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St. Patrick’s Day Email: Ideas and Strategies for Marketing with Examples

Written by Natalia Guivan
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    St. Patrick’s Day has long become a global-level celebration of Irish culture with many people cherishing the tradition. They hold annual festivals and organize events on March 17. For marketers, it means another favorable occasion after Valentine’s Day to prepare special St. Patrick’s Day promotions targeting a wide audience. 

    You shouldn’t miss this opportunity too! Start a time-sensitive email campaign to market your offers and brand while also showing appreciation for the long-standing tradition.

    To assist you with the task at hand, Flowium’s experienced team will share the best St. Patrick’s Day email ideas and designs along with the segmentation tips. Read ahead to see the most prominent examples.

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    St. Patrick’s Day email marketing and segmentation strategies

    At first glance, it might seem that St. Patrick’s Day email marketing makes sense only for Ireland-based businesses, but that’s not really the case. Thanks to a significant population of the Irish diaspora, the holiday spread far outside the borders of Ireland. The U.S. is a perfect example – in 2023, based on the NRF’s report, consumers spent more than $43M (average) on St. Patrick’s Day-related items.  

    Therefore, organizing a themed St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign will be beneficial for your business. This naturally applies to large international enterprises but can also be used by mid-sized and small companies if there are Irish communities in their marketing areas.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day emails with remarkable examples that may inspire you to create your own campaign. We also share tips on how to effectively segment your audience to implement more personalization.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day email

    Impress your customers with an outstanding “Happy St. Patrick’s” greeting email. While being simple as it is, this type of email can actually serve several purposes for your marketing strategy. First, it allows you to establish a better relationship with your clients by connecting with them on a special day and sharing wishes of luck. Second, with this message you announce the participation of your business in the celebration. Along with the greeting, you can include some information about your holiday-only products or services, themed offerings, and discounts. As an alternative, include some words of gratitude to acknowledge loyal customers and thank them for sharing the happiness of the holiday. You can also offer special deals for those in your loyalty program with this message.

    Segmentation strategy

    • If you have different customer personas, create your messages to match their preferences and interests. For example, create segments for “Party Enthusiasts” or “Family Celebrators”.
    • Greet your loyalty program participants and offer them special deals to share some of St. Patrick’s Day luck.

    St. Patrick’s Day sale

    Before and during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration people love to shop for presents, cooking essentials, party necessities, and other stuff needed for the festivity. This presents businesses with a great opportunity to promote their holiday-related products or services. One of the most effective ways to get clients to engage with you and make purchases is to organize time-sensitive sales. Offering the best deals will help you differentiate from other companies selling similar products and attract customers’ attention. Notify your clients about your special offers via email with eye-catching design, proper product representation, and effective CTAs. 

    Segmentation strategy: 

    • Create a segment for customers who have yet to engage with your brand recently. Offer them a St. Patrick’s Day sale to re-engage with your brand. 

    St. Patrick’s Day recipes

    Businesses that sell products related to cooking or catering can include some festive recipes in their St. Patrick’s Day email campaign. This strategy will allow you to showcase the possible variants of how your products can be used to add more flavor to the celebration. In the examples below you can see how marketers skillfully present the marketed goods in emails to give clients not just inspiration but detailed instruction in the form of a recipe. This proves to be one of the efficient St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas.

    Segmentation strategy: 

    • If you sell cooking-related products, segment your audience based on their previous purchases. For example, target those who have bought kitchen tools or products.

    St. Patrick’s Day collection

    Apparel brands often create special collections dedicated to holidays, and St. Paddy’s Day isn’t an exception. If your firm has some themed T-shirts, sweaters, and whatnot in the assortment, why not promote them using St. Patrick’s Day email marketing? Not just clothes but everything, from souvenirs and jewelry to skincare products and foodstuff, can be marketed in your email campaign as a special collection. You just need to give it a little creative thinking. In the examples below you see how experienced marketers use this promotion method to bring client’s attention to certain products. These goods can be directly related to the St. Patrick’s Day promotions (the example with clothes) or vaguely resemble the theme (the example with green juice). Anyway, don’t miss the chance to engage with your client base on this memorable day.

