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8 best Klaviyo integrations and why you should give them a try

Written by Sarah Nderi
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Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform on its own. But as your business grows, your tech stack needs to follow.

To use Klaviyo, the first thing you should do is integrate with Klaviyo is your store. Once that’s out of the way, you can then add different integrations to power up your email marketing and create an omni-channel experience.

Klaviyo migration checklist – Download here 

Here are 8 Klaviyo integrations that can help you do that:


As I mentioned above, you need to integrate your online before anything else. Because when you do that, your start gathering data about the actions and behaviors of your customers that you can then use to set up email automations and generally make your email marketing more relevant.

When you use Klaviyo, Shopify is your best bet. It integrates with Klaviyo seamlessly, requires little to no coding, and is robust and easy to use.

Create your online store with Shopify, integrate it with Klaviyo, then take advantage of all Klaviyo has to offer.


Aftership is an automated tracking platform which offers eCommerce businesses shipment visibility, branded tracking page and shipment notifications.

Aftership allows you to track all the shipments in one place. It shows you the orders in transit and orders out for delivery.

You can also see delivered orders, failed attempts, exceptions and expired orders. Your customer is able to click, track the package and see the tracking results.

A Klaviyo-Aftership integration will enable you to:

  • send delivery updates to customers via email
  • customize email flows with orders and tracking and allow customers track orders while in transit
  • trigger product review flows
  • notify customers of any delays to reduce shipping anxiety

You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate Aftership with Klaviyo here.

Smile.io – Loyalty programs

If you’re thinking of building a loyalty and rewards program, you should consider Smile.io.

Smile.io offers services to help eCommerce businesses turn occasional customers into loyal and repeat customers.

Smile.io is a great program because it provides features that eliminate the need for additional platforms.

With Smile.io you provide rewards to your customers through a points system. And these points can be acquired through many different actions like signing up, making a purchase, leaving a review, social sharing, celebrating a birthday and more. Once a member has enough points, they can redeem those points for whatever makes the most sense for your brand: dollar discount, percentage discount, free shipping or a free gift.

You also have the opportunity to create a list of VIP members by providing additional perks, such as a free gift with every purchase, early access to sales and launches, accelerated points earning and just about anything else you can think of.

These VIP members are crucial when it comes to segmentation for future campaigns – so it’s nice to have a program in place that will take care of your VIP segment for you.

One of the best add-ons about Smile.io is that you can also use it as your referral program. You can incentivize, collect and feature reviews from your loyal members. This skips the need for an additional platform or program that needs to be integrated.

Once you integrate Smile.io with Klaviyo, you’re able to trigger flows and automated emails based on actions that your loyal customers have taken. It doesn’t get easier than that.

If you want to learn how to integrate Smile.io with Klaviyo, we have a step-by-step tutorial here.

Dojo Mojo

Dojo Mojo is a one-stop-shop acquisition and engagement platform.

With Dojo Mojo, you can build your email list partnering with other brands.

Klaviyo offers a seamless way to upload emails captured by Dojo Mojo. You can welcome and integrate your new audience through Klaviyo emails and notifications.


Although email marketing and social media always seem to be competing for the title of a more effective channel for ecommerce, they can actually work together to bring you better results.

To reach your existing Klaviyo subscribers, target them with high-quality ads. You can do this by integrating Klaviyo with Facebook. Klaviyo maps your existing customer’s email addresses into an ad account. Create custom audiences from that account and they’ll be the recipients of the ads.

Now that you’ve set up your custom audience, create a lookalike audience. A look-alike Facebook audience is one which is similar to your customer base but has not heard of you. A look-alike audience makes sure your ads get served to people with the same characteristics as your buyer persona. Moreover, you can also reach your inactive customers by targeting them with ads.

To reach your inactive customers, set up a segment called inactive subscribers. I have defined my inactive subscribers as those who haven’t opened my emails in the last 365 days. This makes it easy to target them with ads or suppress them so that you’re not charged for inactive customers. You are free to further define this audience based on your company’s preferences.

Finally, you can use Klaviyo to collect email addresses from Facebook lead ads. Lead ads are great for collecting email addresses from lookalike audiences.

In summary, a Facebook-Klaviyo integration will help you to

  • advertise to your email subscribers and customers through creating custom audiences
  • create lookalike audiences from custom audiences and advertise directly to them
  • advertise to inactive customers
  • collect email addresses from Facebook lead ads
  • use Facebook lead ads to collect emails from your lookalike audience


Tapcart makes it easy for you to design Android and iOS apps for your Shopify store. The best thing about it is that there’s no development required, it’s all drag-and-drop, which provides a seamless user experience.

For eCommerce stores, the most crucial point of every single sale is the checkout experience. Given that most of your customers will shop from their phone and that up to 90% of shoppers abandon their cart because of some complications in the checkout process,  offering a mobile app greatly boosts your chances for conversion.

By integrating Tapcart with Klaviyo you can:

  • sell more with push notifications
  • create event-based workflows and engage with users by sending automated push notifications
  • set up behavior-based (e.g. abandoned cart), product-based (e.g. back-in-stock and new arrivals), or campaign-based notifications


Gatsby provides you with key Instagram insights on your customers and syncs with your existing marketing tools to help you find and source micro-influencers that are useful, authentic, and provide real value.

By scoring through your website visitors and customers, Gatsby discovers micro-influencers that you could hire to promote your eCommerce brand.

With the Gatsby-Klaviyo integration, you can:

  • gather Instagram handles with a Klaviyo popup form
  • view Instagram profile metrics and trigger automated Klaviyo campaigns
  • segment your customers based on interests and lower influencer-marketing costs


Given that 70% of people who visit your site will leave, pop up forms are a great way to help you recover abandoning visitors. Today, one of the most robust software on the market is OptinMonster.

Integrating OptinMonster with Klaviyo will help you grow your email list by:

  • helping you create forms with their high-performing templates
  • robust A/B testing features
  • tracking leads from the high-converting popups, cart abandonment popups, are tagged in Klaviyo. These are then added to automated sequence

Bottom line

Even though Klaviyo offers robust features on its own, using integrations is a great way to improve the performance of your account.

That said, it doesn’t mean you need to use all of the integrations listed above.

You should use different integrations depending on your goals with email marketing – whether it’s shortening the sales cycle, increasing customer LTV, or simply connecting with your customers and building their trust with your brand.

If you’re currently using another email marketing platform and want to migrate but don’t know how, you can download our Klaviyo migration checklist here.

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