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How To Recover Abandoned Carts: Tips and Tricks

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    No matter how high or low your abandonment cart rate is, there is always scope for doing better by reducing the rate further.

    Research shows that the average online abandonment cart rate is nearly 70%.

    If you are wondering how to recover abandoned carts, luckily there is plenty you can do in order to help your customers complete the purchasing process.

    One of the most effective ways is by trying to recover your abandoned carts. This implies finding ways and means to draw your customers back into the website even after they’ve left it.

    Abandoned carts can have huge potential sales, even though they are often overlooked.

    Therefore, recapturing even half of these sales could result in a substantial increase in revenue for your website.

    How to Recover Abandoned Carts

    Let’s look at some of the ways in which abandoned carts can be recovered:

    Grab your customer’s attention before they leave

    A great way of doing this would be to use a pop-up showing intent to exit. This is perhaps the easiest way to reduce abandonment and recover a lost cart.

    To make it more appealing, the pop-up could also include humorous or funny messages but at the same time convey a sense of urgency.

    Besides this, offers such as free shipping or discounted shipping along with images of the items in the cart would also make the pop-up more targeted.

    Send emails

    This could be a useful strategy to recover an abandoned cart.

    One good way to draw the customer’s attention would be to have an attractive and eye-catching subject line for the email. For example a subject line like, “Psst…did you leave something behind?” would be a great way to draw the customer’s attention.

    Other options to include in your emails to bring the customer back to the cart are:

    • A time-sensitive discount coupon
    • A coupon containing free shipping
    • Offering alternative product options.

    The emails should be sent with the intent of being a gentle reminder rather than being too pushy. The timing of the email is important apart from the content.

    A good example of an abandoned cart email

    Use push notifications

    Push notifications could be a useful way of getting back customers who have abandoned their online shopping carts.

    To enable this feature, a plugin would be needed to create the notification and choose the exact time when it should go out to the customer.

    There are a lot of plugin options available nowadays for common e-commerce websites. Examples of good plugins are Firepush for Shopify and OneSignal for WordPress.

    Use advertisements for retargeting

    With online advertising coming a long way in recent years, it has proven to be a valuable option for online businesses when it comes to retarget customers.

    Many large e-commerce companies use retargeting ads to bring customers back to their website and nudge them to complete their purchases.

    Retargeting ads work by using a Google remarketing tag or a Facebook pixel which you can embed in your website’s code. Alternatively, you can use a plugin on your website for the same purpose.

    With the help of retargeting ads, your shoppers are shown ads of the same products that they added to their cart when they are browsing other websites.

    Showcase reviews

    Many shoppers go by reviews especially when it comes to e-commerce marketing.

    When customers see that other people have given good reviews on certain products, they feel more inclined to buy a product.

    You need to make people believe that you are a five-star company and that you offer good quality products.

    Ways to showcase your reviews and testimonies:

    • Show your awesome ratings near the product on the checkout page to encourage purchase
    • Display the chosen product and corresponding rating when you send abandoned cart recovery emails
    • When you use retargeting ads, include testimony or rating.

    Encourage customers to sync accounts

    Sometimes customers switch from their phone to their desktop when shopping and this leads to forgotten carts.

    To minimize this loss, ask customers to sync their accounts or use apps like Consistent Cart or Persistent Cart to access their cart from multiple devices.

    Another point to keep in mind is to make accessing the website easy across all devices.

    In certain instances, your website may look different on different devices like a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

    Ensure that the interface is easy to use and that navigation from the web page to the cart is simple.

    Build trust

    Research shows that nowadays most people are aware of scammers and that they are less likely to complete a purchase if they are suspicious.

    You need to show customers that they can trust your website and that they are safe.

    Some of the ways that you can establish trust are:

    • By making a good first impression. Your website should be easy to use across all devices
    • Using trust signals like testimonies and third-party reviews
    • Stand out in the crowd. Use a professional to design your website, hire a professional photographer for the pictures, and use a web content writer for descriptions
    • Make your website easily accessible.

    Why Choose a Professional?

    Recovering abandoned carts is very important but may not be a very easy task. Why not leave it up to the professionals who know exactly how to deal with the situation and win back customers for you?

    One of the best ways to recover abandoned carts is through abandoned cart emails.

    A good abandoned cart email, sent at the right time to a customer who abandoned your cart will help to significantly reduce cart abandonment.

    A professional knows exactly how to:

    • Craft the best emails
    • Figure out problems with your e-commerce site
    • Create the right content to send to the right target group
    • Make your abandoned cart email template unique.

    Don’t let the issue of abandoned carts go without rectification. Using some of the above-mentioned tips will surely help to reduce the rate of cart abandonment for your e-commerce website.

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