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Klaviyo Zapier integration

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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Zapier is one of the best tools you can use to automate your business. In this full tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate them in a matter of minutes.

Hi, this is Andrew from Flowium Email Marketing Agency, as well as the creator of this YouTube channel. And in this video, I will show you how to integrate Klaviyo and Zapier and how to start using it.

So, first of all, let’s login to our Klaviyo account. So here’s a Klaviyo account, also Zapier and first thing you need to do in Zapier, just go to My Zaps and look for Klaviyo.

So it asks me for Klaviyo the Public API and Private API.

I’ll show you one more time. So just go to Account. This is my test account and go to Settings and click on API Keys. Actually, you click Create API Key and for organization purposes, I would highly recommend to name them: Zapier 2 (I put it underscore two, because I already have one).

So I’m copying code and pasting it in the Private API line, so it’s my Private API. And Public is site ID.

So now what can we do now?  There’s two ways: either any action trigger in Klaviyo will do something else or any action you do somewhere else, and it will be added to Klaviyo.

For example, if you have a sign up for or any survey for Google, for anything where you collecting emails, after person submit that forms, then you can add them to Klaviyo profile.

Hypothetical example №1: let’s say Google form. So somebody submits Google form, new response in spreadsheet. Continue.

So I have this community members, Facebook group Flowium, click Continue, Testing Trigger. Okay, So I have an email here. 

So the next step I do is Continue. Then I do Klaviyo and Add Subscriber, Continue then Klaviyo site (the second one) then Continue. And then list. Typically it’s like newsletter then email and email you pick from that a Google form.

So this is an email and also I highly recommend if you are collecting name, just to add name as well. And that’s it. So no need to add anything else, click Continue and Test & Continue.

So now let’s go back to my Klaviyo account profiles.  So this person was just added through that Zapier. 

Also there’s another way how you can use Zapier and Klaviyo, it’s Make a Zap. And you can start from Klaviyo and do the New Event and choose which, Continue.
Choose Klaviyo site (the second one) Continue. Test trigger.

It’s harder to do. And I do not recommend to do this way.

Why? So you see there’s four events, Zapier will be triggered four times and every time it will do some actions. So I do not recommend that way, unless you want to create some kind of log of actions per user and put it in Google sheet or some database. I do not recommend to do it that way.



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