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All You Need to Know About Stamped.io Pricing

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    Do you want to power your social proof? Stamped is used by over 30,000 fast-growing retailers to create loyalty through user-generated content, rising social proof and accelerating conversions.

    What can you expect when using Stamped for your marketing needs?


    • Using the language of your satisfied customers, you will gain the confidence of your customers.
    • Increase social proof, curiosity, and consumer testimonials to compel purchasing behavior.
    • With their patented in-email rating request form, you can easily obtain credible customer feedback.
    • Increase loyalty and social evidence by viewing your ratings with their customized on-site display widgets and highlighting your UGC on key conversion sites.
    • Up the game by enabling rich snippets in search results and pushing your quality scores in Google Ads and Shopping.
    • Collect and display visually pleasing picture and video testimonials of satisfied consumers using the items in real life.
    • Through their advanced social features, you can connect with your socially savvy customers and instantly post your best feedback on your social accounts.


    So, are you inspired enough to get started with Stamped.io? But wait, let’s first review the pricing plans that Stamped offers its customers. You can then decide if it’s worth considering or not!

    Overview of the Stamped.io Pricing Plan


    Made for Starters

    Pricing: USD 19/month (billed annually)

    Basic Features

    • Up to 200 orders
    • One Time Free $19 SMS credits
    • Photo Reviews
    • Checkout Reviews
    • Remove Stamped Branding
    • Connect Stamped to 2 apps


    What do I do to get started?

    • Setup with a single click!
    • Import current reviews, request reviews from previous orders, and begin gathering reviews in minutes!
    • Grow with Stamped.io with a free (forever!) package.
    • You will get SMS Credits for Free as well.

    Stamped.io is home to thousands of extremely popular labels. Get Stamped now!

    Ratings and Reviews

    Easily collect consumer insights. You can easily post them on your website and other important platforms.

    With a solid framework you can rely on, you can save precious time managing reviews.

    How to add dynamic reviews from Stamped.io to your emails? Watch this video and learn how to integrate Stamped.io with the best eCommerce email marketing service Klaviyo. 


    Aimed for Professionals

    Pricing: USD 39/month (billed annually)

    This plan includes all Basic plan features and

    • Up to 500 orders
    • One Time Free $39 SMS credits
    • Smart Banners Upsell Products in email
    • Connect Stamped to 5 apps


    What is meant by the Smart Banners feature provided in this package?

    Stamped helps you create stunning banners with reviews and share them on social media platforms with the Smart banners feature.

    Smart Banners are ad units that display screen-width banner advertising on screen size and orientation across multiple screens. Smart Banners allow advertisers to build a strong trigger point throughout the consumer journey. You must opt for the premium package if you wish to utilize the potential of deep linking to function across all platforms using Stamped Smart banners feature!


    Intended for Mid-Sized Businesses

    Pricing: USD 99/month (billed annually)

    This package includes all Premium package features and

    • Up to 1,500 orders
    • One Time Free $99 SMS credits
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Community Q&A
    • Video Reviews
    • Advanced Layout Editor
    • Google Shopping integrations.
    • Link Stamped to 10 apps.


    How can you benefit from the Sentiment Analysis mentioned in this package features?

    Through Sentiment analysis, Stamped.io helps you analyze and flag reviews using smart sentiment detection. The method of measuring positive or negative emotion in the text is known as sentiment analysis. Businesses frequently use it to track sentiment in social data, assess brand reputation, and better understand consumers.

    Since consumers express their opinions and emotions more freely than ever before, sentiment analysis is becoming an indispensable method for monitoring and understanding the sentiment. Automatically monitoring consumer reviews, such as poll results and social media conversations, enables advertisers to understand what keeps consumers satisfied or dissatisfied, allowing them to adapt goods and services to their customers’ needs.


    Aimed for Rising Businesses

    Pricing: USD 249/month (billed annually)

    This package includes all Business plan features and

    • Up to 3,500 orders
    • One Time Free $150 SMS credits
    • Scalable A.I.-powered review analysis and robust reporting.
    • Shoppable Instagram
    • Ads Center, where you can create Ads with reviews on social media platforms.
    • Net Promoter Score Survey.
    • Connect Stamped to Unlimited apps.


    Shoppable Instagram: IG Visual Curation with Vibrant UGC Display

    Instagram is no longer solely for personal use. It is also a digital forum where marketers can humanize their content, attract new talent, showcase their goods, and empower their audience.

    Shoppable Instagram creates a shoppable version of your Instagram feed to provide the quickest route from your Instagram account to your store’s product sites.

    Shoppers who view your Instagram profile can find a connection to your Shoppable Instagram page in your Instagram bio. The Shoppable Instagram feed helps your followers to navigate to your store’s product sites, where they can easily buy items they found when scrolling through your Instagram feed.

    StampedIQ Artificial Intelligence

    Their native AI offers you a 360º comprehensive analysis of all client reviews.

    Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    A tried-and-true method for measuring overall consumer loyalty.


    Designed for Established Brands Who Need Personalization

    Pricing: Custom price

    This package comprises of all the features of all previous packages, plus

    • Consultative Service
    • Customs Migration Aid
    • Account Management for Success
    • Personalized Customization Service
    • Deployment that is tailored to your needs
    • Dedicated Prioritized Support


    This package is all about customization, and the pricing for this package is even not fixed, rather flexible and customized as per the client’s requirements. The best part? It incorporates all the features of previous packages. You just need to include customized features as per your enterprise needs, and voilà you have your customized version that’s explicitly made for you!

    Which Stamped Plan Is the Most Popular?

    We think the “Business plan” is the best option among all and Stamped also markets its business plan as the most popular one. It includes all the basic features and automation to cater your business needs.

    You can go as up as you want, depending on the number of features you need to add and the level of customization you want. Still, if you are a mid-sized business and need a tool to upgrade your social media presence and marketing, then we highly recommend you go for the business package. It has all the essentials you’ll require!

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    • Up to 200 orders
    • One Time Free $19 SMS credits
    • Photo Reviews
    • Checkout Reviews
    • Remove Stamped Branding
    • Connect Stamped to 2 apps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Stamped.io ?

    Stamped.io is an eCommerce marketing automation platform. It helps eCommerces to attract customers and keep them. It focuses on customer reviews and rewards to help you increase your sales.

    Is Stamped.io expensive?

    The basic plan starts at $19/month, billed annually. The premium plan costs $39/month, the business plan is fixed at $99/month, and the professional plan – $249/month. Read our article to discover which plan suits your needs best.

    Is the Stamped Basic Plan enough for a small business?

    The Stamped Basic plan is up to 200 orders per month. If you are just starting your business or you want to test the software, this may be enough for you. Other features include a $19 SMS credit, photo reviews, checkout reviews, connection to 2 apps.

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