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What is the difference between email marketing automations and campaigns?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, our senior account manager Amara Ricord explains step by step what the difference between flows and campaigns is and gives practical examples of the types of flows and campaigns you can send.

    What are Flows?

    Flows are automations that are triggered by your customer’s behaviors or actions. It is a series of emails that are connected that go out to that customer based off of that behavior or action.

    Some of those behaviors might be that they purchased from your website. Maybe they browsed and left. Perhaps they started and left their cart which would create an abandoned cart flow.

    There are so many different behaviors and actions. And when that customer enters, they then start a series of emails that you have set up once that will repeat for each customer that repeats that behavior or action.

    For example, if you have a customer that browsed your website, they might then enter into a browse abandonment flow. This would send them an email that was a welcome to your brand, talking about who you are and what you believe in.

    Email two might be a collection of your most popular products and why people love them including some reviews.

    The email three might be an offer for them to come back to your website and purchase followed by that last email in that series in that flow that then reminds them that the discount is about to expire. After that they would then end the flow.

    Now, these people who have come in, these customers who have come into these flows are them still engaged with your brand and you still want to engage back with them. And that’s why you send campaigns.

    What are Campaigns?

    Campaigns are one-time emails that go out to your customers that are in your different lists or in your different segments. It is not automated because of an action that they have done, rather they are now in your list because of that behavior initially.

    So this could mean that you send them one-off emails or one-off campaigns. In other words, you might send a campaign. Think of it like a one-time send, this has happy holidays from our company. Perhaps it’s a new product release. So you send a one-time send of a new product release to those new customers or to engage customers.

    Some campaigns could go for three days because it’s the same sale, but you send each day an individual campaign about that sale. You could send a campaign about being thankful that they are your customer and just showing sincere gratitude a one-time send to a group of customers that you choose. A sale going on this upcoming weekend, letting your VIP’s (which would be a different segment) know that there is a sale coming up and they can get a sneak peak.

    You could also send a different one-time send or campaign that talks about tips or use for one of your most popular products or for a product in a list of people who have purchased it. All of these are individual campaigns, which makes them different than the automated flows that are triggered by your customer’s behavior. I hope this helps share with you the difference between flows and campaigns.

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