– Hi, today we’ll be talking about content marketing for e-commerce and I have special guest Saurabh with us today who’ll be sharing his experience and his knowledge with us.

– Hi Saurabh?

– Hey, how are you doing man?

– Yeah, doing great. So the main question, is content marketing important for e-commerce since this is, e-commerce is like very transactional and transactions are like, the value of transaction is such as small, like, do people need to create content like blog posts or YouTube for e-commerce?

– Yeah, first of all thanks for inviting me for your show, and I’m really appreciated about to talk about this particular thing of content marketing, because content is a king part. I believe still it is a king, like in the marketing it’s a queen, right. So with respect to the e-commerce, I really want to use some suggestions as for the current market, when you try to do content creation, first of all research about the product and it’s audience, like who are the consumers of that audience. So once you try to do that, like you can see their behavior, what is happening right now. So you can imagine like, if there is some health emergency going on, then your content should be in such a way that it can appeal to those audience and they can easily consume that particular content, right. So if there is a corona instinct going on and you’re selling some kind of, you know the t-shirts and all everything, right. So if you’re having the e-commerce for the t-shirt, the customized t-shirts, you have a great opportunity to showcase, like keep a safe distance and all these kinds of funny t-shirts and all innovative t-shirts, right. So the content will be like that, you can have a proper visualized content, or you can have X content, or you can have audio content also, because audio is also important part right now. Many people wanted to search online for the podcast and all everything, yeah.

– Okay so, we focus and special, our specialty is email marketing. With email marketing it’s very easy. We send out email, we made $5,000, it’s very easy for the clients to understand. Okay so, if I send out email every week, I will probably generate so many money.

– Yeah.

– How about how to track content marketing? Like I know that if I write a blog post.

– Got it.

– It will start bringing in traffic maybe six months or one year.

– Yeah. So the good part about a content that is organic reach is you are going to get very peculiar amount of audience who are interested, who are coming from the search results. So there is high chances of you can convert those audience. Like if you’re only doing the organic part, for example, you are looking for some t-shirt related to the Corona slogans. So people are actually interested, they’re typing and they’re landing to your page. So there are high chances your content needs a convertible content, and it’s a lifetime. It’s not for the six month or something like that, it’s a lifetime if you keep updating. The first tip that I can give it to all your audience is like that when you write a content, keep updating that content as for the timeline. After the six months, you have to keep update those content. You have to put some kind of tracking information that you say, like how I can come to know if somebody landed into my content and from the particular article or something. There are different kinds of tools that you can use. You can use some link cloaker or the some URL shortener tools, which can tell you, or you can simply use the Google UTM source, that, it will help you to create a campaign, and that campaign can be, you can easily analyze and see the convergent part. So these are the very important things if you wanted to do some paid collaboration with some of your popular blogs in your niche. And also you should be very careful on tracking those links so that you will get an idea about where you’re spending much.

– Yeah, I see. So what I hear, it’s content marketing. You invest a lot of time and resources upfront.

– [Saurabh] Yeah.

– But it almost lives for a hour on the internet. I mean, you have to update it, but it’s not something like email, we send it once and it’s gone. It brought us money this moment, but in the future, unless we have to send it again. What do you, everybody says like the video is the king right now, like videos is, like the best content marketing,

– [Saurabh] Yeah.

– Medium. What is your thoughts about text versus audio versus video?

– I totally agree on your point, like people are, see, if you see the user behavior right now. So due to the easy availability of a bandwidth and the internet, people are more appealing to see videos or the audio content, because the number one reason is like that it create a personal touch. Video actually itself creates a personal touch. Like if right now we are talking like, that is a very personal touch. Like we are going to share each other information together. So it create a credibility, first of all. People say like, “Oh, this is a real guy or something like that,” because text is the part, which is useful right now for some research papers and all everything, right, where you need to showcase the visualization parts, some diagrams and all everything. So that time it is really appealing. But video is really important along with the text. Video is a supplement to boost your content, I can say. If you’re writing a content right now, and you are having a video of that content also, so there are high chances and the high probability of your content will get ranked properly on Google. Because there are two big search engines, I say two big search engines. One is Google and second is YouTube. YouTube is so powerful because if you’re not going to find any result right now on your Google search, you’re going to check online and check in the YouTube itself, because it’s very quick and fast. So people who don’t have a deep knowledge of X or technical part or the things that they are searching for, they wanted to hear from somebody who did that. So that is called now video part. So video is on another part, and with respect to the audio, if you see like as there are some certain kind of voice assistance are there in the Google home and Amazon Alexa. So many people do subscribe to some podcasters podcast and all everything, I can say, “Hey Google, can you please turn on the podcast from X person?” Right, so I wanted to listen from that guy. I can say, “Hey Google, I want to listen to the podcast of Andriy.” Like if you’re having on the Google home. So people consume that data, so what do you have to do if your brand is in the selling the t-shirt, you can collaborate all the other ecosystem kind of a podcast. And you can talk about that and you can showcase like how this particular thing is going to work for your brand, it’s a brand mention. So that is another part like in the podcasting, you can try to get into your personal focal points of your brand or your services by collaborating with those shareholders in your ecosystems. Though this really works well and you need a very powerful content to make call to action. Or you can say, “If you guys are listening for this particular podcast, there is a special discount for this particular thing.” You can use a coupon code. Coupon code tracking is also very good thing with respect to like for the video and audio. As you say the text content can be easily tracked using the link URLs and all things. So for the audio content, or maybe in the video content, you can try using the coupon codes. So this coupon codes will really help you that, “Oh, I’m getting a conversion from this particular podcast or the video.” So that is really important, like tracking is the number one thing that when you wanted do outreach or collaborate, without that, it’s like you’re hitting in the dark.

