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Why Do I Need Email Marketing For My Ecommerce Store?

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I often receive calls from friends and messages from strangers asking me about my services. In general, the main questions are: “What do you do?” and “How can you help me?” I typically ask them for more information, to learn where they stand, so I can explain how I can help them. If it is somebody, who just opened a store, and has less than few thousand subscribers – it would be one explanation, and if it is seasonal business but have no email marketing setup up – it is a different story.

What is the email marketing?

First, let’s start from what the email marketing is. The email marketing (in my own words) – is the way to communicate with your subscribers and/or customers. In general, when I say that I am an email marketing consultant for ecommerce, people instantly think that I am one of those spammers, who sends emails out of the blue, which are useless for you, and which you never subscribed for. No, it is not what email marketing is. We call those people spammers 🙂 . The true email marketing consultant helps ecommerce business owner to build a strategic communication, tailored to a specific customer. Yes, it sounds great. But what does it mean?

You have your ecommerce store. It doesn’t matter if it is new or existing. Now, you need to tell people about your store. I am not an expert in driving traffic to sites, but in general you will do either facebook or google ads. However, you might create a content ,which will drive people to your site organically. It means that people will find your store the same way you found this article (just stop for a second and think how you found it).

Let’s assume you pay for the traffic to your ecommerce store. You already have people visiting your store. There are two possible scenarios after they do. They either buy or do not buy.  So the first part of the process – is to drive traffic to the site.

The next stage of the funnel starts after people visit your site. Now, you need to “bribe” them to give you their email. This is where my job (or any email marketing consultant) starts. After they visit the site, the goal is not to sell but capture their email. This is the ultimate goal.

There are many store owners who already do it on their own. They either have sign up forms in the footer of their site, or they might have some pop-ups or exit intent. By the way, few weeks ago, we wrote about the best exit intent services for ecommerce.

The communication with your subscribers/customers

The communication after people sign up – is where the majority of ecommerce fails. This is where true email marketing starts. You want to set up the automated communication with your subscribers/customers via email.

How would you feel if you subscribed to something and received zero emails? You want to create strategic customer journey for your subscriber. If you would like to learn more, I highly recommend to read Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman. In his book, he explains how to strategically serve your customers, so they come back to you over and over again.

Automatic emails have the best ROI (return on investment). You invest your money/time once, and they work 24/7 for you for free. It is like having a salesperson, who works for you for free (wishful thinking 🙂 ). From my experience, the automatic emails for ecommerce brands generate around 10-30% from the total revenue.

In addition, if you drive paid traffic to your store, the value of the lead (subscriber) is much higher, as well as the conversion. Let’s say if they did not buy on day one after they visited your store, they might buy after the 2nd or 10th email. You do not need to pay Facebook or Google to communicate with this customer anymore. It is your contact information now, and you can send them what you want as often as you would like.

Why Do I Need Email Marketing For My Ecommerce Store?

The email marketing for ecommerce is one of the most important components of the success. As I mentioned before, it generates in average 10-30% of additional income. This amount of money is very hard to ignore.

If you have any additional questions about this or any other articles, feel free to ask in comments below.


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