and wish to increase your community’s viability, you should go for this one! The Pro version includes:

    Everything mentioned in the Growth plan, plus:

    • VIP program
    • Smile Apps included: Unlimited
    • Support: Access to Success Manager

    VIP program

    The inclusion of the VIP program is a significant feature.

    • VIP Program increases client satisfaction by including VIP statuses and benefits.
    • You must upsell customers in order to advance to the VIP tiers.

    Enterprise Plan

    $1000 a month

    If you need all things included in the Pro package and additional access to API, reports, and much more, then this is the right plan for you.

    Real-Time Rewards Panel

    With their first visit to your shop all the way to checkout, provide the consumers with a wonderfully branded loyalty program interface.

    • An appealing rewards button and pop-up panel that reside in your shop makes email capturing and acquiring new members easy.
    • Add logos, banner pictures, advanced color choices, and more to match your store’s look!
    • User can check their customer accounts and loyalty programs from a single username, giving them a more comprehensive shopping and rewards interface.

    Which is the most popular plan of Smile.io?

    The Growth Plan is the most popular one. Why? Because it provides an ideal platform equipped with all the essential features to drive engagement. If you do not intend to use API access or a custom VIP package, you can stick with the Growth program. If you require certain features, you can upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise plans.

    According to our expert view, all such features are extraneous to most companies. They’d be good to have, but you may not need them all the time. 

    Other Key Features

    The benefits don’t end here. Here are a few more features you should know about:

    Integrations with best-in-class applications

    With Smile, you can integrate with the most renowned email service providers, review apps, and various online marketing tools—all with a single touch. Smile.io integrates with top eCommerce sites Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce, as well as apps such as: 

    Smile.io users can quickly engage program participants and entice interest thanks to product integrations with MailChimp and Klaviyo. 

    Growth occurs together!

    Smile is small business-friendly, which means that their robust reward points scheme, referrals, and key interface customizations are available on the free package. 

    Our Final Thoughts

    Smile’s analytical and functional strengths position it well ahead of its rivals, making it the best alternative for companies. Finally, if you want to improve user service and create long-term relationships, Smile.io should be your app of choice.

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