– Okay, I see. Do you believe for e-commerce for somebody who sell physical products online. Is there any particular medium which is more important than others like text is more important than video or vice versa or what are your thought?

– Yeah it’s. I can say like it’s totally depend on your product, what kind of a product you are actually selling and what kind of audience you have. Like for example, if you’re having an audience who are like 60 plus age, then that time, video content is awesome for you, because these people are not that much aware about the text and the technology and using the browser and all these things. They are very easy about see, looking at the videos or consuming the content. So they just want to get instruction from that particular video, and they just have to execute. But if your audience is like a 20 plus and all, so you should be very creative about creating a content. Like how to keep those people on that particular platform so that they can engage with you. You can ask a question, for example, like if you’re creating a content, you can ask a question, “Hey guys, if you really wanted to collaborate with us, then you can just drop your email address, I can send you the free coupon code for this particular services or some discounted coupon code for services.” So this can help people to engage. Like they can hear you absolutely. There should be some very fruitful thing for your audience. If somebody’s landing to your page, it means you have to offer something. Then only there are high chances of doing a good collaboration.

– What kind of content should e-commerce brand create? You said earlier, like find a time sensitive or time specific like coronavirus but, what kind of evergreen content works better? Like how to videos or review videos. But let’s talk about e-commerce, let’s focus on e-commerce.

– So evergreen content, that is also true. There are three kinds of content you can create. First one is like time-specific content that I told you about a situation you can create a content. Second part is the evergreen content, and the third part is the emotional-based content, right. These are like different categories that you can create. So let’s talk on the evergreen content.

– Sure.

– As you are running e-commerce company in the textile industry or like in the t-shirts designing and all everything. What do you have to do, you have to create a content on the bottom of that particular ecosystem by showcasing the story how exactly we create those kinds of product, how the building happened, how the production happened. If somebody wanted to start their e-commerce platform, then how they can do it, like it’s an informative education. The first important thing is like, if you want to create evergreen content, look for the education part in your entire ecosystem. Whatever you’re executing from A to Z you have to document that, like how your process worked. And once you try to educate your customers, like they’re really feeling like authenticity in your entire group. If I come to know how you’re shipment is going on and how you guys are designing, how much designer you are hiring and better personal testimonials, either in the video or in the audio or any kind of a different X form, you can do that.

– So basically, you’re taking your customers and showing him behind the scene, how to create this, I don’t know, this bottle for example.

– Yeah. That’s cool.

– But if, just curious, like if they just made products in China, like what’s interesting about that, or-

– Oh, so you are talking about the drop shipping part, right.

– No, no, no, no, not drop shipping, private label, they create the products their design, but let’s say that you just outsourced-

– Oh, you don’t have an access, yeah, you don’t have any access.

– Yeah.

– Yeah. That’s really good question. So in that case, you have to talk about your existing customer story, right. If you’re having some existing customers, see there are two parts, either use your own platform that is your own business ecosystem, or use your existing customer story. For example, if I’m wearing this kind of a t-shirt from your brand, then I can tell you like how I can cover the X amount of a states in the United States, and I travel and people are appreciating this guy using this particular code. All right, so the code should be very funny or something like that, which is attracting, great. So that is important, like the storytelling part of that person and how this guy in the Texas was wearing this kind of a t-shirt, it’s a goal of it, right. So what is the idea behind that? It’s not just about showcasing what he is doing, it is more about telling the product that you are going to, like have a call to action for that particular product, yeah.

– Thank you very much for all information. So tell us a little bit more how people can find you and what is your YouTube channel.

– Yeah sure. So I’m a location-independent regional man so I try to do a consultation for all the digital marketing firms and the software industry mostly. So you guys can reach me to my blog URL. I can give it to you in this particular video. Yeah, so that’s blogsaays.com. I write, that is my personal blog and I can handle a multiple other niche blogs, where we do a lot of content creation part. So you can find all my Facebook, Twitter and my blog URL here in the description of this video, and I’m really help you to, I’m ready to open to help any queries and questions related to the content part and how you can engage your audiences in your different kind a of content. So thanks Andriy for inviting me for this particular show from Ukraine, and I hope I put more value in your discussion, yeah.

– Sure, and if you have any additional questions, please leave the comments below. Ether I or Sam will answer those questions if you have them or you just go and subscribe to Sam’s channel and yeah, comment under his video, thank you very much.

– Thank you very much guys, have a good day.

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