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The difference between our Klaviyo Mastery and eCommerce Customer Lifecycle courses

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Many of you have been asking about the difference between our two courses – Klaviyo Mastery and eCommerce Email Marketing: Customer Lifecycle.

    The Klaviyo Mastery course is focused entirely on the technical side of Klaviyo – how to set up your account and use Klaviyo in a way that provides the best results for your business.

    It includes very technical topics like installing tracking codes, navigating profile metrics, Klaviyo integrations, lists, and segments, among others. Probably the most important topics that we cover in Klaviyo Mastery are how to set up flows (including flow triggers, flow filters, use of dynamic blocks and codes) and create campaigns.

    The Lifecycle course covers the actual strategy – what flows to send, what emails to include in those flows, in what order, with what delay, which content to include, what copy to write, what type of design to create.

    It’s practically everything we do for our own clients on a daily basis – and we teach you how to do it. The best thing about this course is that it’s very actionable – you can implement as you go through each module. We also included the exact checklists and templates that we use internally to make it even easier to put strategies to action.

    The strategies we cover in the Lifecycle course have a far greater value than learning the technical side of Klaviyo, hence the price difference.

    Depending on what you’re looking to learn at the moment, you can buy one or the other – although we’ve heard from many course participants that when you take both courses, it’s a “power combo” because you learn both the technical intricacies of Klaviyo and the actual strategies that will bring in the revenue.

    Learn more about the courses and their contents here:

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