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Klaviyo vs. Iterable | A Side-by-Side Comparison

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    Which is superior, Klaviyo or Iterable? It is not always necessary to compare brands in order to find the right Marketing Software. On our comparison website, you can compare Klaviyo and Iterable and instantly test their distinct features. We make it possible for you to examine their functionality, supported devices, level of service, prices, terminology, and much more. 

    It would help if you also looked at their average rating (8.8 for Klaviyo vs. 8.8 for Iterable) and consumer satisfaction ratio (90 percent for Klaviyo vs. 87 percent for Iterable). Spend some time examining the top choices and determining which one is best for your business. Similarly, you must investigate the tech company’s credibility; can they be trusted? And will they still be on the market in the future? 

    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.

    Please scroll down to read our in-depth comparison on Iterable vs. Klaviyo. 


    What exactly is Iterable?

    We educate and empower growth marketers.” Iterable enables growth marketers to build world-class customer experience programs across all platforms and the entire lifecycle. Marketers can segment customers, create workflows, and automate touchpoints at scale without requiring engineering assistance. 


    What exactly is Klaviyo?

    A forum for marketing automation and email.” A cloud-based email marketing service for e-commerce companies. It enables consumers to send out tailored marketing promotions based on metrics like buying and browsing history, as well as how customers communicated with previous emails. 

    Iterable and Klaviyo are both essentially “Email Marketing” platforms. 


    Main Features

    Iterable has the following features: 


    • Email campaigns can be triggered, shot, or drip-fed. 
    • Push notifications for mobile devices 
    • SMS (Short Message Service) 


    Klaviyo, on the other hand, offers the following main features: 


    • Rapid integrations 
    • Opportunities for segmentation 
    • Keep track of how people use the internet. 


    IterableBEST FOR: 1 to 500 users 

    Iterable targets growth marketers in consumer businesses such as E-commerce/Retail, Entertainment, Delivery, Education, and Recruiting. 


    Klaviyo BEST FOR: 1 to 1000+ users 

    Because of its streamlined integrations with sites such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, Klaviyo primarily supports e-commerce shops. Klaviyo also connects with B2C and B2B businesses via customized websites. 


    Iterable vs. Klaviyo Marketing Automation Features

    Choose a marketing automation company that is at the forefront of creativity and is widely regarded as an industry pioneer. 

    Each softwareIterable and Klaviyoenable growth marketers to build world-class customer experience programs across all platforms and the entire lifecycle. Marketers can segment customers, create workflows, automate touchpoints, and validate campaigns at scale without requiring engineering assistance. 


    Which one is better?

    Iterable has a rating of 8.6 while Klaviyo has a rating of 8.6. Both Iterable and Klaviyo have the same overall rating as a marketing automation solution. 


    Getting SMS on your own terms: Klaviyo vs. Iterable

    Klaviyo SMS provides both segmentation and personalization capabilities, and it functions in tandem with Klaviyo Email to simplify campaign management across platforms. You won’t have to pay for texts you don’t use because of flexible rates, no commitments, and no minimums. Furthermore, built-in revenue attribution allows you to see the actual value Klaviyo provides, removing the guesswork from calculating your ROI. 

    Iterable lacks this versatility. However, there is a minimum threshold of 25,000 messages, which means you can end up paying for messages you would never use. Its income attribution is also complicated: you’d have to use their API and carefully design the UTM parameters. 


    Klaviyo Support vs. Iterable Support

    When using a campaign analytics tool like Iterable or Klaviyo, customer support is critical. Customer support provides help with product or service installation, preparation, troubleshooting, updating, and cancellation. 

    Iterable and Klaviyo provide support, allowing customers to call or contact the helpdesk via telephone answering services, live chat assistance, and email customer service. Klaviyo exceeds one additional support feature; that is, it also provides training! 


    Creating signup forms without knowing how to code: Klaviyo vs. Iterable

    With Klaviyo’s built-in form creator, you can quickly create custom signup forms for your website. To build the desired site experience and hit various segments, choose from embedded, flyout, and pop-up modes. 

    Want to give a discount to VIP clients without interfering with other shoppers’ shopping experiences? You may start with Klaviyo. On the other hand, Iterable only provides a small set of form-building options, which could necessitate the purchase of additional applications to fill the void. 


    What is the most affordable Iterable or Klaviyo?

    The cheapest Iterable plan starts at $500, while the most affordable Klaviyo plan starts at $0.

    Additional Pricing Details

    Iterable’s pricing is based on the size of the customer’s user list and messages sent where Klaviyo offers different packages, depending on the number of contacts you want to include. 


    Which is more established? Is it Iterable or Klaviyo?

    Iterable was founded in 2013, while Klaviyo was founded in 2012. 


    What do the users think about the two apps?

    On a survey conducted on g2, reviewers considered Klaviyo to be easier to use, set up, and manage while comparing the two options. Overall, reviewers preferred doing business with Klaviyo. 


    • Klaviyo, according to reviewers, suits the needs of their company better than Iterable. 
    • When contrasting the consistency of continuing product service, reviewers concluded that Iterable is the superior option. 
    • Users favored Klaviyo’s direction for feature changes and roadmaps over Iterable’s.  


    Verdict: Iterable vs. Klaviyo

    Understanding and implementing campaign analytics tools such as Iterable or Klaviyo can be complex. 

    The service and educational tools that a marketing automation tool can provide are vital for company owners to consider when searching for a marketing automation system like Iterable or Klaviyo. 

    So, choose a marketing technology company that is regarded as an industry leader and has a well-tested and well-known product application. 

    If you are considering using the Iterable tool, you should know that Iterable is marketing automation that you can rely on. 

    On the other hand, it is entirely free to build an account with Klaviyo, and you will have immediate access to all functionality. Start a proof-of-concept campaign or move the brand to the next level. Klaviyo gives you the freedom you need to expand faster, whether you need email, SMS, or both. 


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