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Email Marketing Template Designs | Websites for Inspiration 2021

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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Here are the websites you can use for email template designs and inspiration for your own. At the beginning, it can be hard to choose a template for your brand. Email template designs will change depending on what you are offering in the email and the purpose, but it is good to have a branding email, where people recognize your format, colors, and style.

You will get an idea of what these websites offer and how they can help improve the appearance of your email.


I will go one by one, try to be quick but I will explain you why I like each, and also all links will be under this video, so you can just simply, like open the description and click on them and use whatever you like the best. I strongly recommend to maybe even use all of them. Because all of them are similar but also different, and they have different kind of email design. So let’s start was the first one.

It’s Really Good Emails. Probably the most famous source for email design inspiration. But they do have all kind of email design inspirations, not only for Ecommerce. So let’s go here. So, it’s Really Good Emails. It’s always in my browser. You can search by categories and search by categories, like for example, let’s say, abandoned cart. And you click and you see all abandoned carts from famous brands. So, this is one of that resources.

Second resource is Milled. It’s very similar to Really Good Emails. It’s not as popular, but also it’s a great resource for inspiration. So, let’s go to milled.com. So, let’s go to milled.com. So milled.com as you can see, they have also by category and it looks like mostly Ecommerce brands.

So let’s do swimwear and here you would be able to find all the templates. And I believe if you click on, on this, you will find all of other emails from this company. So let’s just check something. Apparel. And as you can see, let’s do Puma, and you see all of their designs here. So, this was number two.

And number three is HTML Email Gallery. This is a resource that I recently found out about, but it’s useful as well. So let’s open it. Email, HTML Email Gallery. And as you can see, they have collection of different emails. It’s not only about Ecommerce. So, Yeti is Ecommerce brand. But something like Email Monk, it’s not, it’s not Ecommerce and it looks like they have just a snapshot. So, if something is GIF in the email, you will not be able to see it here, but anyway, you can see that general ideas, general inspiration, all the emails.

Resource number four is called Beautiful Email Newsletters. And again, this is a resource I just recently found out as well about. It looks like all the websites, but they have a lot of different templates from big brands and not only Ecommerce, but different kinds of brands. And again, you can sort it by categories. I see some of them does not work as well. Yeah, everything is snapshot. So, if something is GIF, it will not show up here. However, it looks like the website is older, so I’m not sure how quick, how they update, but, sometimes you can check the old design and they will inspire what you can do in the new templates.

So, the fifth resource is Email Gallery. Again, it’s a list of all templates they found and they just put it on their website. And as you can see, you can go here and browse by business. So, let’s do Ecommerce, E, now let’s do it by industry, so let’s do, clothing, apparel, games, gifts, let’s do gifts. Yeah. So here, you can see hallmark, different kind of gift, not the greatest design, but still you can check some of them and they might inspire you to design something better or take specific section of the email and put it in your email design.

The next one, number six, is each HTML Email Designs. And it’s very similar to the previous one, it’s just list of a collection of different kinds of emails. Designs of Moo, I like their service. So, this Moo template, they just have a snapshot. It’s not rebuilt HTML, like really good email. So, you will not see any moving parts if it’s GIFs or something else.

Okay, so, the next one is a big one, is Behance. This is a place where first you can get inspiration. And second, if you want to hire somebody from Behance, you can, you can outreach them and say, Hey, you should do something similar for me. So, you just type in Behance, behance.net and actually I’m reading the book about the founder.

And here, you do, let’s do ecommerce email marketing. And now you can just search different inspirations, like from, from different people, how they do it. Again, you can reach out to the person, let’s say, this one. This is Zara. I don’t think she designed this Zara email, but she may be try to improve their design or something and put it here. But again, bunch of different inspirations. This is newsletter design assets. You say, yeah. So this is, Behance is a cool resource to get the inspiration and also to find the talents.

The next one, the eight is, Theme Forest. They have a different website called Elements Envato. And on Elements Envato you can click more categories and email templates. Those templates are for sale. And I believe the pack costs $16. However, what you can do, you can just get inspiration from here. You don’t have to buy it, but just get inspired from the templates, and do the, say, responsive, or you can do, let’s say, if you use Mailchimp, how it looks on Mailchimp and so forth. So, this is another place resource, where you can get inspiration.

The next one is a social media platform, but this is also the great one. And you can spend a lot of time is Pinterest. A lot of people do not go there for email design inspiration, but trust me, there’s a lot of different email design examples. And even we post some of our designs, as well as designs we like on Pinterest. We are not as active as we should be there, but, it’s a great resource. I posted welcomes here of Casper. Then there are some of our designs and that we post here.

So, as you can see this batch of a bunch of different kinds of inspirations, and you can just search for ecommerce email design, for ecommerce email design, and it will show you a ton of different stuff. So, it’s like unlimited source of inspiration. So you can save things to your pin board, and let’s say, things you like, and then combine it. When I do some home projects, building something or want to build something, I always go to Pinterest and just putting everything to folder, which inspires me to create X, Y, and Z project.

And the last but not least source is to sign up for other people’s emails. Let’s say, you like some brands, either your competitor brand, or maybe some, some other brand or not related to your industry, but you can just get inspiration. So, I strongly recommend to subscribe to Magic Spoon. It’s a cereal brand, a high-protein cereal brand. They do amazing emails. Who else does it? Ka’Chava. Actually, like Magic Spoon they picked out a bite, but you can sign up for their email, they have an amazing email.

And the last one I recommend to subscribe is called Dr. Squatch. It’s a friend of mine who recommended their product. I never used their product. However, sign up for the email, they have a well-designed emails, and well, like very good structure. Also, we have another video called flowium email structure. It’s not about email design, but it’s about email design structure. So, I strongly recommend to check that video, because it will give you idea how to structure your email, and then you can figure out what kind of design to put in each of those blocks.

It’s called Email design- 7 essential elements. And also there’s like four other videos you can find, because here in the follow, how to create perfect welcome email, and also, 4 examples of almost perfect email, I talk about email designs and how other brands do it the right way. So, check it out those videos.

If you have any questions about this video or any other videos, or if you have any other sources where you can get email template design inspirations, plead them on this video and was other. And if you’re not a subscriber, please subscribe to this YouTube channel. We produce this kind of video every Thursday.

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