    Segmentation strategy: 

    • Create a segment for customers who have purchased green or Irish-themed items.

    Lucky giveaways and discounts

    Use the power of giveaways and discounts to encourage clients to purchase your goods. For better campaign performance and improved email click-through rates, we recommend including some interactive elements adhering to the gamification best practice. The examples below show how this method can be effectively implemented. Just give your audience a chance to try out their luck and choose the discount for themselves or try winning a present from your brand. This idea perfectly suits the occasion to be put in the St. Patrick’s Day email, allowing you to connect your offers to the holiday even if you don’t sell anything specifically related.

    St. Patrick’s Day email campaign style

    If you don’t know where to start with your St. Patrick’s Day email design, here we gathered the most common characteristics. You can use this brief overview as a guide of what styling elements to include in your St. Paddy’s Day promotions.

    1. Colors

    When choosing the color palette for your St. Patrick’s Day email design, opt for shades of green, gold, orange, and white. These colors are traditionally used during the celebration, so they’ll perfectly represent the spirit of the festivity and link your email to the theme.  

    1. Elements

    Use traditional Irish elements to convey the theme e.g. pots with gold, leprechauns, shamrock, clover, Irish flag, and others. Place them strategically to accentuate CTA buttons or any email parts you want to emphasize.

    1. Style

    To add to the atmosphere, you can use complementary fonts that suit the overall theme. Many opt for Celtic-inspired fonts for headers to enhance the sense of tradition in the St. Patrick’s Day campaign style.

    1. Content

    Don’t forget the importance of content personalization for your St. Patrick’s Day emails and promotions. Address your current clients by their names or use their purchase history to send personalized emails. For new buyers, you can simply use holiday-specific phrases in the text like wishes of luck, or festive slogans. Of course, include a clear CTA to encourage your audience to take action (shop St. Patrick’s sale, participate in a themed event, claim a special offer, etc.).

    St. Patrick’s Day email examples

    Let’s look at more St. Patrick’s Day email design examples prepared by Flowium, an experienced email marketing provider. We have vast experience in designing different time-sensitive and themed email campaigns to assist businesses with promoting their offers on special occasions.


    A well-known bicycle company, Sixthreezero, knows how important it is not to miss the opportunity to promote their bikes during holidays. The company uses sales and discounts to engage its customers and announces limited-time promotions via email marketing. Here’s the St. Patrick’s Day email example that not only conveys the main message but also fully syncs with the brand. Even though the designers added some of the holiday-related elements like clover leaves and green color, it still upholds the simple style characteristic of Sixthreezero. The slightly muted color palette effectively brings the spotlight to the bikes offered for sale. This combination of clever design and a special offer encourages clients to explore products and make a purchase.


    A famous Italian manufacturer of coffee products, Lavazza, offers their customers to explore their best deals in one of the St. Patrick’s Day email design examples you can see below. Even though the product itself isn’t specifically related to the holiday, the designers managed to add a festive atmosphere to the email. They decorated cups with coffee with leprechaun beards and hats, added some background clovers, and, of course, didn’t miss using bright green.

    Dr. Squatch

    In another example of a St. Patrick’s Day email from Dr. Squatch you can find one of the top practices for email promotion. This message was designed for a company that produces soap and happened to have an Irish-related product in its assortment. It would be a loss to miss such an opportunity to promote it to the Irish holiday, wouldn’t it? The email specifies that this soap is a St. Paddy’s Special product. The chosen colors and fonts emphasize that it’s a limited edition to urge people to buy it. As expected, this email example also uses traditional design elements and related images like shades of green, white, and orange, shamrocks, and a portrayal of an old-stereotype Irish man with a sea background that extends to the hero image. Overall, this email works great to create an intended atmosphere and convey the sense of this product.

