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Examples from the Best Brands’ Product Launch Email Campaigns

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    3 things to include in your product launch email

    Are you preparing to launch a new product?

    The success of your launch greatly depends on how you build anticipation and excitement around your offering.

    In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of effective product launch email campaigns and how they can create a buzz for your upcoming release. Whether you’re in any niche, these strategies will work wonders for your business.

    Let’s dive in!

    1. Building Anticipation and Hype:

    Timing is everything when it comes to product launches. Sending out emails a week or two before the release is ideal, as it keeps your brand fresh in the minds of your audience.

    2. Examples of Engaging Email Designs:

    Personalization is a key factor that makes customers feel valued and encourages them to take action.

    Here is a great teaser email from Polish Pops. They show you what is coming and give some ideas to your mind to guess, but they don’t actually share any details.

    3. Encouraging Interaction:

    The “remind me” and “notification” buttons are powerful elements to include in your emails. We’ll explore how strategically placing these calls-to-action can boost customer engagement and lead to higher conversion rates.

    The Best 4 Product Launch Emails: Video Overview

    The Best New Product Launch Email Sequence by Dr. Squatch

    This is the best product launch email I receive in the past four years.

    I would like to show one very cool product launch. That’s the email series from one brand that I follow. They have a great design, great content, and they have a great mix of products like selling your product with the content.

    If you are either an email marketer, marketer, or you own your e-commerce brand, I strongly suggest to follow this brand for email inspiration.

    I believe three or four emails on how to launch their new product and then we will play their trailer because it’s fun.

    The brand name is Dr. Squatch. As you can see, I have a lot of emails from them and it’s one of my best friends recommended this brand to me. Full transparency, I did not buy any product yet but after this is Halo product launch I just want to try it.

    Product Launch Email #1 – Intro to the new product

    This is the first email where they’re like launching this product. They have a video. I like the GIF. They show parts of the video but as well this is very powerful. Honestly, this is the first time I seen it and I think we might start using this in our own email marketing so it’s like captions.

    So then the big call to action is to watch the video. It’s a very cool video. If you click there’s a page and there’s a shop bar or watch the trailer. Here they tell you about the ingredients, where they were built from, and why it’s important.

    This email is simple but at the same time a little bit complicated from a creative perspective, but it’s like an attractive, catchy, big call to action and some information. There’s not much of like, hey, buy, buy, buy now at the bottom. They have a shop now, but before somebody shopped trust me, everybody probably clicks on watch the video.

    It’s not easy to stay consistently creative. That’s why we created a full-year campaign content idea calendar, to give us inspiration when we need it.

    Product Launch Email #2 – How it was created

    The next email they are telling you how it was created. Again, the same strategy. Basically they just dividing their trailers in the email, so it’s another episode of the trailer. As you can see another caption and short story, and I like their call to action, it suits up.

    I played Halo a few times in my life, so I’m not very familiar with the game, but they are tying together to Halo game because a lot of males are playing the game and they selling to males, so I think that’s why they made this partnership and they talk their language.

    Product Launch Email #3 – Limited quantity

    And the last email is a limited quantity. But based on my experience, I can tell it right away that they probably had a huge stock of soaps and if they would be sold out, they would probably never send this email but they prepared in advance, which is a great strategy and they have this email.

    They probably have a few hundred or a few thousand soaps left and that’s why they send the limited quantity left. This is urgent right now and they are selling user scrub. Also again, I like how they visually explain why this soap is for you or scrub.

    Product Launch Email#4 – Last call

    On the last call, they pushed you harder. This is urgent. Again, I love their GIF. Same explanation, shop now, get Spartan Scrub.

    This is the four emails, how they launch their products. Great example, creatives are great. The call to action is clear and talks to the audience. I personally believe it’s a great balance in terms of emails. Four emails for the one launch is amazing.

    Email campaign creation is a long and complicated process. The key is to streamline it – so you know exactly what you need to do at each stage. We have a Campaign checklist, where we share step-by-step instructions on how to create your campaigns in a more efficient way.

    If you have resources either financial resources or time resources to do it, I highly recommend it. But even if you do only two emails of a similar, it’s still good enough. If you need any other email design inspiration, I have another video about email design inspiration resources. You can watch it and find your own inspiration for whatever you need. Either for welcome flow, abandoned cart, or some other sequence or campaign.

    In case you have any additional questions please leave them under this video and subscribe to this YouTube Channel as well as like this video. Thank you.

    Dr. Squatch Product Launch Email Sequence: Video Overview

    Conclusion about product launch emails

    Product launches are pivotal moments for any business, and the right email marketing strategy can make all the difference. By implementing the tips and examples shared by Andriy, you can create a compelling product launch email campaign that generates excitement, anticipation, and ultimately drives sales. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource to make your next product launch a resounding success!

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