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Klaviyo vs. Dotdigital for Ecommerce Marketing

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    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud vs. Klaviyo Basics

    Email is the preferred medium for 59 percent of customers. It also has a fantastic ROI of 4100 percent. As a result, email marketing tools make it efficient and straightforward to get started with e-commerce marketing. But how will we know which is the best MARKETING AUTOMATION solution, Dotdigital Engagement Cloud or Klaviyo? 

    Would you please scroll down to read our detailed Dotdigital Engagement Cloud vs. Klaviyo comparison of what you should know about both software’ features, pricing options, and customer service? The benefits and drawbacks of both Klaviyo and Dotdigital as marketing automation tools are discussed in detail below. 

    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.



    What is Dotdigital?

    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud is a software firm that specializes in marketing automation software for small to medium-sized enterprises.  

    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud was formed in 1999 in London Bridge, London, and has over 313 workers on Linkedin. With smart consumer data, you can personalize and segment like a pro. With this tool, you can utilize your e-commerce data to grow into new markets and gain better insights into your customers’ behavior and shop performance. 


    What is Klaviyo?

    Klaviyo is the most incredible software platform for marketing any internet company. They generate billions of dollars in income for both major and small companies all around the world. Klaviyo enables you to provide more tailored experiences using owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app alerts, and online. 


    Klaviyo vs. Dotdigital: Audience 


    Klaviyo:   1-1000+ users 

    Serves all sizes of eCommerce companies. Klaviyo mainly serves e-commerce stores due to its seamless integrations with platforms like Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce. Klaviyo also integrates with B2C and B2B companies using custom websites. 


    Dotdigital:   2-1000+ users 

    Designed for small and medium-sized company teams, as well as big business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and eCommerce firms. It is a marketing tool that helps businesses through trackable links, A/B testing, landing page customization, responsive email templates, and more. 


    Klaviyo vs. Dotdigital: Websites  

    Klaviyo offers more excellent user coverage over a broader range of website categories. Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Sports, Health, and 20 other categories are included. 

    DotDigital does not have a significant advantage over Klaviyo in any website category. 


    Fees for the Dotdigital Engagement Cloud and Klaviyo?

    Because marketing automation software may be costly, let’s look at the Dotdigital and Klaviyo pricing below. 

    Both Klaviyo and Dotdigital offer a free trial. While Klaviyo additionally has a free version available for its clients, Dotdigital doesn’t offer any free packages. 


    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud Price Table


    Price Plan 


    Price Plan Duration 


    custom pricing  per month 
    Enterprise  custom pricing 

    per month 



    Klaviyo Price Table

    Price Plan 


    Price Plan Duration 



    per month 


    custom pricing starting at $20 

    per month 

    Enterprise  custom pricing starting at $20 

    per month 




    Klaviyo vs. Dotdigital: Data Integrations

    In the DotDigital Engagement Cloud, there are several methods to tailor the client experience. You may tailor landing pages to distinct audiences based on the customer’s location and time of involvement. Drag and drop country-specific offers, for example, into your landing page. Alternatively, incorporate time-targeted blocks to guarantee that time-sensitive information, such as a sales promotion, does not show after it has expired. 

    Klaviyo supports real-time data integration, allowing you to access all of your store’s e-commerce data without restriction. This facilitates ultra-precise targeting. Would you like to know who visited your website last week, opened yesterday’s email, and purchased your top product this month? You can find out in a matter of seconds. 

    Klaviyo’s native connectors allow you to get up and run quickly. Interested in integrating with a custom platform? It is made feasible by the API’s flexibility. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about data purges or additional storage fees. You’ll always have access to all of your data with Klaviyo, with no restrictions on how you use it or how far back you can go. 


    Klaviyo vs. Dotdigital: A/B Testing 

    Dotdigital tests email subject lines, CTAs, send timings, layout, and other elements to increase open rates, click rates, and revenue continually 

    You may create bespoke A/B testing with Klaviyo to keep uncovering insights that will help you develop. It’s the most effective approach to improve your content strategy and discover how your email content performs. 


    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud vs. Klaviyo: Support

    When employing a marketing automation tool like Dotdigital Engagement Cloud or Klaviyo, customer service is critical. Customer service includes support with product or service installation, training, troubleshooting, upgrading, and cancellation. 

    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud’s customer support includes: 


    • phone answering services, 
    • live chat help, and 
    • email customer care assistance. 


    Klaviyo likewise offers support where clients are able to call or contact the helpdesk via email or a chat service. 


    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud vs. Klaviyo: FAQ’s

    Now we present you the most frequently asked questions when comparing the two platforms! 


    Which one is better, Dotdigital Engagement Cloud or Klaviyo?

    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud gets an 8.4 rating, whereas Klaviyo has an 8.4 rating. As a marketing automation system, both Dotdigital Engagement Cloud and Klaviyo have the same overall grade. 

    Reviewers considered Klaviyo easier to use, set up, and administer when comparing the two options. Overall, reviewers enjoyed doing business with Klaviyo. 


    • Reviewers thought that Klaviyo met their needs better than Dotdigital Engagement Cloud. 
    • When it comes to the quality of continuing product support, reviewers believe Klaviyo is the best option. 
    • Reviewers favored Klaviyo’s direction for product upgrades and roadmaps over Dotdigital Engagement Clouds. 


    What is the most affordable Dotdigital Engagement Cloud or Klaviyo?

    The cheapest Dotdigital Engagement Cloud plan is $, and the cheapest Klaviyo plan is $0. 


    Which is more established, Dotdigital Engagement Cloud or Klaviyo?

    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud was launched in 1999, and Klaviyo in 2012. 


    Dotdigital Engagement Cloud vs. Klaviyo Verdict

    Go for Dotdigital if you want: 


    • A platform that is simple enough to use so you can get the work done quickly. 
    • Effective segmentation. To quickly and efficiently target your consumers. 
    • You may make customer acquisition and retention easier using surveys, forms, and live chat. 
    • When you need detailed information, you may have it right at your fingertips. 
    • Excellent connection with your online store. 
    • A development team with its finger on the industry’s pulse. It is dedicated to developing technologies that can help you become more lucrative. 


    On the other hand, creating an account with Klaviyo is entirely free, and you will have immediate access to every feature. Begin a definitive evidence campaign or take your brand to the next level. Klaviyo provides you the flexibility you need to increase, whether you require email, SMS, or both. 


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