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Listrak vs. Klaviyo: Comparing Platforms

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    Investing in an eCommerce marketing platform assists companies in attracting, engaging, and delighting consumers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. Upgrade your email marketing plan and meet consumer expectations by using a product that is tailored to your eCommerce requirements.

    This blog compares Klaviyo and Listrak to help you decide which platform is better for your eCommerce company. While both are excellent for improving productivity and providing a better user experience, we suggest making your choice with your core needs in mind.

    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.


    What Exactly Is Klaviyo?

    Klaviyo is a marketing automation app that gives online companies the resources they need to create meaningful consumer relationships. Klaviyo’s features assist eCommerce brands in scaling and growing, from customized Messaging services to social advertising, system integration, and more.


    What Exactly Is Listrak?

    Listrak is a retail online marketing automation company that specializes in email marketing, instant communications, customer analytics, and cross-channel orchestration. The platform focuses on providing eCommerce vendors with solutions and tactics that produce desirable outcomes year after year.

    Continue reading to learn more about Klaviyo vs. Listrak and explore some of the best functionality and advantages of both platforms.


    Klaviyo supersedes Listark in segmentation.

    You need advertising that appeals to your consumers as individuals if you want to succeed. For any tweet, you can build as informative and tailored an audience as you wish using Klaviyo. You can be as precise as you like with no cap on the number of conditions. Filter to as specific as SKU or a circle around a zip code – whatever works best for you. In seconds, you will find any user in a list of hundreds of thousands who purchased your flagship product in the previous month, interacted with your emails, and visited your website in the last two weeks.


    Triggers Based on Behavior

    Examine the buyers’ online actions and interactions to determine where they are along the buyer’s path. Listrak reacts to consumer expressions of intent, allowing companies to decide when it is appropriate to connect.

    Both Listrak, and Klaviyo, assist brands in capturing discarded carts by sending customized messages that re-engage shoppers and nurture them on the conversion route. In addition to abandoned cart recovery, Listrak provides browse recovery, which assists brands in recapturing visitors who leave a platform before reaching the checkout tab.


    Reporting & Data Science

    Klaviyo employs data analytics, also known as artificial intelligence, to optimize consumer data and forecast whether a customer may make a transaction in the future. Klaviyo takes things a step further by assisting companies in predicting:


    • How much money a client is likely to pay in the future
    • The total number of upcoming sales
    • Churn probability
    • The worth of each customer
    • Purchasing intervals
    • The gender of the person
    • When is the best time to send emails to improve performance?


    Klaviyo’s monitoring platform employs Custom Analytics to provide companies with instant access to the details they need, such as email/campaign results, cart conversions by category, weekly/monthly updates, and more.


    Personalization & Forms

    While it is vital to increase the email list, it is much more critical that companies focus on expanding their list all year. With Klaviyo’s signup forms, you can collect email addresses and convert visitors into subscribers.

    One of the most effective tactics for attracting visitors and converting them into consumers is to use welcome deals and signup forms. Remember how we said Klaviyo is perfect for contact segmentation? It’s also useful for personalizing pop-up modes and optimizing messaging to appeal to a variety of viewers. Consider how you will welcome a first-time shopper, a VIP client, and someone who is celebrating a special occasion.


    Personalization Based on Prediction

    Listrak, like Klaviyo, employs artificial intelligence to forecast what behaviours consumers will take in the future. It uses prior consumer actions to indicate future behaviour and assists companies in making data-driven decisions. Businesses should use Listrak to predict:


    • How much money a client is likely to pay in the future
    • Purchase Probability
    • Lifecycle stage
    • Email performance


    Klaviyo Support vs. Listrak Support

    When it comes to marketing automation for your company, such as Klaviyo or Listrak, timely customer service is critical.

    Customer support provides help with product or service installation, preparation, troubleshooting, updating, and cancellation.

    Listrak should provide telephone answering services, live chat assistance, and email customer care support. While Klaviyo should provide increased time slot for customer support.


    Klaviyo Pricing

    For up to 500 contacts, the email-only rate is $20 a month. You can have infinite email sends as well as email and chat service (customer support). It costs $45 per month for 1,500 contacts and $70 per month for 3,000 contacts. There is also a free option, but you can only add 250 contacts and send 500 emails per month.


    Listrak Pricing

    They do not have a free version. However, Listrak offers a free trial. Other pricing plans are customized.


    Listrak vs. Klaviyo Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Listrak superior to Klaviyo?

    Listrak has a 9 rating, while Klaviyo has a 9 rating. As a marketing automation solution, Listrak and Klaviyo have the same overall scores.

    Which one is more affordable, Listrak or Klaviyo? 

    Listrak’s cheapest plan starts at $, while Klaviyo’s cheapest plan starts at $0.

    Which is more well-known? Listrak or Klaviyo? 

    Klaviyo was founded in 2012, while Listrak was founded in 1999.


    Our Recommendation

    When our clients ask us for a marketing automation system that we recommend, we usually recommend Klaviyo because of its ease of use, pre-built integrations (including BigCommerce), ability to get up and running rapidly in the platform, and overall capacity to construct sophisticated consumer journeys. Furthermore, Klaviyo’s all-in-one pricing approach is highly regarded by their clients.


    Listrak vs Klaviyo Verdict

    When comparing Klaviyo vs. Listrak, it’s obvious that both services offer distinct advantages to their users. Though we recommend Klaviyo to the majority of our customers, we advise you to invest in whatever platform you believe will better suit your eCommerce needs.


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