    St. Patrick’s Day animated images (GIF)

    Use charming animations in your emails to pique readers’ interest and convey the whimsical vibe of St. Patrick’s Day. Using distinctive St. Patrick’s Day GIFs in emails will help you draw attention and add more personality to your brand. Animations can be used for moving calls to action (CTAs), animated titles, and the hero picture in emails. See our earlier post regarding animated emails for additional details on the most often-used techniques for including GIFs in messages.

    St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines

    If you’re at a loss about how to mark your email and convince your audience to open it, we’ll share some St. Patrick’s Day email subject line ideas. They might give you the needed inspiration to create effective subject lines that not only refer to the holiday but also perfectly combine with your brand’s objectives. This is the principle that Flowium’s experts adhere to when writing St. Patrick’s Day subject lines for our email marketing projects.

    “When you’re writing a subject line for St. Patrick’s Day, consider how you can blend that tried-and-true holiday verbiage (re: a pot of gold, luck of the Irish, don’t get pinched, etc.) with your brand’s mission. This lets you add some fun and festive flair to your marketing— even if certain holidays don’t seem like they align with your brand or industry.”

    – Irina Lipan

    Engaging Subject Lines:

    “Unlock Your Luck: Exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Deals Inside”

    “Your Pot of Gold Awaits!”

    “Your Lucky Day — 10% Off Coupon!”

    “Luck is in the Inbox! Discover Your St. Paddy’s Perks Now!”

    Fun Subject Lines

    “Green, Gold, and Glee: Your St. Paddy’s Party Starts Now!”

    “Ready, Set, Go Green!  St. Paddy’s Savings Start Now!”

    “St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover!”

    “Cheers to you! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

    Emoji Subject Lines

    “🌈 Your Lucky Day is Here! Unwrap St. Paddy’s Savings 🍀”

    “Cheers to Savings! 🥂 St. Patrick’s Day Delights Await You!”

    “Feelin’ Lucky? 🍀 Dive into Our St. Paddy’s Day Collection!”

    “Sham-Rock Your World: Exclusive Deals Inside! 🤑🍀”

    “🎉 Let the St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Begin! Explore Now!”

    Popups for St. Patrick’s Day email marketing

    • Luck of the Irish Sale Popup: Offer special discounts or promotions to celebrate the holiday.
    • Pot of Gold Giveaway: Run a giveaway with Irish-themed prizes or gift cards.
    • Irish Trivia: Run interesting Irish trivia questions and reward correct answers with discounts or freebies.

    Leveraging AI for St. Patrick’s Day Email Content Creation

    For the St. Patrick’s Day email campaign in 2024 leverage the power of AI to facilitate the process of creating content, boost personalization, and enhance campaign efficacy. With this innovative technology can create audience-specific subject lines, body copy, and calls to action. By using customer information and preferences to tailor content, it can make recommendations for offers or products that are the most relevant to the holiday. In addition to refining text based on previous performance and segmenting your audience for targeted messages, AI tools also help to develop unique visuals and graphics for your emails. You can use it to do split testing automatically to identify the best email versions, allowing you to optimize your St. Patrick’s Day email content for better engagement and conversion. Overall, artificial intelligence can help you with a lot of routine tasks.

    1. Generation of content.
    2. Image generation.
    3. Personalization.
    4. Content optimization based on analytics.
    5. Segmentation with AI algorithms.
    6. Automated A/B testing.


    To engage your audience during the holiday season, it’s important to create an impactful St. Patrick’s Day email campaign in 2024. You may increase rates and conversions by using interesting subject lines, eye-catching themes, and personalized content expertly.

    We can provide you with expert email marketing services. With the use of techniques like intelligent segmentation, captivating subject lines, interesting templates and custom designs, and popups, Flowuim has a great deal of expertise in creating effective campaigns. To advance your marketing, schedule a call with our consultants.

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