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4 Things You Can Split Test in Abandoned Cart Automation

Written by Andriy Boychuk
1 min read

In this video, I am going to be discussing 4 things you need to split tests in your abandoned cart automation. At the beginning, we set our strategy in motion and leave it but it is important to check back in and make sure everything is working.

Do you find many people abandoning their carts before finishing payment on your website? If so, this video is perfect for you, I will be discussing a few strategies to make sure those people return and finish their payment. When you are doing these split tests, make sure you are doing them individually and giving an adequate amount of time to each one.

Sometimes there are common problems that occur such as the offers not expiring and discount codes extending longer than they should, which is not good because you will be losing money.

It can be very time-consuming split testing and tracking the results, so make sure to add it to your business schedule, this could be a few days each month and then checking back in to see the results.




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