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Sendinblue Pricing Overview

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Marketing automation can become highly complex.

    Lead routing, lead tracking, campaign measurement, all of the emails and landing pages, lead nurturing, dozens of sign-up forms, and so on.

    Not to mention the complex integration of your CRM, which must run flawlessly.

    Marketing automation is critical to the success of the whole marketing campaign. So, if you are looking for marketing automation software that can assist you with anything, Sendinblue is your best bet!

    Sendinblue is a platform that can help you to achieve long-term, organic growth by placing your clients at the forefront of your company’s strategy. Their approach puts each aspect of the consumers’ experience to the analysis, resulting in optimum experiences at every interaction point.

    When you practice marketing and strategy tools, they are often aimed towards a definite purpose; for instance, you can’t use a mail marketing tool for other goals. On the other hand, Sendinblue gives you a comprehensive all-in-one solution, catering to your marketing and strategy calls from email marketing to interacting with customers in chat!

    The Basics Regarding Sendinblue Pricing

    Sendinblue holds pricing plans that are adjustable and do not have any surprises. Pricing pages can be unsettling at times, and it’s a reassuring model like this that helps devise confidence among a company and its prospects.

    They likewise have advanced plans to demonstrate pricing and rating approaches. You will come across the plans that are just what you’re looking for. More than certainly, you will see aspects of other recommendations that you’d need to incorporate. You can choose the packages you prefer and then see how they were composed, making it simple to add them to your plan.

    Here are the Sendinblue pricing alternatives as of this year:

    Free Package

    Getting started with Sendinblue

    If you wish to experiment it out first (like I did!), you can always use Sendinblue’s free version.

    Isn’t that awesome?

    Key elements of the plan

    The free version incorporates these essential features:

    • Unlimited contacts
    • Up to 300 emails per day
    What does the highlight “up to 300 emails” indicate? This implies you can only send 300 emails a day in total (which is a lot, I think). Consequently, if your list is short and you only have a few connections, you should be okay with this strategy. The plan would not work if you have more innumerable contacts and intend to send them more than 300 emails. This is when you should be upgrading to a paying contract!

    What do you need to start using the free version?

    One straightforward step: Create your free account now and get started! No contract and no credit cards are required.


    Ideal for new marketers
    • Everything in Free package, and:
    • No daily sending limits
    • Email support
    • Lite+ add-on: A/B testing, remove Sendinblue logo, advanced statistics

    With this package on hand, you can send unlimited professional-looking emails to all your clients. 

    What does A/B testing mentioned in this plan indicate?

    A/B testing can assist you choose the best message, and machine learning-powered time optimization can ensure your email is conveyed at the suitable time with the snap of a button! These are the Intelligent features that can drive your marketing strategy a level up!


    The most desirable solution for marketing pros

    • Everything in Lite+ package, and:
    • Marketing Automation
    • Facebook ads
    • Landing pages
    • Multi-user access
    • Telephone Support

    Marketing Automation: All-In-One Solution

    You can now efficiently automate your marketing and sales processes in no time. This package includes Marketing automation software that empowers you to automate distinct functions in your workflow by building an automation workflow, a number of rules and requirements that initiate the activities you choose to automate, such as:

    • sending emails
    • transmitting SMS messages,
    • classifying contacts into separate databases, and
    • refreshing details in the contact folder.

    How can you profit from the Facebook ads highlight added in this package?

    If you wish to target your audience using Facebook, you should opt for this package, as it provides you with the best audience reach employing well-defined Facebook ads! You can effectively target a selective network of clients directly, or you can pick a contact list to seek new users that are familiar to these contacts leveraging Facebook’s lookalike audience option from your Sendinblue account.


    For marketers who demand more

    Even though we have provided you with all the basic packages, but if you still have more needs, you should reach for this option! This plan incorporates a lot of additional features and customized options catered to your needs!

    Which plan is right for your business?

    While the Enterprise plan has a ton of flexible choices, I’d prefer going for the Premium Bundle because it has all of the communications means you might like!

    If you do not intend to use CMR or SMS, stick with the Lite program. If you want certain features, you can upgrade to the Premium package.

    According to my expert view, the Enterprise strategy elements are irrelevant to most companies. They’d be cool to have, but you’d never have time to use them properly.

    Why is Sendinblue Pricing considered best?

    • Versatility 

    Grow the company the way you like! The diverse packages adapt and develop alongside you, whether you’re just starting or searching for new possibilities. Sendinblue pricing doesn’t have different plans. It’s only one plan with all the features. The prices only vary based on the additional features you’d like to possess. 

    • Low Price as Opposed to Competitors  

    Get the tools that big firms employ, but without the huge price tag! With an insightful and versatile marketing tech interface that clings to your company needs, Sendinblue helps you develop stronger consumer relationships. 

    In conclusion

    To summarize, as per our study, Sendinblue pricing is the most straightforward in the marketing industry. They stay ahead of the competition by providing affordable features and low-cost pricing.
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