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Where to find Klaviyo site tracking code?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Hey, this is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC and as usual, I was daily tips, how to use Klaviyo or how to improve your Klayvio is or skills or matters how you market to your customers. So this is more, this is more set up thing, but you need to check if your site tracking is on, because it’s the most common problem. If you go to metrics and you need to check active on the site and another product product, you right here, your product and right there, as you can see, this is not active accounts, it’s all a bit bad, bad example, maybe not bad example because in most accounts, I see this; there is no activity, and here’s, there’s no activity. What does it mean? It means your website tracking is not set up properly. I will not do video how to do it because it’s different for each platform. However, I’ll show you in this video, where to find site tracking code, which you need to add to your site. As a site tracking is very easy to add, but for products, you might need to hire either developer or figure out how to do it yourself. In my case, this was account for WooCommerce. I figured out how to do it, but it took me sometimes at least like 30 minutes to figure out how to do it. So it’s like how much your time is worth and depends how much time you have. But basically, you go to to find the code. You click on there, your account name, and you click on set up web tracking, and here, since this is WooCommerce store, this information provided for WooCommerce, it’s only for WooCommerce. If you have a Shopify connected, it will be instructional will be for Shopify. If you have Magento, the instruction here will be from Magento. So Klaviyo support team is extremely helpful. You can click here, and if you have paid account, if you have paid account, there will be side chat, chat, support chat, and you can talk to them. But basically, in this video I’ll just want to show the location of that code, which you need to add to your site as well to your product page to see when people are checking specific products. I hope it’s helpful. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach me to ask more questions on there is this video or any other video we provide on YouTube. Thank you.

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