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Elevating Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Drip

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    Drip is a fast-growing CRM designed specifically for the eCommerce industry and comes with the promise of helping online marketers convert their leads into paying customers. 

    Does it meet those promises? Yes. And then a bit more. 


    Calling itself an ECRM software, Drip guides an interested customer through a purchase process that is personalized to him or her, giving an experience that maximizes returns, encourages repeat purchases, and increases your brand image. In addition, the software offers an impressive selection of features, perfectly selected to meet eCommerce needs.  

    Its main selling point is that it was created for eCommerce brands selling online. For example, it integrates seamlessly with a variety of eCommerce platforms including Shopify while also including pre-built automation right out of the box so that you can get going almost immediately.  

    There’s plenty to like about Drip. Let’s have a look. 


    What Is Drip? 

    In the simplest of terms, Drip is a marketing automation software created for the eCommerce industry. It makes use of strong integration, SMS, and email marketing to help a business grow its profits. 

    Built from the ground up for small businesses and marketers, the software offers a level of automation that is currently unrivalled in the market. Up until its launch, if you ever wished to have this many automation opportunities, your alternatives were limited to extremely expensive enterprise software. This was not a realistic path for many, especially smaller businesses. 


    How Can Drip Help You? 

    Very often, businesses, especially start-ups and smaller businesses, prefer handling their email marketing in-house in an effort to keep costs down.  

    However, this process is time-consuming as you have to devote time from your schedule to define the goals of your campaign. Once that is done, you have to constantly commit to its developments. 

    This is where email marketing automation helps – by letting you run automated and successful marketing campaigns and not having to bother with sending batches of emails every day. You create the copy and artwork, figure out which triggers you will be using and the software handles the rest, giving you the opportunity to focus on running your business.  

    Let’s explore some of its other features. 

    For starters, as mentioned above, Drip’s advanced techniques help you create personalized e-mails for different buyers thus increasing your chances of turning them into purchasing customers. Additionally, the use of e-mail funnels allows you to gamify outbound engagement – this motivates customers to engage with your content.  

    Funneling is available cross-platform (desktops, tablets, smartphones, and more) while detailed tracking of your funnels and e-mails as well as conversion tracking ensures you are always on top of how your campaigns are performing.  


    Analytics And Reporting 

    Reliable data is crucial to any marketing campaign. Understanding its importance, Drip offers a carefully curated selection of analytical and reporting features that aim to increase online eCommerce performance. Lead scores, in-depth email reports, overviews on the customer journey, and more come included. They require no setup and allows you to seamlessly begin tracking your performance.   

    Additionally, the platform offers up to 16 actions and 18 triggers in the rule binder. Moving customers between campaigns, applying tags, recording conversions, and everything else you could ask for are provided by the software and are ready for use.  


    Thoughts On The Interface 

    The software could have all the features you are looking but it won’t matter if it’s all added on a tacky interface that is difficult to navigate, understand and use. 

    Fortunately, Drip offers up an interface that is definitely rooted in modern design. Fast, intuitive, and easy to navigate with all important features readily accessible, Drip has a well-refined interface that makes the entire user experience a seamless and breezy affair.  

    The top bar ensures all required features are a click away and you never have to feel lost. This includes features like broadcasts, analytics, automation, and campaigns. Other, lesser important features are hidden away in drop-down menus, giving you a clutter-free interface. This approach to UI and design allows a user to quickly get the hang of things without referring to manuals and documentation. 


    Impressive Integration 

    Drip offers in excess of 50 integrations including popular webinar platforms, CRMs, and more. Many come added to your software but you can also add several more options including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, 1ShoppingCart, 3dcart, and Privy.  

    Additionally, Drip boasts seamless integration with a range of essential marketing tools. Those who use Facebook Ads can integrate with Drip so that customers can be added to a custom audience and even removed or added depending on a certain action.  

    If the included options don’t meet your needs, Zapier integrations open the door to an impressive range of actions and triggers that is sure to help you with your workflow. Integromat is another add-on that helps automate workflows and connect apps with actions. It rivals Zapier but at a cheaper price point. Do compare both options before going ahead.  

    Last but not the least, you will find a section dedicated to webhooks. 


    Who Will Benefit From Drip? 

    Does your website see high traffic? Do you have a varied audience? Would you like to step up your advertising strategies? 

    For eCommerce owners who have reached the stage where they are seeing subscribers and website visitors in the thousands, the advanced features of Drip will be highly appreciated. By helping you understand your audience and creating targeted emailers, you are guaranteed to improve your chances of converting leads into purchasing customers. 

    On the other hand, if you are someone seeing hundreds of visitors and are in need of basic emailing features, you may want to look at another software. 



    The bottom line is that if you are an eCommerce owner looking to scale, you will be hard-pressed to find a better CRM software. Drip has been built with the eCommerce industry in mind – and it shows. It offers a small yet curated list of features, all geared towards helping you grow your marketing efforts and keeping track of how your campaigns are performing.  

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