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Klaviyo vs Sendlane in 2024: Which is Better?

Written by Natalia Guivan
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    For a business owner, it’s vital to have an effective marketing strategy and involve popular promotion and communication channels like emailing. The most efficient way to organize consistent email marketing is to use a powerful platform or service that will provide you with all the required tools. Considering the modern abundance of different email marketing services, figuring out which platform is the most suitable for you can sometimes be tricky. Have no fear—Flowium’s team is here to assist with the choice! 

    In this article, we’ll compare Sendlane vs Klaviyo, two popular email marketing platforms, and examine their benefits and drawbacks. Stay tuned for all the needed information.

    Klaviyo vs Sendlane Compared

    Email marketing companies like Sendlane and Klaviyo provide their clients with advanced software that makes it simple for them to design, send, and monitor different kinds of emails that are delivered to their subscribers. This is a terrific approach to figuring out what kind of design and content converts and making engaging emails that your consumers will appreciate. 

    You can quickly categorize your subscriber base and monitor the number of people who open your emails with the help of these analytics. These tools also assist you in figuring out the click-through rate of every email you send, so you can experiment with different campaigns to find what works best for your audience. 

    Let’s look at Klaviyo vs Sendlane – two competitive email marketing solutions that can help scale your business. 

    About Klaviyo

    The primary goal of the email marketing platform Klaviyo is to assist e-commerce companies. As a leading player in the email marketing game, it offers marketing automation tools powered by data. Klaviyo also offers resources for developing and overseeing personalized email marketing campaigns in addition to automating other marketing-related tasks. 

    Klaviyo is acknowledged by many companies as one of the top email marketing platforms, including Flowium email marketing agency. With this intelligent marketing automation and customer data platform, over 100,000 enterprises can accelerate income through channels they control, such as web, in-app notifications, email, SMS, and product evaluations. 

    About Sendlane

    Sendlane is a platform for email marketing automation created to assist companies and marketers in streamlining their email marketing initiatives. When you first head over to Sendlane’s website, you’re instantly hit with their mission statement – “Unified email, SMS, and reviews for eCommerce. Better features. Better support. Better customer experience”. With enhanced analytics, various pricing options, and unparalleled support, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses like to use this platform. 

    Sendlane vs Klaviyo Features

    One of the first aspects you have to look at while choosing Klaviyo vs Sendlane is the set of features. Let’s discover what exactly these platforms have to offer in terms of functionality and compare them.

    Klaviyo Features

    Klaviyo is known as an intuitive platform that uses machine learning to help make your life easier when creating emails. With dozens of built-in templates already optimized for use, businesses can quickly learn this platform without having to hire an external designer for assistance. 

    Klavito also helps keep track of your audience segmentation, helping you combine various attributes about your customers such as behaviors, locations, predicted properties, and more. This is a great way to connect with your client base, sending emails specific to their likes and needs. 

    Furthermore, Klaviyo has built-in integrations that are constantly updated helping you keep track of the customer journey. Eliminating the need for sophisticated IT teams to help you make sense of various campaigns, this software helps you explore integrations in minutes instead of hours. 

    Many users also note that Klaviyo is user-friendly. With customizable dashboards and easy access to reporting features, you can easily figure out which campaigns are performing well. This is a great tool to connect with your client base while further refining your audience segmentation lists.

    Top features of Klaviyo:

    • One-click integrations
    • ROI-based reporting
    • Segmentation tools 
    • Personalized emails
    • Product recommendations
    • Social media advertising
    • Autoresponder templates 
    • Shopify automation 
    • Unified email marketing and SMS solutions

    Sendlane Features

    Similar to Klaviyo, Sendlane also has professionally designed pre-built templates available for use. They also use machine learning to help leverage habits and patterns with their customers to better understand customer behavior. You can even retarget shoppers with dynamic emails that adapt content to each specific individual. 

    Top features of Sendlane:

    • Email automation
    • Real-time reporting
    • Email targeting
    • Performance tracking
    • Enhanced customer review tools 
    • Various tiers of support are available 
    • Pre-built templates 
    • Unified email marketing and SMS solutions

    Klaviyo and Sendlane Pricing Comparison

    Another decisive factor that can heavily impact the choice between Sendlane and Klaviyo is the pricing policy. Both service providers offer convenient and relatively affordable options that many businesses find advantageous. Let’s take a look at them.

    Klaviyo Pricing Options

    On Klaviyo’s website, you can see the available pricing plans and a clear principle of price estimation which depends on the number of clients. The company cares that its clients don’t overspend so they can choose the most suitable plan and pay according to the number of subscribers. You can choose a full suite that includes both email and SMS marketing tools, or just the Email plan if you strictly want to focus on one channel. 

    Klaviyo also provides a free plan as an option for clients to try out the platform. Of course, its tools are limited in comparison with paid plans. However, it’s perfect for businesses that just started their promotion via email and don’t have a big list of contacts. The free plan is a great help to get to know the platform’s mechanics, get used to the interface, and see the benefits of collaboration with Klaviyo. Many users who tried out the functionality chose to upgrade their plans to leverage more useful tools and expand their marketing efforts.

