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How to create Shopify coupons

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    The holiday season is around the corner and as an eCommerce business you should start getting ready now. A big part of your success during the big sales is a strong discount strategy and coupon codes.  Use this tutorial to set up your coupon codes in Shopify and win your holiday season sales game.  Need more help on designing your discount strategy? Check out our eCommerce Holiday Guide 2020: Selling Through Email Use Klaviyo as your email marketing platform? Watch this video on How to Use Klaviyo Shopify Coupon Feature
    – How to create Shopify coupon code? Hi, this Andrei from Flowium, and in this video I’ll show you how to create Shopify coupon code and explain you all the features and options you might have. Okay, so let’s start. Okay, so first you need to do is to login to your Shopify then you have to click to Discounts. And here, you have all available discounts that you created. In my case, it’s a demo account, I don’t have any discounts, but you can create a discount. But before I continue, if you are using Klaviyo as your email marketing service provider, I have another video about how to create coupons in Klaviyo through Shopify. So, please check it out. Okay, I’m back. Okay, so you can type in whatever you want, like HOLIDAY2020, or if you want to make that code unique and not very rememberable, it’s hard for me to pronounce that words, you click “Generate code” and here’s your code. So, let’s do generate code. Then you have four types of codes. So first it’s percentage, 10% off, 20% off, 50% off, and so forth. Fixed amount, meaning $5 off, $10 off, and so forth. And by the way, you see when I click here, the bottom part changes because percentage off, it’s in percents. Fixed amount is in the dollar or any other currency you use Shopify for. Then we do free shipping, there’s no other option. And when you buy X you will get Y. So let’s do percentage because this is the most typical one. So, let’s do 10%. And now it’s asking you to which product we can apply the discount code. The most common one is all products. However, if you doing some kind of flash sale for specific items, you can do specific collection or you can even do specific product. Maybe you have a sales collection or winter collection in the summer, and you want to start selling your winter stock, or you can use specific product and you will type in and you will apply the product. So, let’s do all products which is typical one, and minimum requirements. So minimum requirements for percentage discount, it’s not as applicable because you don’t really care because if they buy product even as low as $5, they will get 50 cents off. One, it’s very important the minimum requirement is let’s say $50 off, you do not want them to buy $50 of your products, apply the code, and get the product for free. So in that case, you can put something minimum, it’s like 150 or let’s do 500. So, which is a 10%. So it’s very important to put minimum requirement when you do fixed amount, free shipping, buy X get Y. So, let’s do back percentage. Let’s do none, or the minimum quantity of orders, like maybe you giving them 10% off if they buy five of your items. Then it’s customer eligibility. I would recommend to put everyone and do not put anything else. Unless you have some marketing genius idea to segment out those people, I would not recommend to do that. And also, it’s easier to do in your email marketing service provider or any other tool to segment out those people and send them discount code only to specific people. Then it’s limits. So first is limit number of times, maybe you have black Friday or cyber Monday sale, and you want to provide only 100 discounts. So the discount would be available only to 100 users, and there are built in scarcity. People will buy faster because there’s limit. When you apply this discount code, one person can use only once. If they want to buy again from you, they will not be allowed to use this discount code. If you uncheck that, this discount can be used as many times as that person wants to buy from you. And the last thing is active date. It’s also very important for scarcity. In case you run some kind of flash sale, you can say something like, “Hey, today we’re starting flash sale. It will start at 8:00 AM today, Eastern Standard Time, and it will end tomorrow by midnight,” or something like that. And even one minute past midnight, they will not be able to use that discount. Okay, and the last thing is to click save discount. And this is it, this discount and it will be available in this discount section and it’s active. In case you have any other questions about this video, please leave them below. Also, if you like this video, put thumbs up. If you don’t like it, thumbs down. If you’re not subscribed to our YouTube channel, please subscribe and hit the bell. We are releasing this kind of videos every Thursday. Thank you, bye.
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