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4 Things You Can Split Test in Abandoned Cart Automation

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I am going to be discussing 4 things you need to split tests in your abandoned cart automation. At the beginning, we set our strategy in motion and leave it but it is important to check back in and make sure everything is working.

    Do you find many people abandoning their carts before finishing payment on your website? If so, this video is perfect for you, I will be discussing a few strategies to make sure those people return and finish their payment. When you are doing these split tests, make sure you are doing them individually and giving an adequate amount of time to each one.

    Sometimes there are common problems that occur such as the offers not expiring and discount codes extending longer than they should, which is not good because you will be losing money.

    It can be very time-consuming split testing and tracking the results, so make sure to add it to your business schedule, this could be a few days each month and then checking back in to see the results.

    A lot of clients ask me and potential clients ask me “What should I split test? I don’t have any ideas and I don’t know what to do.”
    Or also what’s killing me the most: “I create abandoned cart, it is done. I don’t need to do anything else”.

    I do not believe in “set it and forget it”. If you are a small business owner and your plate is full of stuff to do in your business, I do understand, and maybe it’s not the right video for you at this moment.

    However, if you have a little bit of bandwidth, you should always be split testing and optimizing your automation.

    Time delays

    The first thing is time delays. Typically, if you use, for example, (indistinct) by default, they do an abandoned cart four hours after the person left the cart. So what you can do, you can split as a delay. So one delay can be four hours and the other delay can be two hours.

    And that third delay can be, let’s say one hour. Let’s wait one month and see what kind of results you have.

    Split test your offer

    Before I go to number two, I’m not talking about the typical one or split test subject line, split calls to action. Those things are important, but those are basic, and you should be doing them as well. So in addition to the time delay, you should split test your offer. In the abandoned cart, you will typically have some kind of offer like, “Is there a percentage discount, dollar amount discount, or free shipping?”

    Only those three examples I just named, if you are fine with all of them, split test how each of them performs. And by the way,when you do split, don’t do multiple split tests at once. If you split testing delays, do delays first, in 30 days, pick the winning and maybe split test offers and so forth, so constantly improve.

    Number one, split as delays. Number two, split test offers, dollar amount, percent the shipping, and then maybe let’s say winning is the dollar amount. Then split test, is this $5 or $15 or $10. And see if there are any differences.

    Number of emails

    Number three is the number of emails. We typically have six to seven emails in our abandoned cart because we want to follow and pop them at least once a day for the next seven days because they are more likely to convert.

    However you can do, I don’t know, a crazy 16 day series or maybe two emails per day, or maybe only three emails in that sequence and see how it performs, which path in the flow performs better.


    And the last thing is urgency. So you can split test, adding urgency and not adding urgency. We are big on urgency like we big deliver and we see it’s worse. So for example, when you provide the discount, you said, “Hey, Mr. Client, it’s only available for 24 hours.” Then follow up in 12 hours, say, “Hey, 12 hours left. It will be gone.” And when it’s gone, actually the code should expire because they will not trust what you say next time, if the offer will not expire, let’s say they check in a week and it does not expire.

    So those are four simple things, but if you will be testing them, it will take you at least six to 12 months to test all of them properly. However, the most important thing, your automation will improve and will provide you more conversion, more engagement, and the most important thing, more money, more revenue, will add to your bottom life.

    After that, when you have done all those tasks, yes, you can set it and forget it for the next probably six to 12 months where you have to repeat that thing again.

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