    Sendlane Prices

    Let us examine the pricing system that Sendlane provides. Depending on your demands, Sendlane offers a range of pricing alternatives so that businesses only pay for what they use. A small business could just need 50,000 emails, but others might need something a little bit bigger, like 25,000,000 emails. This is an excellent approach to guarantee that everyone can afford its platform and to assist both tiny and large organizations. 

    With the option of trialing the software for free, businesses can quickly find out if Sendlane is right for them without the fear of being locked into a lengthy contract. 


    Pros and Cons of Klaviyo vs Sendlane

    One can’t truly assess Klaviyo vs Sendlane without looking into their strong and weak points. So, let’s discover what advantageous qualities and features these two services have and what they are lacking.

    Advantages and drawbacks of Klaviyo

    Klaviyo benefits:

    • Focus on E-commerce.
      Klaviyo is an excellent tool for companies involved in online sales since it integrates easily with different e-commerce platforms and offers functionalities tailored to their markets.
    • Cutting-edge Segmentation.
      Targeted and customized email messages are made possible by the platform’s ability to perform complex segmentation based on consumer behavior.
    • Automation Capabilities.
      With Klaviyo, businesses can set up detailed automated workflows that are triggered by particular events or consumer actions thanks to sophisticated automation features.
    • Personalization.
      By utilizing consumer data, the platform’s personalization feature enables organizations to produce dynamic, tailored content.
    • Analytics and Reporting.
      Enterprises can track the effectiveness of their email campaigns and make data-driven choices with the help of Klaviyo’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.

    Drawbacks of Klaviyo:

    • Learning Curve.
      Compared to more straightforward email marketing platforms, some users might find Klaviyo’s complex features to have a steeper learning curve.
    • Pricing.
      Klaviyo might seem more expensive than some other email marketing solutions, depending on the size and requirements of the company. This is something smaller companies may find difficult to afford.
    • Integration Complexity.
      Although Klaviyo interfaces smoothly with well-known e-commerce platforms, more work may be needed to combine it with unique or uncommon systems.

    Benefits and shortcomings of Sendlane

    Advantages of Sendlane:

    • Automation.
      Sendlane’s comprehensive automation tools enable customers to design and implement email sequences that are triggered by customer actions and other events.
    • Simple Email Campaign Creation.
      To create and send eye-catching email campaigns, the platform offers a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating emails easier.
    • Effective Segmentation.
      Sendlane facilitates audience segmentation, which allows users to target particular subscriber groups according to different criteria. 
    • Advanced Analytics.
      Email campaign performance can be monitored with Sendlane’s analytics tools, which offer valuable information on important parameters such as open, click-through, and conversion rates.
    • Integrations.
      The platform gives users the option to link Sendlane with their current tech stack by integrating it frequently with e-commerce sites, CRMs, and other marketing tools.

    Sendlane’s drawbacks:

    • Learning Curve.
      New users may find it difficult to navigate the learning curve, particularly when experimenting with sophisticated features and automation options.
    • Template Customization.
      Sendlane offers email creation templates, although some users might find that there are fewer options for customizing the template than with more versatile design software.
    • Pricing.
      Sendlane’s pricing may be taken into account based on the size and needs of a business. Users should carefully evaluate the plans and features to make sure they meet their needs and budget.

    Which is better, Klaviyo or Sendlane in 2024?

    After comparing Sendlane vs Klaviyo, we can clearly see that they are powerhouses when it comes to email marketing solutions. Nevertheless, you can discover that one platform is more appropriate for your company than the other based on your spending limit, aims, and objectives. 

    While Klaviyo tends to appeal to a variety of organizations big and small, Sendlane advertises itself as the go-to platform for digital marketers, e-commerce enterprises, and content providers. With capabilities that can help you reach your marketing objectives at a higher level, Klaviyo is often the ideal choice for businesses seeking better integrations and assistance. 

    However, Klaviyo, which has a ton of fascinating features, might be a little overwhelming for smaller businesses. 

    How to choose Sendlane vs Klaviyo

    Before choosing an email marketing solution for your business, it’s important to map out your objectives and what you’re looking to achieve. What works for a large corporation may not work for a small start-up, so be honest with where you’re at and how much support is needed. 

    Utilize the free resources at your disposal and experiment with both systems using free trial options to determine which works best for you. 


    Overall, even though we thoroughly compared Klaviyo vs Sendlane by outlining their features, pricing offers, and pros/cons, the decision of which solution is better is still up to you. When choosing, keep in mind that your objectives must align with a platform’s capabilities. The goal of both solutions is to help you launch your email marketing strategy into action as soon as possible. If you need help with any of these services or professional advice on the matter of email marketing, don’t hesitate to request assistance from Flowium. Our qualified team of email marketers has been working with Klaviyo for years, as well as many other providers, so we’ll help you find the most efficient solution to any of your issues. 

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